"the mere one real custom exists, nothing but serve love to world"

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  • the_vacant_soul 15w

    I always doubt; why thou gaze_
    always seeks me like that ¿
    Like I hold your past;
    Anonymously I penned praises,
    For you but never read before you,
    But each time you pass my way,
    A moment to tie in poetry, is always mine game.
    But be_
    Stop and be still ! Pause your gaze;
    Do not draw me in this unnamed guilt anymore_
    Hold your emotions, do not race your brain_
    Look for my world in fancies,
    Look for me, I'm safe.
    Until I reach your presence for even those seconds,
    And lock it down in my secret yet open phrases.

  • the_vacant_soul 29w

    Hijab, indeed the prime veil.

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    She veiled her head in a black cloth

    I saw her sitting on a vacant bench,
    Reciting her prayers low.
    She veiled her head in a black cloth,
    Subtle and beautiful, so.
    That veil was familiar to me,
    As I know, few customs back.
    Not appropriate in the sense,
    But somehow I know some of that.
    I asked her questions,
    We discussed 'hijab'
    The prime veil,
    that holds her beauty
    The veil that speaks for modesty, true.
    She poured out her mind,
    Over that piece of cloth;
    It's her life and it's her pure possession.
    On the way; she said,
    "We are loyal to our lord,
    Although, we had many restrictions, too."
    I said,
    "Hijab is all, young girl
    It's everything that's worth for world.
    My mind is now obsessed,
    With the thought;
    To mandate hijab for everyone, I guess"
    She replied,
    "You're not one to mandate her veils
    And you're not one to put on the same.
    But you're the one;
    Who has to obey the laws,
    Just by lowering down your gaze."

  • the_vacant_soul 35w

    Dearest father ❣❣❣

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    Man less expressed

    Man less expressed;
    Freak and bit strange.
    Your voice carries threats of love,
    Your praises are not often for me.
    The man less expressed,
    Let your expressions cry;
    My father, my man, my dearest dad.

    I know what you feel,
    My world is all you know;
    Every grey thought of my mind,
    Is never new to you and old.
    I found,
    Listening to old notions and;
    Reading out the fools,
    your favorite crime is to kill out roots.

    I know your care,
    Your yellings, my master.
    And the barest thoughts that you carry;
    For our fights, wars and at end the love.

    I have similarities; I carry you inside me,
    I'm your imitation, though.
    The whole body and whole of
    My puberty routes.
    I know you feel for me,
    You want me to join,
    To complete your incomplete dreams,
    And to occupy the posts high.

    I know, father.
    How to deal with this,
    I understand all of your feels,
    And I promise you,
    One day I will.
    Survive this race and win my best,
    Bieng like you, as you fancied great.

    My man; I know your less expressions,
    Your expectations and your will.
    Your deeper eyes are enough for me,
    To walk the right discipline.
    I respect every thought of yours,
    And I know your every feels.
    But I love to play a bit.

    I request you,
    For one thing and I know you will,
    Accept that and come forward to mind a look in.
    So, do not be yourself my dad,
    It's correct but sometimes it's bad.
    Be like 'me' sometimes,
    Then, I surely make you,
    To dive in my notions deep.

  • the_vacant_soul 37w

    In every growing mind there's always an unusual eagerness to talk, converse or to know new people. Seems common in every child and teen minds but in this obscure mature world there's a rare disorder is found where an teenager is overly eager to converse with new people, often strangers and adult ones; sounds insecure but this is reality. Disinhibited social engagement behaviour (DSEB) also defined DSM-5.
    Albeit, teen minds are naive and new to the beginnings of world of these changes but according to varied researchers, a happy and safe family background, an understanding relationship between parents and child is always appropriate for a good behavioral and expected raising because most of the cases of DSM-5 is found in an incomplete family, neglected by parent and other societal phases.

    Well, the following image, expressed the whole thing at once. Seems a bit scary and deep but when we take a look and understand the concept it's a true theme itself and artist expressed his best. Society is really an obscure and mature place; where many real and masked faces are waiting. Our children, teens are unsafe and the thing some of them are naive and trust blindly to everyone but this trust only leads to the unexpected and frustrating circumstances ahead. Rapes, Child-pornography, varied bogus rackets and many other things are resulting day-to-day. Thenever, our mind is clear and the "trust" is the common key we share but irrational peoples are always there.

