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  • the_introverted_writer 5w

    I have never been impressed by looks. It is not difficult or extraordinary for a pretty face to turn someone on. However, if you have a character, a heart, an attitude that inspires me, if you have the ability to stimulate my mind and tremble my thoughts - well, then you are a fucking gorgeous being."

  • the_introverted_writer 16w

    Chorna seekh lia hai maine ab rishto koo
    Khicha Tani karne se inme darare padd jati hai

  • the_introverted_writer 16w

    There were days when
    I'm in a state of jubilation
    Then there were days
    When I feel like I'm in a state of great depression
    There were days
    when I feels like I can do anything.
    Then there were days
    When i feels like giving up, like nothing matters.
    There were days
    When I feels like I couldn't be more alive
    Then there were days
    when, I get lost in my own thoughts
    There were days
    when, when I feels like I'm filled with hope
    Then there were days
    when I feel hopeless

  • the_introverted_writer 17w

    Tumare jaise aur tumse behtar to hazaro mil jaenge mujhe
    Dikkat to ye hai
    Ki na hi muje tmse behtar chayie r na hi tmare jaisa
    Muje to bss tum chayie
    Muje to bss tum chayie


  • the_introverted_writer 18w

    Meri harr kahani mei tum hoo
    Mere harr kisse mei tum hoo
    Ye meri Zindagi haii dost
    Iskee harr hisse mei bass tum r bass tum hoo


  • the_introverted_writer 19w

    I am trying everyday, To fight my own demons.
    There is always a battle going inside my head, to become a better version of myself, sometimes I win it & sometimes I lose.
    But the good thing that I say to myself is that you tried, you tried & that's good enough & maybe one day you might become that you was born to be.
    I try every fucking day to overcome my excessive feelings, my intense emotions, my big-ego, my crazy jealousy & my unbridled anger.
    To be honest, I feel a little too much of these things.
    Everyone says to Mee, that Prashant why do you think soo much,, well to answer all those people
    I was born this way, overthinker is what people calls me, really can't help it guys.
    But then again with growth mindset anything can be changed, I'm trying really hard to overcome these bad habits of minee & Maybe one day I might be free from all this, who knows.

  • the_introverted_writer 20w

    By unknown writer

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    I'm tired of explaining myself. I'm just waiting for you to get tired of misunderstanding me.
    I'm really tired of being your second choice. I'm just waiting for you to get tired of treating me like one.
    I'm tired of proving that you are my bestfriend. I'm just waiting for you get tired of treating me like your normal one.
    I'm so tired of hearing your Noo's to my every plan. I'm just waiting for you to get tired of saying 'Noo' to my every plan.
    I'm tired of feeling guilty whenever I say no to you. I'm just waiting for you to feel this guilt for atleast one time.
    Haider, I'm tired bhai, i really-2 m
    I'm sick of this jealousy
    I'm sick of this possessiveness.
    Please let's not do this again
    Please let's be each other bestfriend for whatever small time we have left.

    I can't say all these things 2 you so I wrote this post for u & look at you, u don't even bother to clear things between us

    You are my always and ♾️
    You above all
    Your bestfriend (atleast that's what I feel)

  • the_introverted_writer 29w

    #friends #bestfriends #forever @miraquill @mirakeeworld #pod
    You are the who is always there for me(let it be the time when I cleared my CPT or let it be the time when I didn't able to clear my IPCC)
    You are one to whom I turn to get my laughter back after having an awful day.(doesn't matter how bad my day was I ended up laughing my guts out every fucking time)
    You are one who has the ability to read my mind( I mean how can anyone do that, I have said this before & I'm saying this again "Aap galat peshe mei aagye"��)
    You are the one who is never going to be apart from me.
    Because you are the one who is always going to be a part of me.��

    You are the Chandler to my Joey
    You are the Robin to my batman
    You are the Stefan to my Damon
    You are the Elijah to my Niklaus
    & Now I have to stop ^_^

    Well the important thing is
    There is no other u for me❤️

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    Have I ever told you?
    You mean the world to me.
    Ofcourse I have, I told u like a thousand times.
    Well I just want to say this one more time & ofcourse it's not the last time I'm saying this.
    Ok so here it comes.
    I never had a prolonged bad phase, maybe you never let me had one.
    You took all my worries just like, Phoebe used to take away every problems of the group.
    You saved me from depression, frustration, stress, overthinking, anxiety & what not, it's like you deflected it all as if you're a Iron-Man or something.
    You are a part of my life, forever and till the very end. I wish everyone have a friend like you, and experience this amazing feeling that I experience everytime when I'm with you.
    Here I present these simple words for you, I know it didn't make up for thing that i said & did.
    I just want you know that I'm sorry, in fact I don't want anything, just want to say sorry, a wholeheartedly sorry.

  • the_introverted_writer 55w


    Roz tumse yun baat karke
    Mai apne sare dard bhulata hu
    Jab tum mere sath ni hote
    Tab yaar mei Hasna bi bhul jaata hu

  • the_introverted_writer 55w

    Let me introduce you guys to a very special couple of my life,
    Pen n Books, My best friends
    No matter what, they never leaves me..
    Whatever distance I make,
    whatever bad I do..
    Or in what mood I am,
    they holds me with patience
    BECAUSE I know the beauty of colours
    & they know my sincerity.