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  • the_intermittent_expressionist 17w

    In our heads we paint so many pictures of how our first intimacy is going to be. With freehand strokes of brushes one after another, painting that moment in every possible shade we can.
    So titillating!
    Pictures so fragile, constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed with changing fantasies and as we see fit. When it happens for real, we enter the arena with etiquette and precedence set out of crafted acts of intimacy.
    "Raw and Organic" we wanted it to be, but ended up creating a flavour that tastes nowhere close to the original, the kind of original we saw on our screens or atleast we believed so.
    Finally we've achieved that pleasure that we waited for so long. After landing those kisses, hickies, caresses and thrusts in precision to the manual that has been played over and over again on our screens and inside our heads.
    ... and yet at the end of it there we lay empty, still unsatisfied and missing something, wondering did it went wrong somewhere?
    Maybe it did!
    Maybe if we wouldn't have followed the protocol, landed our first kiss not where it was prescribed to be but where we wanted it to!
    Maybe scratches and hickies were not needed after all and that we were supposed to leave marks of our passion on each other's soul, not bodies!
    And those thrusts!
    They were not meant to measure the depth/grip of a vagina or length of a penis but to experience the melting of two physical forms into each other.
    Maybe! next time we wouldn't be so rigid in method rather free flowing in the moment.
    #penned #amateurwriter #thoughtsinwords #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquil #thoughtoftheday #beginner #intimacy #sex #love #passion #kisses #porn #hickies

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    The First!


  • the_intermittent_expressionist 48w

    अब मन नही करता मेरी खिडकी से झाक्ने का,
    क्यूंकि वो जान्ता है सामने वाली में अब तुम नही होंगी।

    जब मन उदासीनता से भर उठता तो अपनी खिडकी का पल्ला हल्का सा हटाके झाक लिया करता था ,
    इस उमीद में के झरोके के उस तरफ तुम होंगी।

    तुमहरी ओर से मोहोब्बत की कोई गुन्जाईष थी नही,
    क्योंकि जो भावनाए थी, मेरी थी और सिर्फ मुझ तक थी ।

    ज़रूरी नही था मेरे लिए कि हर रोज़ तुम्हरा उनमेष दीदार हो,
    अक्सर तुम्हारे कमरे में जल रही लालटेन के उजाले से झरोके पर बनी तम्हारी परछाई से काम चला लिया करता।

    जब जब मौसम करवट लेता और मदमस्त हवा आनंद से कभी मेरी खिडकी से टकराती तो कभी तुमहरी से,
    तो लगता एक दूत की भाँति मेरे मन का संदेश तुम्हारे मन तक पहूंचा रही हो,
    और जो तुम कभी उस बीच मेरी ओर देख कर हल्के से मुस्कुरा देती तो मान लेता मेरा संदेश तुम्हे मिल गया।

    किन्तु अब मौसम करवट तो लेता है, बस तुम नही होती।
    मेरा मन अब उस बन्द झरोके कि भाँति फड़फड़ाता है, अकेले जिस्का शोर उस खली घर में है ।
    मेरी खिडकी पर लगे मेरे एक तर्फा प्रेम के जाले मुझे साफ दिखाई देते है,
    और लगता है की अब वो तभी उतरेगे जब तुम फिर आओगी और उस झरोके को खुद हटाऔगी ।
    तब तक मेरा खाली मन तुम्हारी राह देखेगा।
    - @the_intermittent_expressionist
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquil #jharoka #amateurwriter #thoughtsinwords #penned #beginner

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  • the_intermittent_expressionist 51w


    Trapped within a humongous cage of expectations.
    Legs chained by somebody's limiting beliefs.
    Mastered the art of being an eccendentesiast.
    Wings paralysed by fear of those around us.
    Monophobia no longer a fear as loneliness is the new companion.
    Waiting for the moment of disenthrall.
    Witnessing moonglade and abendrot in awe, wondering if could ever have a piece of it.
    Freedom and dreams now seem sweven.
    We all are caged birds wanting and waiting to be who we are and to live our dreams.

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 55w


    There are people posting travel stories with caption
    " Life is too short to wait!"
    My humble message to them:
    " Sweety! My budget is short enough to make me wait!"

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 59w


    जिन्दगी परेशानियों से मुझे आज़्मती रही,
    मैं उमीद रख बेशर्मो सा मुस्कुरता रहा।
    वो बिजलियों से मेरा शीश महल गिराति रही,
    मै उन्ही टुकड़ों से मेरे सपनो की पतंग का मान्झा बनता रहा ।
    इस फिराक में की एक बार फिर वो मुझे गिराने आएगी,
    लेकीन इस बार मेरे सपनो की धार इतनी तेज़ होगी की खुद लहुलुहान हो मेरी दृढ़ता के आगे नतमस्तक हो जाएगी ।

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 60w

    Mother's Day

    The situation right now is tough. I know this mother’s day won’t be the same for everyone. Some may have lost their mother or father or both. Some parents might have lost their children so being happy and celebrating won’t be easy. So let’s just take this moment to be grateful and happy about whoever we have in our lives today right in this moment because this day is to thank everyone who are with us ,loving us and giving us the strength to fight these troubling times.

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 71w

    There's chaos
    within me and around,
    does it means
    the world is at peace!

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 72w

    Political opinions are so messy these days as critical analysis resides with the deads while the living cherishes prejudice!

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 73w

    Don't promise me forever!
    Forevers are amateurish; sweet little lies of uncertainty!
    Promise me now; this moment.
    Just be you unabashedly and so will I,
    and see if it lasts to that uncertainty; together!

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 76w

    Is it just me or mask is the new normal karte karte itna normal ho gaya hai ki ab bina mask k bahar niklo to chehra nanga-nanga sa lagta hai!!