    The teenage phase is really hard, we're new to everything, pressure is ahead, anxieties, fancies and many other things and everything kept fooling each other. And then, every child and teen seeks someone to share his feelings. Some supports them, listen them up and some of them use there innocence for improper use and to satisfy themselves. This is the darker side of our society and the bitter reality.

    So, all my teen friends, share your feels through writing it's soothing and also a good medium and as Anne Frank quoted, that's indeed, "paper has more patience than people" and to my senior adult mates, if some child or teenager comes to you for sharing and trust you, do listen and respect their emotions.

    // Children learn not to hug,
    Instead they wave their small hands
    as we sidestep each other on pavements-
    like dodging mines,
    tiny, human bombs.
    The devil makes work for idle thumbs,
    so we find try to solace in small pleasures;
    rainbows, the postal service
    the weekly saucepan lids
    And as the new normal carves it's routine.
    and the nightly news delivers it's lies,
    Ever so gently,
    we riot. //
    By Kelly Hunter.

    Image © : Shawn Coss ( Artist )
    Source: Inktober Art Initiative
    #wod #pod #mirakee #iconography @mirakee

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  • the_vacant_soul 44w

    Mirakee 0n Air:
    #radioscript #writersnetwork #wod @writersnetwork

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    Hello and welcome......
    You're here listening to Mirakee FM.
    Well, today we are going to visit that lanes and that strange feeling that's common to each and everyone of us, some are confessed to it and some are waiting for this, and the thing is "love".
    Yes, love that emotion which's can't be theorize into words but many of wise poets and writers did their best to pen love. Well, love is never selective in the sense, but it seems to be. We see love everywhere, instance, In our home when father's lefting home for the job he's eyes are enough to show what's love and when our siblings share our feels; love is everywhere, it's not limited nor it asks for much. Love is nothing but a trust between individuals and the attraction towards the likeness of one's appearance.
    Let's dip into that early adolescence where we experience the fatal attractions and the namely natural changes and where falling in love is oft a daily thing for everyone. Waiting to saw our crushes, repeating the lanes just to saw what's going with our crush and that other raw feelings that used to covered the bare teen mind, perhaps love feels a little new but interesting that time before knowing what's really it is.
    Love arrives to everyone at a time, but waiting for the right is one option that is likely everyone has to opt for; but due to modernized way and our daily contemporary world has some flaws that made a bad influence towards every teen mind, which's raw and naive at time but easily get into that things before actually knowing; for instance, our not so necessary movies or series that often show improper relationships over the years. Not the flawless but love do carries flaws, because we say one 'fall' into love not entering into. Love is a common feel that is easily seen in poems and other writings.
    However, movies does a bad influence on our generations but love songs are always filled with memories and fancies that everyone relates to.
    So, let's love everyone. As the great celebrated Marathi writer Sane Guruji once quoted, "the mere one real custom exists, nothing but serve love to world" so putting this quote in action in our lives will be the great kind thing in our life. So, love is the presence, speak out your feelings through your words join our medium: mirakee today and now enjoy this evergreen anthem of love by Celine Dion from the greatest classic "Titanic".

  • the_vacant_soul 46w

    ���������� #herpraise #mirakee #poem #beauty

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    Deeper and Sharp her gaze appeals,
    Exquisite is her appearance, her beauty sweet;
    Nothing but mere a figment, she exists;
    I saw her last, in my world,
    When my weary mind was vacant but thinking how she is.
    - Her Existence

  • the_vacant_soul 46w

    To, one of the greatest contemporary artist. #fanletter #wod #pod @writersnetwork @writersbay pic: plath

