My heart was choked with the stains of frozen blood, before a phoenix laid his ashes to give it a rebirth.

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  • the_frozenn_heart 1d

    To the person
    whom I call my eternity,

    It's been almost one year that the butterflies springing in our stomachs have fluttered for the first time, that your kaleidoscopic eyes met mine, that your tender petals ripped my soul naked till what unleashed was healing scars and withered facades. But it still feels like our meadows collapsed yesterday itself, time really moved fast, changes kept happening and what remained constant between the beginning and the end of the day was the thought of you popping up every second in my mind. I can never forget the day when I untwined my heart in front of you and also the wait to hear what I wanted to, I remember those times when I slipped my hands in yours and promised to hold it at every dawn, that one moment when you said "it hurts when I can't wipe off your tears" I literally cried even more after this, those hours when we bleeded more than the leaves but a single autumn couldn't separate us, those initial days when a heart of lion fell for a lamb and together we headed off to a new poetic journey.

    Trust me love until the world becomes breathless and can no more blind my faith. Keep me closer towards your heart, your heart is a paradise I would reside in, under the open sky with diamonds shining in your eyes like the hundredth star we traced back in July while clouds secretly whispering your name in my ears. Kiss me darling, let me fall in love once even if it drowns me because you've taught me how to stand up on my own and how to stand up for my own. Pull me closer today, let me find a home in your arms and sing me a song by Ellie Goulding, chirp me a melody like a nightingale, croon me a lullaby and make me fall asleep on your lap, let me dwell in your dreams, then let me trace you back to the reality.

    You are the patchwork of every good memory I can ever think of, you give my life more meaning. I cry a lot on smallest thing but you're the only person who has seen me crying, who has seen me without any pretension. On most of the days I'm vulnerable, even if I hurt you, still you stay by my side, I love the way you fight every war with peace it makes me fall for you even more. You are the best thing that has happened to me over miraquill. With you whole world seems better to me, my life looks more worth, even if I hoard wrong train every destination seems to be right. I love you will be an understatement to what I actually feel about you.

    I don't need almonds, just you by my side is enough to have a good memory (don't wanna fight with the world when my family already loves you)

    /Love me little, love me long/

    From the person whom you call,
    lady bird.

    Happiest Birthday to the person who wipes my tears off every time I cry, who holds my heart in heaven, who melted this frozen heart with his affection. I wish you the most amazing birthday on this special day, may you bloom like the most beautiful dandelion around us. ❤️


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    I will water your barren heart with my
    fertile quill and drop your fears in the
    casket of Ferris
    wheel, I will sc-
    -ulpt out some
    flaxen and bea-
    -utiful dandelions
    from y o u r orchard of poetries and
    toss its fragrance to the winter zephyr.

    You are the early
    morning bre- eze, a feeling
    of compliance a n d a taste
    of freshness that rises ab-
    -ove my edges,& I emb
    -race your existe-
    -nce before

    I w i l l chase you, t h i s
    phoenix who r i s e from
    the ashes in my e a c h
    birth,I will h- -old onto u
    e v e n if the world asks
    me to let go o f f, because you
    are the o n l y address of
    /hope/ which makes
    my l i f e worth.

  • the_frozenn_heart 1w

    Some people are like sunflowers,

    Reeking of hope and sunshine
    even after getting bruised in the
    just passed hurricane,
    blooming into a flamboyant firefly
    to enlighten the nights that paint
    themselves with the colour of
    clouds before rain,
    raising up in Gogh's verdant fields
    with fragile heart yet braver will
    like dandelions betwixt weeds,
    breezing life around the vicinity
    tossing fragrance of love and affinity
    humming croons of a nightingale
    and tales breathing in Riverdale.

    For me you're this sunflower,
    bright and vibrant.

    Wishing you many many happy returns of the day Harshi, may you always illuminate light around you like a firefly. You really ace it when it comes to writing a love poem, you're the synonym of aestheticism. Your words have a fragrance, an aroma that rejuvenates my soul plus you're a very beautiful human whom I met here. Thank you for always being there ❤️


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    You're the oscillating heart and
    a vintage home that shelters
    love from the era of bygone
    nineties, your epidermis is full
    of aesthetic fossils and seraphic
    metaphors rooted in the brisk
    soil of May.

