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  • thalianoya 16w


    It was one of those nights,
    when silence screamed for help,
    and help was a pang of sin

    A moment of losing sights,
    when the mattered was rep,
    and rep was a fragile skin


  • thalianoya 22w


    Nobody wants to be wrong
    A man would do anything
    Just to wipe the blood on his hands


  • thalianoya 24w

    Old Lover

    warm sunny day
    could it be any warmer if you were here?
    the sound of the waves flashbacks the old days
    but your shadow's never close to being near

    your shadow..
    are you standing in front of me?
    or is it the memory birthing your wishful scent?

    no way it could be true
    something about the sky
    it doesn't look as blue
    at least not when you cry

    but what on the good old day
    that I see you as nothing but real?
    what on the good hopeful days
    that you're nowhere but near?

    can't just let myself rain
    but darling I can't sense my feet
    I sure to die I was sane
    but surely now sane is not my fit

    wake me up when it's morning
    well, it is morning and I'm running
    away from the time our love was right
    the time my heart lost its sight

    it's mellow..
    the way you say my name
    it never gets old

    present me your hand
    and you lock it with mine
    as if you're under an oath
    to not let your rose die

    ..ever again.


  • thalianoya 25w


    Show me the color of your heart
    For one little spark splits the heart in two
    Show me the goods in your cart
    For one little cut known to bring you rue

    Let alone the "I love you"s
    If it's done as a must
    Let alone the "I miss you"s
    If it's said behind a lust

    One thing I thought was true, is when you said humans can fly
    No doubts humans would flaunt their wings
    But one thing is the truth, I'm not the home for you to lie
    No doubt I'd never flaunt any rings


  • thalianoya 29w


    I write cz at least paper has no mouth to hate, no eyes to judge, and no ears to assume. It's just there.


  • thalianoya 29w

    Death Wish

    Is hell better than this world?
    But this world itself feels like hell
    What's the point of holding on?
    When there's nowhere to go?
    Death looks like it's better
    And life only lead to death


  • thalianoya 30w

    Stray Man

    On the cobblestone
    Lay a stray man with his will
    Stocked in penny can


  • thalianoya 30w


    Is like a drug

    You get addicted to it,
    You lose yourself


  • thalianoya 30w


    Listen o my soul
    The sound of the sky crying
    May it gives you rest


  • thalianoya 30w


    The sky is roaring
    Birds' songs turn to mourning songs
    Darkness fills the air