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  • the_ramble_queen 3w

    Tattered book

    A tattered book under shambles lay
    As I stumbled through debris grey

    Broken tiles and concrete
    Crunched loudly under my feet

    Something dark
    Caught my eye
    In the hues of greyness
    A splatter of red dye!

    Clearing the dust
    A found the tattered book beneath
    Splatter of blood
    Bookmarked the pages underneath.

    I picked it up; shook
    Froze for a minute or two.
    Then I took with me
    The bloodied bookmarked book.

  • the_ramble_queen 5w

    I can never

    I can never be perfect for you
    So I stopped!
    No more pleasing
    No more belittling myself
    To make you feel important
    I can never be anything less
    But perfect for me!


  • the_ramble_queen 6w

    And I stayed quiet

    The world burnt around me
    And I stayed quiet
    Accusations hurled and gossip
    Passed back and forth
    My quietness didn't budge
    At all from its core
    Shyness infused with fear
    Of contribution with righteous gear
    Thousands of thoughts like
    Clouds with water, swirled with might
    I wanted to say so many things
    And I stayed quiet

  • the_ramble_queen 10w


    Remember me as a force that
    Made you reach the top
    Remember me as a power that
    Stayed with you when your own family would not
    Remember my persistence
    When I kept on giving you my all
    Remember me as a survivor that
    Stayed strong when you left me after you had it all
    Remember me as I am now
    Extremely happy
    As I claim my life for my own!

  • the_ramble_queen 12w

    Fear is a grenade
    People use to conform
    Our views, our beliefs
    And our will!

  • the_ramble_queen 13w

    Fear the signs
    From the universe
    When it don't coincide with mine
    Mine and my mind
    It plays tricks on me
    So bad that I hide
    From me, the whole town.
    The world is mean and fierce
    It scares me to just think about
    How crazy it is out there
    Where the world is ruled by
    Not the artists but their fears!
    Fears twisted and used against us
    It is a means to concur us to their will
    But they succeed
    And we still live in fear!

  • the_ramble_queen 13w

    For when he comes to meet, I meet
    For when he decides to call, I receive
    For when he toys with me, I forfeit
    For when he wants sex, I agree
    For when he forgets me for days, I permit
    For when he walks all over me, I oblige
    How long do you think it will take
    For me to choose myself over him?

  • the_ramble_queen 14w

    Goodbye to the wounds that never healed!

  • the_ramble_queen 16w

    False heroes

    Praise the lordes and heroes brave
    A Ballard sung handsomely in their grace
    Tales of bravery woven so well

    Tales are false, their grace it's naught
    Their schemes are sly, manipulation so daunt
    Dead cannot deny, accusations made in their name
    For history is written by the ones who remain

    Ones who gloried and revelled in bloodshed
    Stories of greatness are woven by
    monsters of nightmare

    We celebrate their lies
    We are enchanted by their tall tales
    And we forget over & over again
    History is written by the ones who remain


  • the_ramble_queen 19w

    My winters are warm this year
    Filled with stolen kisses
    on long windy crowded street
    Cramped rides together
    That's how we travel the city
    Our crazy laughter,
    Running helter skelter
    Fascinating sights
    Around every corner
    Magnificent delights
    Always in sight
    Arm in arm
    We watch the city transform
    Bright colors fill the night!
    Sometimes it rains
    Sometimes we don't see any sun
    But you make it ok
    You make this beautiful city magical
    You, my darling
    Make my cold winter warm this year!

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