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  • the_ice_breaker 21w

    #weather #ceesreposts #pod
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    Thank you so much for the repost! ❤ @writersnetwork
    Thank you so much for the 2nd POD!! This was so unexpected! ❤ @miraquill


    I wish to be the sunshine
    when the world is enveloped
    by sorrows and darkness,
    bringing happiness to
    all living beings on earth.

    I wish to be the wind
    causing trees and leaves
    to dance to the rhythm of nature
    bringing cheer and dynamism
    when the the entire world
    drowns in laziness.

    I wish to be the rain
    when the world is engulfed
    in scorching heat,
    cooling hot tempers
    and negativities.

    I wish to be the snow
    decorating barren earth
    bereft of her leaves
    in sparkling white robes
    making her believe
    that despite all hardships
    truth and purity eventually wins!

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  • the_ice_breaker 23w

    #snowflake #miraquill #pod #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you so much for the repost! ❤ @writersnetwork

    Plummeting down
    from the skies
    as white crystals,
    I rush down
    to embrace my
    grandchild, the earth.
    Smothering her with hugs
    I dispel her sombre vibe
    by decorating her ochre robes
    with my incandescence.
    Upon my arrival,
    the entire christmas season
    becomes cheerful.
    People step out of their homes
    hands stretched out
    to feel my soft flakes
    on their skin.
    Children find me amusing.
    Some roll me into balls
    and hurl at each other.
    Some mould me into a
    cute, chubby snowman
    and play with me for
    hours on end.
    Whatever be my fate,
    at the end I'm really happy that
    my presence brings a
    cheerful vibe to the
    entire universe
    all decked up to celebrate

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  • the_ice_breaker 25w

    #mirage_poetry_contest #alcoholism #substanceuse
    #addiction #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @lovenotes_from_carolyn

    First and foremost, I offer my humble tributes to @john_solomon and @kehta_hai_joker whose poems have contributed a lot to the mirakee world. May their soul rest in peace ��. And I express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who came up with this amazing haiku contest on social issues ��. Hope I can do some justice. In the below haikus, I've tried to highlight the impact of substance abuse and alcoholism in the society.


    Being responsible for over 5% of all deaths, alcohol and substance abuse is the FOURTH LEADING CAUSE of preventable deaths worldwide. Alcohol addiction or alcoholism occurs when the individual has a drive to use alcohol, regardless of the unwanted consequences. The substance has significant power to rewire the brain and create a physical dependence, leading to severe withdrawal symptoms when alcohol use is stopped. Both legal and illegal drugs have chemicals that can change how your body and mind work. They can give you a pleasurable “high,” ease your stress or help you avoid problems in your life. But when used in excess, this becomes a huge problem.

    Alcohol use disorders can result in many physical, psychological and social effects ranging from weight gain and liver dysfunction to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, loss of income, unemployment and damage to unborn children. Alcohol use disorder frequently co-occurs with several other mental health conditions like DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder. Here are some alarming statistics:

    ■ 50% of all suicides, and over 50% of all violent crimes are cause by alcohol and/or drugs.

    ■Over 50% of all traffic accidents involve alcohol or drugs.

    ■80% of all domestic violence reports are somehow related to alcohol or drugs.

    All these make it evident that excess addiction to alcohol or drugs is ultimately DETRIMENTAL to the individual and the society as a whole. Understanding alcohol use and seeking available resources are instrumental ways to diminish the influence of alcohol. Being a doctor myself, I've seen so many cases of alcohol addiction and have come to realise that it's not just the individual who suffers, but the family as well. Often wives are at the receiving end of brutal domestic violence in the hands of their husbands under the influence of alcohol. I've been often moved to tears watching their plight.

    The only way we can bring this social evil to an end is by raising awareness. Teaching children from a young age the harmful effects of addiction and teaching them when to stop becomes very important. And yes, seeking help. Alcohol addiction is COMPLETELY CURABLE. If you know anyone who is suffering from alcohol or sustance addiction, seek help immediately instead of condemning them. Rehabilitation centers and social groups like "Alcoholics Anonymous" have played an important role in saving millions from the detrimental effects of alcohol and drugs. I hope and pray that by instilling awareness on this issue among all age groups and by nurturing a compassionate society in the future, we can bring this social evil to an end ��.

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    Surviving life's lows
    With short lived euphoria
    Bingeing elixir.

    Sinking further low
    Harming thyself and others
    Reduced to cripple.

