Shared joy is double the joy, shared sorrow is half the sorrow

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  • the_muted_voice 13w

    Hello everyone. Thank you so so much for all your warm and lovely wishes yesterday. Truly blessed and indebted for everything you have all done. Lots and lots of love to y'all. I am extremely sorry, wasn't able to reply to each one of your wish! But I swear I read them all. Thank you again, for taking some time to wish me!❤❤❤

  • the_muted_voice 14w

    #Temp #oneliners

    Idk if it makes sense

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    She wasnt his fluctuating desire,
    Rather the slaughtering symphonic sapphire.


  • the_muted_voice 14w

    #wod #alliteration

    #temp maybe

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    P.S. Idk if it makes sense.

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    She broadcasted blameless blueberry

    Love, loitering lone, with the crux

    Of core cohesion, greased along

    Anguish Ambitions, embosomed in

    The eyes of ordinary. 


  • the_muted_voice 14w

    Remember this!��❤

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    You deserve love but without conditions
    You deserve trust without fakeness
    You deserve peace without sacrifice
    You deserve happiness without compromise


  • the_muted_voice 15w

    @iam_ssk dedicated to you!

    @_astitva_ Dare completed. Thank you for this prompt indicating my comeback!

    Love everyone!❤❤❤
    Missed y'all ounces!

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    She bloomed gathering indecipherable silence, radiating Rose's of rapture.
    Her untanned tender beauty, fractured every bone of mine.


  • the_muted_voice 17w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Appears as an Ametrine aura of avid alliteration

    Brimming in Basra – Pearl benevolent brightness

    Convertible like cubic- zirconia cover of compassion

    Diligent Danburite Darling deep down the disguise

    Emerging emerald of endless entourage of energy

    Fragile Fluorite – Hearted with flickering flamboyance

    Gorgeous Goshenite gleaming with grand gestures

    Hues of Harmonic Heliodor of humble – Hyperboles

    Illuminous Iolite of incredible integrity inside imaginations

    Jubilant Jade in jigsaw jouissance

    Kindling kunzite kindness accompanied with

    Lavender – quartz like lily lined love laughs

    Moon stone looking moony bunny

    Neon - Apatite nostalgic newness

    Orangish opal ornament of omnipresent fond odor

    Pinkish Petalite peace embraced with polite personality

    Queen of quartz in the land of quietude

    Rainbow of Ruby rubbernecking across righteousness

    Stylist serpentine submerged under supreme salutations

    Typical topaz of tolerating truths

    Under umpteen Unakite of understanding

    Veracious vivid green emerald of victory

    White coral whims and fancies

    Xanthite xerox of xenial xenomania

    Yellow Beryle of youngness

    Zoisite zephyr of zealous zest.

    Happieeeeeeeeeeeeee birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy my darlingggggggggg! @moon_bunny

    I know am a lot late. But this is for you. I love you to the moon and back. I want to write more and talk more. But just a lot busy. I hope you like this my sweetheart. Di here always for you! Enjoy your day and have a blast my girl

    Deepu di

    P.S. Tried ABCD pattern and each of the line has a stone or gem name in it cause YOU are an important Gem in my life!

    Kay byeeee! I'll see you tonight!

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  • the_muted_voice 17w

    A smile doesnt mean you are happy, it's just meant to straighten every irregular bends and curves standing against you.

    A masked smile is actually worth attention.

  • the_muted_voice 18w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #sail
    Hey my lovelies. I got a lot busy the past few days. I'll read you'all from today. Thank you so much for the ones who kept checking on meee!
    Take loveeee!

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    "Moment she excused from phoney desires; Rest was Unpretentious sail. "

  • the_muted_voice 19w

    Wreaths of scuttles cocooned the decay of untold glory

  • the_muted_voice 19w

    #Temp #lame

    Does it matter?
    Does it make any sense?

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    There is so much your threshold can change,
    Only if you allow yourself to change it.