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  • the_boy_who_overthinks 2w


    Its hard to share vulnerability even for me but yeah here it goes.
    Learn to love others freely but let them love with free will.
    - Biju Mariyadas
    I do miss my dad. Its been a year since he's gone.
    He had more talent for life than what I could muster over my whole life, such was his energy! This is why despite everyone enjoyed and wanting his time he put us his family his priority and made sure we felt it. You can't take take anything when you leave but leave behind something . Thus I can proudly say he blessedly left behind a foundation of love that transcends more people than I known ,Be it family, friends, teamates,business associates or even mere acquaintances. He was an amazing gem of a person , a better dad and the best of friends.
    Love ya Acha❤️
    Sorry i couldn't say this more


  • the_boy_who_overthinks 13w


    She wakes up to an hour of yoga
    He likes to run around the block
    She has a healthy bite tackling the day
    He preheats yesterday's dinner.

    As both closes the doors to their homes
    one walks up while the other down
    both reach the main corridor
    and gazes holding as the doors open.

    Strange is life bring people back together
    its been a decade since the last faced
    from lover to strangers with memories
    now to new neighbours someplace new.

    It was like the first time they set eyes on
    breath held and eyes locked
    oblivious to the world around
    lips quivering to that awkward "Hey".

    Begins to smodler; I hope which was
    thought dead to passionately come to life
    Giving both the busy lives to love once again
    a shot at Happily Ever After.


  • the_boy_who_overthinks 31w


    Used to think the light from the moon gazing from a surface was beautiful till I saw the candle light dancing in your eyes
    The song of the the cuckoo used to turn my head but the songs you sang still feel wonderful even after so long
    The fragrant Jasmine feel muted when compared against the aroma of your lucious hair which leaves me yearning for more
    The rain dance of peacock feel rivalled by small steps we shared for simply you were close to me
    Rather not have those sweet supple mangoes cause they remind me of the ever sweeter kisses we had
    Places seems uninteresting without your presence and those with your footprints seems make me breathless
    So when I say I feel down let there be no mistake , you leaving is like taking the beauty out of life
    I hope like everyone says time erases the pain and eases the mind but then sometimes I wish it never would.


  • the_boy_who_overthinks 38w

    Subtle Variance

    You know the disparity between a similar words
    switched from Caffeine and Cafuné,
    The first is simply a stimulant found
    in the leaves of plants like tea and coffee;
    The latter however hover every love
    as the action of running our fingers
    through the hair of our beloved.
    Where I yeaned for eternity you played on instances
    I thought of you through each stroke
    You gulp the essence in shots.

    The Boy Who Overthinks

  • the_boy_who_overthinks 39w


    In my book of queries and complaints
    in the sheets where your name is articulated
    I have often wondered and pondered
    Why do our hearts amalgamate trivially ?
    When even our destinations are
    seperate from the point it began !

    -The Boy Who Overthinks

  • the_boy_who_overthinks 42w

    Death of a Lover

    Its a feeling that I wish upon no one
    because its wrenching to the core
    you adjusted them moving away
    but never the loss of a loved one.

    yes they might be your first crush,
    your first love, the person you
    planned your future with but
    whatever whosever fault it ended.

    might have cried and been depressed but
    then you built yourself up again because
    if you truly love someoneyou want them
    to be happy whether its with you or not.

    be happy and be genuinely happy for them
    then atleast you know the love wasn't faux
    because once you cared for them , the care
    stays as long as you forget them.

    the death of that somebody with tear apart
    the frail inside of the heart and send the mind
    on a sojourn of the past together,
    it triggers the emotions buried deep.

    So hope not all has to go through this wretched pain
    for the sights aren't pretty a lot had yet to be said.
    Because not everyone is blessed to seperate in
    a good terms and this forever goodbyes hit harder.

    -The Boy Who Overthinks

  • the_boy_who_overthinks 42w

    Circle of Life

    Ever wondered what happens to the souls that departs the decaying body


  • the_boy_who_overthinks 43w

    Broken II

    Funny right ? Once you get your Heart broken, the next time it happens ; the Mind goes" damn again".


  • the_boy_who_overthinks 43w

    Broken I

    I am too broken to trust cause I made the mistake of loving someone more than I loved myself at young age.


  • the_boy_who_overthinks 45w


    As I sat impatiently in front of my phone
    twisting and turning for the perfect angles,
    All I realised was we are all alluring
    trying to fit into the social construct of Beauty.

    Learn to love each of those marks,creases
    and lines those adorn your essence,
    as each has a story to tell because
    no two people will have the similar vessel.

    No height , no weight ,no tones
    nor texture,nor eyes or hair,
    was ever meant to better than the other
    simply because then where would be the ,
    fun in being different and if all were alike
    Imagine a place so dull and dead.

    -The Boy Who Overthinks