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  • the_speccy_outsider 2d

    People often ask me if I still haven't grown-up, for I refuse to let go of my obsession towards Harry Potter. But I always tell them, that I staunchly stand by my Love for the franchise. Albeit, that love has now surpassed the medium of films and forayed into the world of books.

    What I've admired about the story and the plethora of characters in it is the theme of redemption and the ardent need to stand tall, despite the predicaments. It is about friendship, reverence towards your teachers, learning, mastering and marveling what you feel you are best at and primarily, my most favourite phenomenon, called Hope.

    I remember watching, and eventually reading, The Prizoner of Azkaban and thinking how subtly they managed to induce so much of depth about life in an otherwise commercial storyline. And it is now that I truly deciphered what the intensity of those characters and the plotline was.

    The Dementors symbolise the Darkness that we see in our lives. It has been given many names, fear, panic, anxiety, depression, sorrow, grief and so on. But the key to defend and disarm them was the Patronus Charm, one of the magical spell that'd emit a light taking shape of an animal. And soon it'd dissipate those ugly and melancholic Dementors.

    I always felt that the ones who get affected by pessimistic energy are extremely weak. But over the years, I had the good fortune of witnessing an epiphany where I experienced that it is not the ones who are at the receiving end of negativity that are weak, but the ones producing it. For, it takes a huge amount of internal negativity to generate that and inflicit it on someone else.

    To all those who feel that Darkness is engulfing them I'd advise you to face it with utmost impudence and scream at It, telling It that you are not weak as you have so much of optimism filled inside that the bad vibes coming from It may affect you but never break you for you have the Light of Faith inside that'd soon heal all the scars. But it is indeed a sad thing for The Darkness only has those gloomy feelings and that is a strong sign of weakness, and not something to be proud of. You should feel pity for the lack of sight that It carries resulting in an absence of a broader view. A view of how beautiful this world is. So one must follow this process of bringing positivity and creating happiness in life.

    And thus one should always be prepared, in order to eradicate everything that is concerning them, with one's wand of consciousness and the brevity of speech to clearly say, Expecto Patronum!



    @puranidiary Hey fellow potterhead had to tag you. As promised I finally wrote something on HP.

    P.S. On a break. Will be back for New Year's Eve.

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  • the_speccy_outsider 1w

    Wishing our dearest Witch @fromwitchpen a very Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with abundant glasses of blood. Be the nocturnal spooky being you are and keep spreading love, as you already do. Here's a collab piece from @kin_jo and I.

    The demarcation because of a colour
    That even resides in our heart
    Used as a sacred one during betrothal
    And the third one amidst the Trio

    But love has no boundaries they say
    It can happen to anyone
    Irrespective of any classification
    That is man-made and not by the almighty

    Albeit one such being
    Knows this doesn't hold gravitas
    And keeps blurring those boundaries
    Eventually putting an end to them

    For her quill weaves words of wisdom
    Often about social issues, mental health, nature and poetry
    Enameled with jocund metaphors and profound vocabulary
    Encompassing not just all facets but all alphabets too

    Calls herself a Witch as she finds them relatable
    As primarily ignored are those who are different
    Frequently malified, but the ones with pure heart
    Can only adore them beyond stereotypes

    She made beautiful relations, which even
    Prolific personalities of the world couldn't
    As that's what binds us all
    Art, Humanity, Empathy and Words, From A Witch's Pen.


    #end #weafamily

    P.S. Elizabeth Kiss was the first account to like this post. The connection! ��

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    W(itch)hich Words

  • the_speccy_outsider 2w

    So here's my submission for the challenge hosted in memory of two profound writers of this platform who left us, Joker and Jack. @lovenotes_from_carolyn

    I've recently heard some kids saying that they bullied their fellow classmates, in a rather condescending tone. Like it was similar to cracking a joke. But to be honest, I pity them for the kind of ignorance they carry.

    It is often considered a sign of audacity when one bullies others. I don't know what happiness one derives from it. Is it really joy that they get or that they augment the misery that they hold. It might seem perplexing at first as to how can they, who feel good by berating others, would be full of subfusc.

    Well it originates from the past of such Bullies. Either they are lovelorn, at the receiving end of violence, unsatisfied, sad, or emotionally weak. It is a common thing to experience these things as everyone goes through it at some or the other point in life. But what matters is Choice. Being a bully is not a product of all of that, it is a choice. They choose to be vile and malicious; they choose violence over soothing their sanity; they choose to compensate for their inferiority complexes and insecurities by denigrating others, physically, mentally or socially.

