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  • thanewb 3w

    Wanted to write you

    I wanted to write you a letter about how i would love to sing to you forever! But i cut out the middle man and thought this would be better! It was going to say, as long as i breathe, you would hear a melody and as long as music lives so shall we! Even when the world falls off we'll never miss a beat and my song to u is "i am complete"! or "ly your's" the only one who's ways can make me feel some type of ways are your's! You bring out the best in me... always, and even at my worst you always stay! The greatest love song ever sang is to you because no matter what for as long as i've known you i could always count on you! through sickness and health, death could never do us part cause even when it can't beat no more you are my heart! only you have the ablity to turn my frown upside down with just a sound! You are the one that sat with me through all my tears and never left me because of fears! You were made for me and i for you hell one of the reasons i still breathe today is cause of you! You help me express myself even when there are no words and through you i can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world! i know you'll never let me go and i'll do the same and that's why this song "our song" is always playing!

    Tha New B(lue)

  • thanewb 10w

    To Dream No More

    Could it be compared to death, like someone you've known your whole life and now they're gone

    Like the memories get you through til you can't reach the feeling of it the same

    Like the thoughts and them in your heart now turns to pain cause they should be here

    Is it the same as losing a child, give them life, love and nurture them

    Protect them, keep them safe, feed them clothe them

    Love them more than your own life or any life for that matter

    Watch them develop, grow and become their own

    Gone with no goodbye, taken away for no reason, cut short in the midst of greatness

    Maybe it's like falling waiting for the ground to hurry and catch up

    It might be this empty feeling and even worse, there's no air


  • thanewb 10w

    Proceed with Caution

    I honestly don't know where to begin, could never tell if love is real or when it's pretend

    A love meant for me or the one standing next to me. So in love with the idea of love but never really getting to meet love. Full of love, lotsa love are the words hurled at me while fool for love and losta love are the words that always find me.

    Now I'm not too insecure, I can't be, my love is pure. But, I don't want to think so much of myself as to believe I'm the only one with this capacity of love.

    I long to be close, held, felt and cared about. Maybe I don't deserve.. there's that doubt.

    Being nice will get you shot. Being soft will get you killed and being hard will get you, nothing.
    I love too hard maybe that's why.

    I would love to say that all these are behind a new heartbreak but that would mean someone else would have to take my heart in order for it to break

    Nobody and I mean nobody can break my heart like me, Out panhandling my heart to anyone who will take it when all anyone wants is me naked

    Not "naked" open heart exposed. Just naked, hard and mouth closed

    As a guy I guess I should feel flattered, but giving myself with no love in it leaves me shattered.

    Come on what's the matter? A little attention none of the attachment is a dream come true, maybe for you.

    But I'm still Blue cause my only dream is being loved by you


  • thanewb 65w

    Love found me

    Said that I was finished, Said I was done, i said I was giving up on love, knew I didn't need it, wasn't sure if it was real who knew you were sent to help my heal

    Love came found again when I was out there lost loving love never again

    I said I was over it , I was cool, I was done being another one of loves fools, but I guess from love you just can't hide cause it'll make its way back to you every time


  • thanewb 72w

    Stuck in my head

    Beautiful melody
    Incredible lyrically
    If I could I would sing you all day

    Love in every verb
    You bring life to every word
    A song so sweet I just wish you'd stay always

    Your stuck in my head, time and time again, I can't sing anything else but you

    A song so peaceful, one I'd leave the streets for life would be perfect if you were mine

    I'm not lying

    there when I sleep, I even hear you in my dream and every day I wake up to you playing on repeat, repeat

    And that's it that's the whole song, now I gotta go back to singing along, Cause this shit here nigga, this shit right here, that's my jam (I should've said song)

    It go ham and really for all the right reasons feel yourself, you breathing, everyday living is a lesson your yesterdays for somebody's tomorrows blessings

    You feel the bass drop and i hear you ain't turned it down well maybe a lil bit we don't want to blow your highs, cause we want you see you all the way up and lean back


  • thanewb 81w

    Ish less

    It is easy to be self ish

    And hard to be self less

    Its hard to discard the things that mean so much in our lives

    Things that represent the triumphs, the accomplishments, the accolades of our lives

    We shelve it

    Thinking that, without it, when we encounter people they'll never believe it

    (An old trophy helps prove you were there)

    But when you come recommended

    The trophies and the pieces of paper that remind us of where we been can't represent where we can go

    We shelve less

    Like when we're referred to a doctors office that doesn't have their doctorates hanging somewhere in the office

    Its not that we were sent there to receive them personally, but instead, we're referred/sent to them to receive the care that they provide and the sender knows you'll receive

    (Outside of themselves, outside the ego, outside of pay because these trophies cost a lot)

    Its hard to remove self from the shelf and lose value rather than to have self on the shelf and know value


  • thanewb 81w

    I guess.... the crown?!

    Heavy ain't it?

    Thought you grew out of it when that soft spot turned hard

    Off the top of your head, you can't recall when you wore one

    Heavy is the...

    and you swear it weighs you down

    They see what you're waiting to...

    Especially when they hate you

    And oh what that hate do

    Somewhere you forgot

    Everything and the only thing that matters


    Remember to take care of everyone


    How you love you


  • thanewb 100w

    Thinking About As

    This here crazy and I don't even know where to start to explain

    But the way you got me acting lately on me its hell of strange

    Cause I don't do this at all

    Never ever let my feelings involved

    But when it comes to you what can I do

    Cause I just can't help myself at all

    It's true

    The way you got me caught up like you do

    I feel like such a fool

    Try to get over you but I can't cause I keep on thinkin about us

    Try to find someone new but I can't cause I keep on thinkin about us

    Try to move past you but I can't cause I keep on thinking about us

    Keep on thinkin bout

    keep on thinking about us

    I don't know why I can't get you off my mind

    Especially when I know I'm just a waste of your time

    And it ain't fair the fact that you know I'll always care

    And no matter what you take me through I'll probably always be there

    But I ain't your type, ain't your style

    Ain't what you like but I love your smile

    I do

    Try to get over you but I

    I can't get you off my mind

    Lord knows I tried

    I can't even sleep at night

    cause I

    Keep thinking about us


  • thanewb 103w

    Request of Presence

    Got me pouring out my heart and soul

    Never felt so open, so, exposed

    But dealing with you, look at me now

    I needed you

    But you wasn't around

    I looked all over but you couldn't be found when

    I needed you

    But you weren't there for me when

    I needed you

    Ain't it crazy

    I still think about you daily

    All of the time

    You stay on my mind

    I guess I still care

    But the hurt will always be there from when

    I needed you

    I needed you

    But you weren't there for me when

    I needed you

  • thanewb 104w

    Selflessly selfish

    Today I want to give you all that I have, all that I am and all that you ask.

    I want to not be selfish, but I want it all from you, your joy, your pains, your laughs.

    I want them so that we stay connected, where I can feel if you're feeling me or feeling neglected.

    I want our lives to become our life.

    Without you is a dark cold space, no life.

    Could you trust me with your love, to nourish it, to shower and shine all my love back into it?

    Your love takes my breath,
    As long as we're together and we show love they gonna hate so we may as well just do it.