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     Choose your own life choices.

    Letting someone else choose what is best for you seems relaxing and there is a psychological aspect to this. When you let someone tell you what is best for you and it doesn’t work out the way you intended then it is comfortable pointing fingers at them.

     This is serious than it sounds and this is common when it comes to Indian parenting methods. We see that most of our life choices before we become an adult was picked by our parents, some kids get cozy with this setup and continue expecting mommy and daddy to do the same even after becoming family man or women. 

    Some parents find this satisfying to keep their kids dependent, some sense of purpose after retirement. Not everyone does this but parents with serious issues going on in their heads.

    Another way of seeing this is parents are experienced in life and of course they have a say in few matters but what has to be understood is that they can only give opinions. Following it and not following should be your choice.

     Why is it important to make your own decisions? What is the matter with someone helping you to decide?

    When you pick something, you own it. You own the good and bad in it. You tend to think wide about how to make it better.  This applies to picking your life partner, your career, a course you want to pursue, etc. Own it, your mistakes, your failures, your choices, this can widen the way you see your life. Whereas when others pick these life long decisions for you then you only end up whining and complaining your whole life instead of finding a way to make it better.

    Someone who can be confident with anything that life throws at them will look irresistible to everyone. 


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    The illusions your belive to be true ��

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    Remember that illusions are fancy whilst the reality is mundane.

    Our eyes see these perfect bodies, couple goals, and one night success on social platforms every day but none of these are entirely true.

    That perfect body you see in a post took years of diet, workout, and editing. What you never get to see is the model gets treated for such abs and consumes meds to maintain it. He or she wakes up and hits the gym while you snooze your alarm. He makes himself vomit after eating a piece of creamy cake. After he clicks pictures for his profile, his photographer stays up all night editing the cellulite and shape his body more as what people would want to see.

    The same applies to women posing with glowing skin. More editing is involved than a bowl full of vegetables. Let's not get fooled by frivolous people finding ways to kill time. 

    That couple you have been mulling over are not happy and are cheating on each other. A true relationship looks like constant arguments, understanding that you are just a part of their life, trying to sacrifice your time for quality time, being patient with their mood swings.

    Love is not just sharing straws to your milkshake, holding hands in public, clicking perfect selfies, posting pictures with huge captions about your love story. There is more hard work to it than lip-synching to romantic dialogues and dancing with a camera set to your bedrooms. 

    About that one night success, they did real work, sleepless nights, rejections, criticism, and one-day success hit them, definitely didn't happen in a night.

    It is important for us to understand what is real because our generation has no opportunity to witness how hard work actually looks like. Hard work looks like missing favorite matches, getting reprimanded for your work, presenting in front of people, being lampooned, understanding yourself, handling imperious boss, learning lessons in every problem you encounter, reading books to create the best mindset. And definitely not posing in professional clothes with a mic and thumbs up.

    Social platforms can be misleading, checking it every day and believing that is what life is will take you far away from reality. 

    Forget these flashy illusions. Look away from your smartphones and what you see is real. 


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    The monster here is your dark emotions. Why is it nerve-racking to accept it? It is because we have tagged some as evil and some as pure.

    This labeling can narrow our minds and can make us ignore those emotions.

     Once we label it, we never acknowledge that emotion in us and unless you accept it, it remains in you, gets bottled up, and gets added to your core character. 

    So the right way to embrace your monster is by giving your attention to it, a few seconds of attention can kill the monster forever.

    By embracing it, you live the emotion for a few seconds, and then it vanishes instead of getting collected and that is why it is better to hug your monster than to ignore it.

    Remember that everyone has it and it is just a matter of who hides it well. 


  • the_bio 9w

    Loving the right way ��

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    In every relationship it is of paramount importance to give each other enough space to breathe, failing which the bond can become too much that "love" suffocates, and letting go becomes the only option to stay alive.

    Being available around the clock snatches the moments your partner can miss you, being distant most of the time can snatch the reason why your partner should love you.

    Balancing the space, making your partner understand that you both need each other but you have your individual part to contribute to this world, will structure the relationship in such a way that you can let go of each other's hands with a smile knowing end of the day they will be waiting for you with all the love they can muster to shower you with kisses. 


