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  • the_purple_paradise 108w


    (apologies for any f* words...)

    Bighit made him show his abs when he was a minor and clearly stated that he didn’t want to do it which left him with so many insecurities growing up. You made constant comments about his weight and the way he looks that this boy literally starved himself to the point of collapsing on stage and in rehearsals. He lost the weight and then y'all asked him to get his cheeks back and instantly destroyed all the effort he put into loosing them. You say blood, sweat and tears Jimin is the best well no, f*ck you. He ate one proper meal in ten days to be the Jimin you all loved and even then he got nothing but hated upon cause apparently he was way too much in the center when he literally had 11 seconds of solo screentime and you say PJMs are the worst?

    Burn the stage was supposed to show you how much these boys struggle behind the scene and you took that as an open freaking invitation to make fun of his voice cracks as if that is something that doesn’t happen to the best of the singers. You made his voice cracks as compilations for people to laugh upon and antis to drag upon and you say PJMs are the worst?

    Jimin used to be the most active member on twitter, that was where he felt like he could connect with us the most and what did you do? Made fun of his eyes, his hands, his freaking fingers and even his teeth which are all things he cannot change about himself and you all drove him off twitter. He stopped posting and stopped doing his famous silent videos and you say PJMs are the worst?

    He always supported Taehyung even when nobody else did. Tae freaking cried at that letter saying how chim was there for him crying with him when nobody else was and once FOR ONCE Jimin accidently didn’t write Taes name on a freaking chalkboard and Tae stans sent him literal death threats to the point where BTS had to address the issue in a press conference and you say PJMs are the worst?

    Park Jimin is a boy who has grown in front of all of our eyes and it’s so obvious even to outsiders that he has always been the absolute worst to himself. He has burnt out his body in practice rooms, he has burnt out his self esteem trying to sing for you, he has damaged his health trying to look good for you. Honestly, what the heck do you want from this man? If he’s too much he is an attention seeker, if he is not too much then he isn’t good enough. You even came for his official positions in the group that he got for himself even with the shortest trainee period.

    You say Jimin has a praise kink? B*tch that boy needs validation even for the smallest of things because YOU made him feel like he is not good enough over the years. It’s not a praise kink as much as it’s just self hatred.

    So I’m sorry if PJMs are the worst but that is because you’ve left us no choice but to fiercely defend Jimin because armys act like you don’t claim him. If you don’t claim him at his worst don’t pretend to stan him when he is at his best. You don’t defend him when it’s needed but you’re proud that he broke a global record with 'promise'? Well f*ck you.

    What can we do except for defending him with our own lives because you all have made him feel so fucking incompetent all these years. We as Jimin fans know and hate the bangtan bombs where he would cover his face with his hands the entire time cause he thought his face was too fat. We know how much that freaking hurt.

    As someone who has struggled with his body image for years, I freaking hate what you put him through to the point of him hiding his face for entire videos. He couldn’t look straight at the camera in his own birthday video, that is how much you all have ruined him and you dare to say that PJMs are the worst when we are nothing compared to the bullshit you’ve put our man through.

    The next time I see someone claim to be a Jimin fan or an OT7 when all you’ve ever done is sit there on your keyboard and watch while thousands make fun of him right under his damn tweet very well knowing that Jimin stays on his phone and social media the longest of all members I pray to God that you choke cause if you can destroy this boy who has done nothing but loved everyone of your biases with all his heart and soul ; Y’all don’t DESERVE him.

    Jimin stans, this time around, we don’t claim ARMYs and fake OT7s anymore. 

    #bts #parkjimin #PJMs #OT7 #ARMY #kimnamjoon #kimseokjin #minyoongi #junghoesoek #parkjimin #kimtaehyung #jeonjungkook #BTS #army #haters #fakearmy #mochi

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  • the_purple_paradise 109w

    This was the day when we got our name...
    An ARMY so strong and beautiful
    We got haters , we got judgements
    But the love was truly fruitful

    These boys we love...
    And you ask what we got,
    Well for starters the feeling of being heard.
    The voice no one can suppress
    A dream to dream for...
    A life to live for...
    A choice to let free ,
    And love to cherish...

    The feeling that someone cares,
    A shied from criticising stares...
    A chance to be what I am,
    Without a typical tag.

    A picture of me in Youth
    The age never a pull,
    A mirror to look at the beauty,
    Behind the comments full.

    A hope to be happy
    And a realization to see through...
    The cause of loving myself..
    Do you feel that too??

    The date is 9th July 2020

    #ARMYday #ARMY #BTS #selflove #strength #idol #hope #kimnamjoon #kimseokjin #minyoongi #junghosoek #parkjimin #kimtaehyung #jeonjungkook #bts

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    Happy ARMY day!!!!!


  • the_purple_paradise 112w

    (It more like a reply to the song...)