    Redolence ooze out of your
    varnished poems so does life
    keeps blooming out of your
    empty pockets like the dying sun
    taking a rebirth every other day.

  • the_frozenn_heart 2w

    She is a blank page of the
    blooming spring, a fresh chapter
    of an old rainbow that walks with
    novelty and a brewed up poetry
    that is flaunted on daisies.
    She is a wanderer waiting on the
    platform 9 and 3/4, to let her soul
    drape in the magic that leaks out
    of wands overseas.

    She builds a castle in the midst
    of azure ocean and call it Hogwarts
    to pave way for her dazzling dreams,
    she incarnates love in hibernating
    hearts without any invisibility cloak
    and chase for the light vehemently
    without possessing elder wand
    to abandon all sins.

    She is the kind of hope that keeps
    flourishing like the mauve hues of
    She slits stereotypes with silver
    sword and rise like the raging waves
    of Bravery, a true gryffindor.

    Wishing you many many happy returns of the day Surbhi and pardon me for being this late, but you're one of the sweetest person I met here and I wanted to write something for you. Harry potter was my first book which brought me into poetry and reading zone and seeing you always brings back this memory. I miss your little masti times and shayaris here, you're such a beautiful writer and I hope you follow your dreams ❤️
    (Did you already broke up with me? My gf)
    And the poem is little absurd, sorry


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  • the_frozenn_heart 4w

    She is a chandelier
    that asunder into golden
    meteors on bleaks days,
    and a white marble that
    blooms into full moon to
    liberate jarred fireflies.
    Skies inhume darkness
    and rain poetic showers
    when rainbows leak from
    her lucent eyes.

    She builds a territory, a
    castle or a puissant realm
    flourishing her own
    exuberance alongside the
    sunkissed domains,
    metaphors guard her borders
    and stars engrave tales on
    walls when she inks winged
    divinity on espy porcelain.

    Wishing you many many happy returns of the day Moonie, may you and your poesies illuminate around us like the moon. You're such a sweet hearted person I met in this journey and I do adore you a lot, and your love to moon makes me admire it pristinely. Keep writing sweets ❤️


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  • the_frozenn_heart 4w

    She's the kingdom of hope
    raised on barren fields that
    blooms into freshly scented
    lavenders for an unwavering
    eternity, and a home painted
    in seashells and bonfires
    which impart warmth from
    the open windows of welkin.
    Constellations adjoin together
    into her incarnadine soul
    because she's a whole galaxy
    of never ending lenity.

    She fits her nails into Gogh's
    pastels and restrains her heart
    from getting imbrued by aches,
    hurricanes brewing within her
    slips as pearls raining down
    her almond eyes, she wears
    smile on lips far away from any
    facade and stands up as warrior
    like a phoenix from ashes that
    aims to rise.

    Wishing you many many happy returns of the day Arunima, may you flourish into the most beautiful lavender each day. We've just interacted one day and trust me that was awesome, you made me smile and giggle like seriously it's unfathomable. You're such a kind human and a stunning writer I met here, stay blessed always ❤️


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  • the_frozenn_heart 9w

    Happiest and loveliest Birthday Sanam, may your pen splatter brightest of poems in abundance. You're one of the most brilliant writer and beautiful human I've came across here and you did melt this frozen heart into a heartsease. Thank you for always being there ❤️And the amount of support you give to everyone is impeccable. Your vocab what should I even say, almost half of the miraquill users learnt cwtch from you including me and it always reminds me of you, and your post enroute to find hope i.e. birthday dedication to Sid is my personal favourite. Much love :) and there's a failed attempt written below inspired by you.

    Enjoy your day


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    Life's, a potpourri

    I move in loops with velocity that
    of a rollercoaster before the
    blasphemy of life kicks me out of
    the solicitude circle,
    I've never breathed amidst triangles
    or rectangles before a pioneer lent
    oxygenated masks beneath my
    dark-shaded freckles.

    The morning newspaper scream
    in my palms and I'm relieved to see
    thousands of butterflies rescued
    out of flabbergasted stomachs,
    I don't want another ones to die so
    I restrain myself when a magician
    bring poetry to life, for me a miracle.