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    What is painful? The pain itself or not knowing how deep the pain is?

    People think going through pain is hard but that is not entirely true, not knowing the depth of the pain, not knowing how deep is more.

    Physical pain has levels to it like redness, bruise, cut, muscle tear, and fracture but how do you understand the level of emotional pain?

    How much pain is more and how much is less?


  • the_bio 10w

    The trap you are living in ‼️

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     I have been reading numerous self-motivation books and have been watching n number of interviews of CEO, authors, and people who are considered as "successful" by society. I always feel like we are being made to believe a lie so that we never become them.

      A flashy sexy lie to get us wallowed and make us think hard work can take you to heights, talent can pave the way to your success and a kind heart will bring you heaven to earth. Although most people know it is not one hundred percent true still we believe it because we are made to.

    Don't ask me if I know the formula to success, I sure don't because there is no formula to it in the first place. It is more about how privileged you are, those who surround you, what you perceive as success and failure, who is ready to recommend you, being at the right place at the right time, learning from others and the list goes on. Of course, hard work and being motivated will take you somewhere good but that is just a facade to hide many truths.

    I am not against any of your principles, beliefs, guru or anything. Everyone gets their fire in many ways, some through books, some through pain, some through love, some through situations but believing there is one formula to success is not true.

    You will have to apply different life lessons in different situations and sometimes contradicting lessons the very same day.

    Don't let these people make you believe you are a failure, making you believe that is the only way they can be successful. Read them, watch them but don't get hypnotized. 


  • the_bio 10w

    You are never too old to play Dark hide and seek ��

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    I used to read lot of spooky stories in Creepy pasta app, I very much loved it because it was a collection of all fucked up, psycho and horror stories that can bring chills while you read.

    I came across this story where a kid and her babysitter play dark hide and seek at their house and put themselves through all kind of nasty shit.

    I got all worked up by this dark hide and seek and so did my cousins. It was in 2015, my grandpa was admitted in hospital and so all adults stayed with him the whole night. we took that as a fine opportunity to try playing it.

    We set some groundrules like no one should scare each other and in any case anyone felt uncomfortable, they can switch on light to end the game. Since we had kids too, we agreed to the rules.

    After 2 to 3 rounds, everyone loved the thrill of hiding and running around in dark. The game would end when the catcher finds all the players. So there was a sofa cum bed in our wide balcony which was covered in a heap of clothes for a long time. I decided to become the heap given my size, I hid well that the player couldnt find me, after a point catcher along with players started to search for me.

    I was laughing the whole time because I was looking at them, hiding in plain sight but they thought I was the pile of clothes. Everyone started to call out for me and appreciated me for hiding so well. once they all gave up, I showed myself and we couldnt stop laughing.

    Even today I wish we played dark hide and seek but we all have grown apart and the bond we all shared is lost. I still cherish that memory. 


  • the_bio 10w

    �� tiniest change compounding to a better life

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    As a kid I always thought parents were right all the time. I think that is how the nature works, to belive adults are right in any given situation. This misconception affected me till I was in my 20s.

    I am happy the way I have turned out today, I cant agree more on the fact that the person I am today was highly influenced by my life experiences.

    Everything was fine till some of my childhood traumas started to act on me. Even today I am highly conscious of my weight, I take it to my heart when I am called stupid or something similar to that.

    The truth is everyone has childhood traumas but to not get affected by it as an adult depends on what that trauma involves. If you think you dont have one right now then you haven't faced it yet.

    I am writing this not to blame and whine about my family, I am grateful to be born into this crowd. Probably this is how even my parents felt at some point, I see even today my dad is affected by how he was treated back then by his dad. My dad was abused as a child mentally and how he treats us today has something to do with it both positive and negative. My mom would have went through somewhat the same with her size and whiny mother and there is no one to blame here because everyone has it.

    If at all there was one parent in our family tree who realized this then there would have been a massive change by now. I want to be that parent to my following generation.

    I dont want anyone after this generation to go through all this trauma because somewhere one ancestor gave too many shits about being the perfect kid to his or her parent.