    But my question is does this give the much required addition to such individuals. The addition of strength if one feels weak; to experience love if one is bereft of it; feel more confident if there isn't any feeling; gain popularity if they feel the need to be the centre of attraction; and so on the list goes. If they truly feel content after doing this then it is justifiable. Albeit, I don't think that is the case.

    If one truly is sufficed by such acts, then there would be no chance of a repetition, or making someone else a target of this, or any scope for expansion. Sadly, that's not the case and it spirals organically into a phenomenon known as Bullying. I hope this ends. Yes it makes those victims tough, but not all. Not everyone is capable of enduring it. And most importantly not everyone deserves such treatment.

    We are humans and there's a reason we are given a conscious, that we are different from other living organisms. Constructive criticism is good, as it paves way for improvisation. But demeaning someone just for the sake of it seems extremely obnoxious. Such conscious should be used to make this world a better place and not Hell.

    For, Hell exists and so does Heaven. But we don't want both those extremes, just a peaceful world. Where we promote and preach Humanity above all.



    Edit: @writersnetwork It happens rarely that a post about social issues gets this, but I appreciate this effort of yours, Team. Thank you so very much for the kind repost! ��


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    Peering a forlorn
    Being, scathing sanity
    By mass debasement

    Often from insecurities
    Dwelling in the past

  • the_speccy_outsider 4w

    To that little fighter, don't you worry. Things may be all over the place now, but that doesn't mean there won't be a phase where you'll have your best time. They say, count your blessings. I say, along with that count your memories. But only the good ones. Those jaunty rendezvous bringing a sense of contentment to your soul.

    There are myriad of things that can be the harbingers of light. Like sowing a seed and watching it grow into a verdantly pristine plant; watching a baby giving you the heartwarming innocent smile, maybe even holding your finger tightly between the palm; to see a couple of sparrows or pigeons flying and tweeting boisterously; kittens and puppies fighting with their siblings playfully; watching a tree full of breathtakingly ravishing flowers embedded all over; to catch a glimpse of the Sunrise or Sunset that sets the sky afresh with prismatic hues; the cold breeze of the dawn with the Moon shimmering its mangata on us; watching our parents' proud faces; chatting with a dear individual; watching our favourite movie/series; getting inebriated by a mellisonant song or tune; reading a profound book; praying to the almighty or whomsoever you've put your faith into; working out or doing yoga, topped with a soothing meditation session; constructing an artistic creation; weaving magnificent verses of poetry; savouring scrumptious delicacies; expressing gratitude and asking for or granting forgiveness; or just watching the day pass, seeing all the people around us doing their respective work inspite of respective hardships.

    Find your light and keep it, and never let it dim or fade. And be glad that we have an opportunity to celebrate light, not just on a special day but every single day.


    Here's wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali! May the light bring you abundance of joy, prosperity and positivity.

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    Celebrating Light

  • the_speccy_outsider 4w

    Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win~ Stephen King.

    Although, the most common perspective on Haunted House would have been about some Poltergeist haunting it. But I feel the real horror lies behind those closes doors, the ones that conceal those screams of little kids. As they are a hub for child-trafficking.

    Often encompassed with pain and cries
    Where purity has to relinquish somnolent rights
    An abode of macabre happenings
    Luring the forlorn souls for centuries

    Betwixt a quintessential secluded land
    Fancied by those holding secrets in hand
    And then during one stormy night
    The Devil gets ready to take plight

    Haunts those innocent voices
    That are too young to have any vices
    Stripping off their identity with coercion
    Their pristine dreams are a prey for arson

    Clutching those bare bodies, they do
    Heinous acts that are ominous hitherto
    Bringing shame to Witches, Ghosts, Zombies, Spooky Dolls and Vampire
    Ensnaring it all under that intimidating empire

    Is real Horror the one that the folklores hold
    Or is it selling our Humanity, for Hell to behold


    Happy Halloween! ��
    Check out other parts for our Halloween Collab on #rendezvouswithspookyfigures

    To this bunch of supreme talent. @/kin_jo @/fromwitchpen @/squared @/_astitva_ @/captain_blant @/shrey2310

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    Haunted House

    It only takes a sip of Evil Wine to combust sanity and let the tormented blood flow through one's veins, crushing those worshipping the virtues.