    Late Mrs. Sylvia Plath,

    I've never had this pleasure to write you, but I'm really eager to write you, ma'am. I am attempting my best to pen this epistle to express my best. As you may have received a many letters in your youth, from various young folks thanking you for your works. I've reading you from last 2 years, your poems, journals and the only novel "The Bell Jar" and I'm yet to read your short stories, hope I'll find it soon and complete. When I've started reading you, ma'am your works ( poems ) seems very relatable, your language is complex yet real expressions and phrases puts everyone in easy efforts to find your motive to pen something. Your poem, "Daddy" is the first poem I've read and when I read it, I'm really in an hangover like thing to say the truth; and then I searched some information regarding you, and that really shocked me, but that's the reality you quit the world long ago. Your appearance and your loyal confessions are always there to witness your depression and your suicide and your suicide attempts.
    To confess the truth, I always find you realist and my inspiration. As you, too started penning as depressed child; me too, Started penning as depressed child to heal myself. I always find your opinions similar to mine, and it's really helps me to see the things as the way they are, no matter if I'm suffering from depression. There are darker realities always and own feelings and the things that we're just used to pen. Well, you're true realist, I've never thought myself as a realist as I always try to be optimist but I'm not an optimist, too. I do not acknowledge positive things, and when it comes to traits my journals are always filled as yours.
    There's always different perspectives to see the world but we always try to be with similar thoughts that we do carry, your poems always gives me strength to live but due to darker realities I always failed, and back to where I always used be and read you. When I've completed your novel, "The Bell Jar" I was highly impressed by your writing and the beauty of the magnificent proses. The fig metaphor is wisely used by you to picturised situations that today in this contemporary world, matters a lot.
    When it comes to feminism, you've wisely used the words and put them in thought, the wise use of paradox to satire or to express the manly thing you've done very well, ma'am; for instance, this quote "Every woman adores a Fascist, The boot in the face, the brute Brute heart of a brute like you". Evenly, world has always praised your words and you're always credited to your witty true confessional poems; you attempted suicide twice in your teenage years, but you succeed in your early thirties to wave eternal good bye, this seems painful but I do fancy what's your mentality on that time, when you chosen to die, and also as you penned somewhere you're really did so, "Dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real. I guess you could say I've a call". This is strange but appealing.
    So, ma'am I'm very grateful to you for your earnest works filled with only truth and I'm always gonna to see your spirit in your works. You're the brilliant feme, who led the world by her poetries and journals . Your appealing writings everytime deserves a long ovation.
    You're the best Western prime artist to pen your expressions, ma'am.

    Respectfully yours,
    Depressed-poet soul like you.

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  • the_vacant_soul 46w

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ #herpraise

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    Let me please sing for you,
    To pen, my girl;
    A li'l love to you.
    To praise your beauty, praise your eyes;
    Let me lost again in you.
    - asking an assent

  • the_vacant_soul 48w

    #ltnothumansc #letter #mirakee #sevenvacantepistles #writersbay #air @writersbay @mirakee Pic credits: My


    My kindest wind chime,

    Writing to you or for you is something that I'm eager to write about; So, I'm writing now. I'm seeing you since I was an infant, your delicate tunes still made our home to have her own melodies. You're here over two decades, as I know. The thing I like you about is your positivity. Well, everyone ties wind chimes to bring positivity and Goodluck in abodes as it is mentioned old Asian and Japenese cultures.
    You've been mostly my companion, when there's no one with me, though my favorite spot in home is balcony only, you were always there tinkling, spreading your vibes. I feel very 'safe' around you; yes you've read right 'safe'. As I have unforgettable memories with you. Your tinkling serene sounds are enough to heal me when I was depressed. There are many nights, when I only use to stare you for hours and enjoying your soft, subtle tunes they're just sweet.
    No matter what kind of mood our hommies have but whenever, you start tinkling everyone used to get refreshed. Your presence is very subtle and kind. You're there over decades but still you bring harmony in our home. Your presence have an unusual warmth I think, I do not know there's something special in you. Your appearance makes you more perfect. I wish you'll be with us all the time. Thank you for bringing delicacies in our home and thanks for being my companion.

    With warm regards,

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  • the_vacant_soul 48w


    Mirakee Creators,

    Greetings! I'm here to thank you for the wondrous creation 'miraquill', which allows varied minds to independently express their mind through the most serene way of writing. This wonderful app has changed many lives.
    When I firstly logged to the app, I literally addicted to it for 7-8 days just reading the content over. It was amazing and thrilling. Enough to race hormones of a teen.
    By time, I started posting my poems on board, reposting the amusing works and also befriended with some of the mirakeeans. It helped me a lot during my sad days, It's always there for me. Wandering through the lanes of poems, proses and letters this is something that I do here. In one word, it's more than other 'micro-blogging' or 'social' apps.
    Different contests and the features of the app are amazingly designed that one can't disappoint. No doubt, it'll be a major attraction for future budding poets. I just wanna to thank you for the this app. Your creation had power to save a depressed individual, who's me, myself, once. So, it's lifesaving and also the most lovable and close to me. The act of writing, whether it makes sense or not but expression is all that matters. Thank you for your creation.


    Ps: Always be there, cause' world have many anonymous writers and readers to praise.