    I want to sail in peace when the
    morning sun is dragged behind
    horizons till evening and thunders
    settle to lower magnitude,
    a mariner impregnates me with
    hope in form of waves when I
    reach poetic shores and build a
    home in woods.

    ~she is the voice traced, to erase chaos,
    when humanity speaks through arrows.

  • the_frozenn_heart 10w

    Auburn autumn awaits to
    swirl on the tiptoes of his
    freshly baked alliterations,
    when he reincarnates it
    amidst the boulevards of
    saffron poesies and under
    the streetlights of lesions.

    I wonder if he spell some
    magical whisperings or put
    a bowl full of charm,
    that the sunburnt leaves
    regain their breaths when he
    drapes metaphors with a
    fabric smelling like sunshine
    when clouds don't rain but
    his words etch rainbows
    on dreamland.

    Wishing you many many happy returns of the day Rajeev, may your alliterations dazzle us forever. I miss your poetries here and the way you used to say keep smiling, keep writing I honestly need someone to say me this for this place has changed so has the people here. Enjoy your day ❤️


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  • the_frozenn_heart 11w

    She is a celestial bohemian
    etched betwixt the shanties
    of pink skies and roaming
    clouds, and an art painted on
    the walls of snow-capped
    Rainbows leak out of her half-
    filled pockets and swollen
    wounds where she hides Gogh's
    pastels and a dozen of freshly
    scented sunflowers.

    She brews a cup full of
    coffee and garnish it over
    the tip of her tongue,
    while writing monologue
    as a countryside lover who
    reside within the abode of
    her own heart.
    She engraves epitaph on
    the mauve skin of bosky
    forget me nots when autumn
    bids adieu and her poesies
    thrive with a new start.

    Happiest and loveliest Birthday Sneha, may you bloom into the most beautiful forget me not around us. Your poems are the synonym of magic elaborating realities in most unique way. Apologies for the late wish ❤️


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  • the_frozenn_heart 14w

    She has forever dreamt
    of world without masquerade,
    but her explicit heart knows tales
    and domains of love that never fades.

    She has forever hoped for
    blooming beauty in people's eyes,
    but her aromatic soul knows
    to harvest thorns along with lies.

    She has forever imagined
    of brightening empty streetlights
    when sun is replaced by moon,
    her poems glow like fireflies
    when a mother sing lullaby and
    stars hum croons.

    Happiest Birthday to the MOST KIND HEARTED PERSON I MET HERE, may your life shine brighter than the sun. You're love actually just like your phenomenal writeups, I really cherish your presence in my life Kini, you always make me feel worth ❤️ may your special day be filled with lots of happiness. Thank you for always being there with me and showering your immense support to my poems and to me emotionally. I adore you most.

    @kin_jo @lovethatneverfades

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    If someday you fail to see beauty upon your scars,
    know that they are the brightest stars.

  • the_frozenn_heart 18w

    Happiest and loveliest Birthday wishes to you @murryben may your day be filled with all the happiness ❤️

    You're a very beautiful soul and an amazing writer who amazes reader with her each write-up. I still remember your post that you wrote after Charles Bukowski, each word as it is, is placed in my brain. Tbh I was always afraid to approach you even today also for you're really a great writer and I've always thought whether you would reply me or not? But again your kindness ruled over that thought. Meeting you is one of the most pleasant thing and thank you so much for being such a sweet heart always

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    When the trains walk along tracks
    and cacophonies over dining tables,
    she burgeons like a whip of light
    traversing inside the dungeons
    and strolls in as an enigma,
    poetries entice her sail on meta-
    phoric embankments and rippling
    tales around stars call her fiesta.

    She twinkles betwixt dark seas
    and prudent sky while climbing
    at the top of moon where shine
    wanes and darkness prevails
    shimmering with her flamboyant
    aura, galaxies smirk upon her
    bewitching spirit while she piles
    up smiles in plethora.

    She blinks with courage in the
    eyes of fate and tucks the war
    of time behind ears adjoining
    into a vehement soul everyday,
    she brings winter to the life
    and blows dust from the verses
    of Bukowski, she's a poetry in
    herself and every poem longs
    for her, I would say.