  • the_speccy_outsider 5w

    The soft jazz playing in the background was extremely mellifluous. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee had spread across the café. I was sitting at the table near the window, there was a soft drizzle outside. It did amount for a perfect atmosphere. To top it up there was no one around, I was all alone. While I was reading my book, suddenly someone entered through the door. The person at once sat on the chair next to mine and asked in a breathy voice to me what the book was about. When I lifted my head to look up, I was so taken aback. It was none other than Miss Marilyn Monroe!

    She sat there, with her absolutely breathtaking persona, while she lit her cigarette. What followed was a conversation I would be remembering for the rest of my life. We began with the usual exchange of greetings and salutations. She asked what I did, but I just couldn't resist all the questions clamouring in my head.

    But she wanted to have a proper conversation. One wherein both of us would get to know one another. I told her about my life and my family. How I was still struggling to reach my goals and had to face numerous setbacks throughout the journey. She was utterly delighted to know all of that. She told me that whenever she'd met other artists or any of her fans, she only had to answer the cliched queries they had but since I wasn't like them, she smiled gleefully while I asked her about her life as a Hollywood Superstar.

    She told me how she was a foster child. And then she did minor roles at the initial stage of her career. Especially, her part in All About Eve alongside Bette Davis. She was so intimidated by her that after the shot, she had to vomit after going to her dressing room. But she shot to fame with her successful film 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes', and then there was no looking back.

    Although, she only had one disappointment that her image was only limited to being a 'Sex Symbol' and nothing else. She even studied method acting to bring authenticity to her performances but the industry was so misogynistic and sexist at that time, where women were only considered as props or a medium of lechery.

    But she didn't give up, and it was with the picture 'Some Like It Hot' that she was finally acknowledged for her performance and not for her looks or body. She even earned a Golden Globe Award for the same. Often she felt that the way the people perceived her as a 'dumb blonde' and the intrusion of the gossip columnists on her private life making two of her three failed marriages highly publicized was derogatory.

    She feels that her position in Hollywood was truly captured by her last film's title, 'The Misfits'. She did feel that she was a misfit, for she was the centre of constant scrutiny, spying, harsh comments, criticism, bad press, allegations, etc. The way, the press used her depression as a content for their myriad of fabricated headlines appalled her to the core.

    But in the end, I told her that she was a revolutionary figure and still continues to be one. Breaking plethora of stereotypes, paving way for many, and on top of that being an icon, she was, is, and continues to be the undisputed Queen.

    Then with a heartwarming smile, she thanked me for my comforting words and told me that she needed to leave. But I didn't want her to leave, so I tried to stop her but then the alarm clock went off and I realised it was a dream. To my utmost dismay, I sat on my bed, still having the hangover of the dream. Still wishing that it should've been a long dream as there were so many things I had to say to her and thank her too, for never giving up, inspite of being unappreciated by the world.


    Another ode to an actress who was extremely underrated in every parameter. She was a victim of a mass stigma regarding her choice, way of living and most importantly, her mental health.

    For posts on similar theme, check out #ScreenLegends

    Edit: @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the kind repost! ��


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    Marilyn Monroe

  • the_speccy_outsider 6w

    She observes. She starts confabulating. She still observes. She pulls your leg. She starts to appreciate you. She looks for a common thread. She tries to find a mutual factor. And then she spreads her magic.

    Everyone knows that she's a positive soul, who stands up for her people; lends support when in need; rejoices in others' victories; pacifies the ones who are engulfed with melancholy; appreciates what is beautiful; makes you realise that you are going wrong; assures that everything will be fine; and so on the list of her engagements with fellow beings on this planet goes on.

    But I want to express something else here about a soul that never left perseverance. It is not an easy task. To constantly bring determination on the prime front. To have a dream, and then chase it, along with facing innumerable predicaments, whether personal, professional, emotional, social or mental. She is a story of how one should never give up even if situation goes awry or that plethora of doubts encompass your sanity.

    To still be humble and down-to-earth, despite being a part of one of the most reverential fraternity of the nation. To never show-off her knowledge or talent, albeit having abundance of it. She is so modest that she'll never acknowledge her struggles. To be so emotionally connected, for she only has love to give.

    Yes, the love, that she claims never fades. And it never will. Her quill speaks of profound insights. Her feedbacks are heartwarming. Even on this platform which is virtual, she showers virtues. Never would've thought that on a strange land, I'd find a pure and genuine soul like her. She is the epitome of what it means to be a Kin. And I thank you for this kinship, Kinni!