    FOR YOU,
    They say time heals all...
    But as the seasons are changing,
    The more painfully I fall.
    The missing part you feel,
    Is a part of me too.
    Your touch that I'm craving for,
    Your warmth a dulling hue...
    I check my phone everyday,
    You know, these rumours haunt my trust
    Another day without you,
    I'm closer to my outburst.
    But everything is FOR YOU
    Everything is alright
    Even if there's no answer,
    Everything is inside your smile
    Even if we're apart,
    Our hearts are connected to each other
    Forever...with you...
    So I'll wait,
    I hope you're patient too...
    You were out there finding the way
    Crossing deserts and oceans,
    Walking on that long road, this endless night.
    I see you became a hero in this world
    And the world? they cheer for you.
    I look at you and wonder, is this the answer to your journey?
    It's been a long time
    You're a little taller than before,
    With a harder voice...
    A trophy in your hand and a golden microphone in the other.
    I hope my existence is not overshadowed by the crowd.
    But when you open your mouth, the familiar love can be heard.
    Your scent mixed with mine and tears running down our eyes...
    Now I know, this world feels a lot better with abundant little human connections...
    So lets make it better
    Lets hold each other tighter
    Because together, we can MAKE IT RIGHT...

    There's so much more to write...but after all its BTS and we are ARMY... We can never write our heart out and think its enough! But we can give a little of our emotions to these words!!



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    BTS saved my life...
    And I mean literally. Without them, i was just a suicidal teenager, messing with my clear skin and playing with my life...

    We Never Walk Alone...
    Do you know why I wanna walk with you? Because you kept me going when my own legs gave up...
    My heart is all I have...
    That means I'm giving you my everything.

  • the_purple_paradise 113w

    To the girl/boy our Mochi fells in love with:
    Hey, so you were the lucky one out of the billions...
    I bet every ARMY would be dying to be in your place...but no...our Mochi chose you.
    You see , our boy here, may seem like a perfect angel but he has his own insecurities.
    Sometimes he might feel like he's not good enough or not better than the rest.
    We ARMYs love him very much and always try to cheer him up emotionally...but unfortunately, physically we can't. We can't hug him tight in the nights and whisper in his ears that it's all fine...
    But you can.

    Please be there with him...
    support him, emotionally and have the opportunity to.

    We shall never have those typical internet fights about "Who Jimin loves more!?". We both know that his love for both has a different view. (Although he loves us more ;) )

    When he feels low, cheer him up.
    When he cries, wipe his tears.
    When he's happy, make sure he does for a long time.
    And when he loves, love him to the fullest.
    Make sure he eats well and never over-stresses about his work.
    Make sure he's happy...everyday.
    Tell him all the 'I love you's' and fill his heart with warm hugs...he loves to cuddle.

    This is basically the dream list of every ARMY but we know that we can't be you...
    So please, love him till the end of forever,
    Coz ARMY is counting on you...


    #JiminDay #bts #army #parkjimin #mochi #tothegirl #letterstoyou
    Happy Chim's Day!!������������

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    To the girl Our Mochi fells in love with...

    P.S- Oh how I dream to be you!
    But you know this dream is a too
    beautiful to come true.

  • the_purple_paradise 115w

    Finally I've completely moved on from you...

    When I cross roads with the familiar ice cream shop, I can still remember our mini-dates fresh in my memories.
    But other than that, I've moved on...

    When the taste of bitter coffee lingers in my tongue, an image of you making a disgusted face at the drink comes in my mind, making me chuckle but then frown.

    When someone mentions your name, my heart still skips a beat, my cheeks still flirt with the colour pink.
    But other than that, I've moved on...

    Whenever I see the sunset everyday on my way back to the "house", my heart longs for yours, fingers intertwined with mine as together ,we used towalk "home"

    And every night, when I lay in my bed, the moon gives me pitiful glances as my soul only craves for the warmth of your love as every season feels cold.

    But other than that , trust me , I've moved on...



    @nivey14 @agustd_daechwita @rjd_creations @mistinlist @fairytales_

    #love #moveon #silly #memories

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    Moved on


  • the_purple_paradise 115w

    @nivey14 @mistinlist @rjd_creations @btslove @tamanna3

    Hi guys !!!
    So I found this in my old " lust for language journal"
    And I thought that I should share it with you��
    AND I'm not some pro so don't hate me!!

    Here's what to do::

    1-Make sure you have hangul/korean keyboard.If not
    you can install it from your "Languages and Types"
    in yours keyboard settings..��

    2-Read the picture below.���� You should probably learn it like 'ABCD...'

    3-It is easier to use a keypad in your android. But for being able to write it in need to practice practice and practice ����

    4-Can you comment "Jimin " in hangul?? ��������

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  • the_purple_paradise 116w

    The Purple Paradise

    We all have our own colours...
    Might they not be everyone's favourite,
    But one day they'll be needed by someone to
    complete their rainbow...
    Their own galaxy...
    Their own paradise...
    But for now, lets complete ours...

  • the_purple_paradise 119w

    Make it right...

    One day, I'll take you away from the darkness
    The flames of torment and bitter void.
    One day, I'll save you...
    So just wait, dear ME,
    One day I'll be strong enough to be you.
    To make it right...

  • the_purple_paradise 120w

    So happy for 100 followers �� Not much but I'm contended

    Olenmana-e oneul haengboghae... Modu gamsahabnida...naneun dangsin-eul modu salanghabnida...����������

    @naina04 @nivey14 @tae_love @park_jiminshiee


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    Make it right

    I promise you that one day, I'll take you away from this dark hole... To a place where its all bright...
    So just wait dear ME... Wait till i make myself that strong...

  • the_purple_paradise 120w


    I wanna finally sleep
    In your familiar embrace that caresses me
    After many painful sleepless nights...
    I finally wanna loose myself in the dreamland
    So dear Moon,
    Will you accompany me tonight??