  • the_ice_breaker 25w

    #end #ceesreposts #wod #pod #past
    @miraquill @writersnetwork


    She remained buried
    In her cocoon
    Reminiscing about
    The thorns which had
    Pricked her in the
    Dense forest,
    Recalling her agony
    And sorrow,
    Drenched in an
    Ocean of tears....
    If only she had
    stepped out from her
    cocoon of memories
    She would have realised
    That the forest was
    Now adorned with
    Beautiful roses
    Whose fragrance
    and nectar
    Healed wounded souls
    Who had finally found
    The exit door and escaped
    From their cocoon
    Realising that it was the
    Thorns in their past
    That made their future beatiful!!

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    Cocoon of memories

    She realised
    That the thorns
    In her past
    Made her future beautiful....

  • the_ice_breaker 30w

    #end #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    He came fluttering to me
    Sucking my nectar
    Satiating his appetite
    When I was a beautiful flower

    Soon with age
    I started wilting
    My petals started shrinking
    I no longer had nectar
    But I waited and waited for him...

    I guess he found another prey
    Another beautiful flower to relish
    After all it's just a pastime for him

    I thought that love would last forever.....
    I was wrong.

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    I thought that love would last forever.....
    I was wrong.

  • the_ice_breaker 30w

    #start #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork


    Her eyes look like unheard stories
    As I gaze into them
    Brilliant blue eyes
    Exuding an enigmatic aura
    That of a scarred soul
    Who has witnessed
    Unimaginable hurdles
    But filled with steel grit
    Who has braved the
    Chaotic storms in her life
    And emerged strong
    An embodiment of a
    Strong woman!

    Her eyes meet mine
    For a fraction of a second
    Before she walks away
    Into the distance
    Lost in thought
    Probably ruminating on
    The mysteries of life!

    Her mere gaze was enough...
    I am smitten by those
    Beautiful mysterious eyes
    convinced she is my soulmate.
    Hopefully our paths will cross
    Sometime in the distant future
    If that's destined!

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    Love at eyesight!


  • the_ice_breaker 31w

    We dream of immortality
    But alas, what are we?
    Just a speck in the multitude of this universe!

  • the_ice_breaker 31w

    #weather #spring #summer #autumn #winter
    #pod #wod #ceesreposts #patheticfallacy
    @miraquill @writersnetwork


    As the snow melts
    She arrives
    Draping the earth in
    Her colourful robes
    An embodiment of joy
    Flowers bloom and dance
    To her vibrant rhythm
    Her child like antics
    Engulfing sorrow in totality!

    Her warmth slowly spreads
    Making way for the
    Radiant summer exuding affection
    Inviting butterflies to exhibit
    Its exotic dance moves,
    Melodious chirping of birds
    And buzzing of bees
    A musical saga - as she matures
    Into a teenager and then a young adult!

    As she matures further
    She becomes solemn
    Shedding her vibrant attire
    To a more sombre one
    Adorning shabby yellow robes
    She enters into contemplation
    Weeding out all negativities
    Within her in the form of
    Shedding leaves!

    She slowly enters into
    Senescence, her attire
    Changing to a white ensemble
    Wise, saintly and peaceful
    She falls down as snowflakes
    Bringing joy to her children
    Like a doting grandma
    Before melting into oblivion!

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    Seasons - an emotional journey!


  • the_ice_breaker 34w

    #personification #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you so much for the WN repost! ❤ @writersnetwork
    Thank you so much for POD!!!! This was totally unexpected! @miraquill

    She was a lovely
    Vast expanse of blue
    draping Mother Earth
    with her magical hues
    Her pristine waters
    Reflecting the skies overhead
    Providing the ideal ambience
    For the romantic soul!

    Her brother, the chivalrous sun
    Visits her from dawn till dusk
    His sunrays exuding warmth
    Protecting her from
    All sorts of danger!

    Her lover, the mysterious moon
    Visits her silently every night
    Ripples of passion
    Putting her soul on fire
    In the form of raging waves!

    Her womb is bedecked with
    Colorful corals, reef
    Jellyfish, starfish and
    Other amazing flora and fauna
    Giving birth to an amazing
    Treasure trove nurtured by her,
    The loving compassionate mother!

    She is the embodiment
    Of a strong woman
    Precariously balancing
    All her roles in society
    Implementing them with
    Absolute perfection.

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    The sea


  • the_ice_breaker 34w

    Poems don't alter reality, they provide a glimpse of life in its true colours through a metaphoric frame.