    Here's wishing you the happiest birthday! @kin_jo @lovethatneverfades



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    With Love
    That never fades

  • the_speccy_outsider 6w

    To the one, who always taught us to smile in every situation, whether happy or sad; to not let the negativity out there disrupt our peace; to be kind to one another and be there for each other; to speak our heart out even if it isn't appreciated by the crowd; to be fiercely opinionated; and at last, to spread love, laughter and joy. A collaboration, from his OGs, @jaya___ @kin_jo and I, to him. For, our dear brother would've loved to see this. And yes I won't ever forget that ''Babumoshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi".

    Words of his spread hope so big
    A mine of happiness yielding more the more you dig
    A bright sunshine in a world so sad
    Infectious humor turning everything good from bad
    A brother, friend, poet, comedian
    Living by ideology of carpe diem
    Full of vigor making life memorable
    Weaving his own endearing fable
    Always in our memories and our thoughts
    All his battles he bravely fought
    A guiding light to love our lives
    His hopeful vivacious spirit surely never dies!!



    Words of his spread hope so big
    Words so jovial and band-aid banter, His style of comic
    An effulgent ray amongst the world so dark
    With a heart so tender, a rare gleaming spark
    An invigorating breeze chasing away the gloom
    Spreading smiles and giggles in magic woods tune
    A brother, a friend, a kind of light
    Tho, A gleaming star in the blue moon delight

    A year back he found a new place
    To roast, grow and reside
    Teaching us lessons of unborn tomorrow
    In the silent night



    Words of his, spread hope so big
    Like the fragrance of those old books
    He held wisdom, courage and knowledge
    Whilst hugging humour, love and positivity

    Just like his Pen-name
    He put smiles on everyone's faces
    Whether with the roasts, banter or jokes
    He made Mirakee a home for many

    He welcomed the new budding writers
    Revered and admired the old ones
    Through his quill he wrote masterpieces
    Addressing the societal taboos and issues

    He was a staunch film lover
    Often replied with legendary dialogues
    Even dedicated a post to his favorite film
    But never 'Acted' and adhered to 'Realness' in reality

    And such was our dear brother,
    Who only believed in going forward
    For the show must go on
    Yehi Kehta hai Joker




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  • the_speccy_outsider 7w

    The day holds much gravitas
    For it speaks about victory
    The profound tale
    Of how Good triumphed
    Beating Evil, ferociously
    So in this life of ours
    When we stumble
    Upon any predicament
    The most radical thing to do
    Is to encompass ourselves
    With only goodness
    As that is a despotic act
    To put aptly


    P.S. Here's wishing everyone a very Happy Dussehra!

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    Good over Evil

  • the_speccy_outsider 8w

    My submission for the fabulous challenge hosted by @jaya___

    //A fabricated landscape
    A fallacy of attributes
    A fake portrait of beauty
    A framed depiction of optimism

    Application of filters to images rather than to foul words//

    Freedom of expression has become a joke these days. One often tries too hard to portray the image of being the quintessential know-all and seldom try to be themselves.

    What I feel is that we watch these public figures, who put on a show on social media platforms, and think that we too should do something like that. Maybe we want to feel like them as it is a fantasy many adorn. But we should know that they get paid to do that, or that they have to create an image that helps them sustain in whatever they do.

    We as citizens should have an opinion, everyone is entitled to one. But having an opinion just for the sake of it, or to show the world how woke or incisive you are is extremely redundant. But the absurdity augments when we try to pick a fight. Just like we have an opinion, others too could have and express the same. One should respect that in a dignified manner. But I see a war of words, hurling of abuses and the boundaries of integrity and reverence being crossed.

    Social media has become a platform to showcase how fake we can be. From the perfectly cropped and filtered pictures, to those not so candidly candid moments; those conversations about money presented in a manner that might even make an economist or a financial advisor run for their money; people interpreting laws as if they are the aficionados, for even jurists sometimes differ or fail to interpret them in their apt context.

    What was started as an activity or initiative to bring people closer or spread awareness, has on the contrary, become a place to segregate people and spread malice.

    Hence, I feel the Image one tries to make should not be done, as one should be real. And it is absolutely fine to not know everything about everything. And if one doesn't wish to express an opinion on a certain topic or want to post something hilarious when there's a critical time in the country or surroundings then that person should not be judged for that.

    You never know how many silent battles are concealed by that smile or a post. Be kind, be real and stop being appallingly judgemental.


    #contest_j #anaphora

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