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  • the_wonderin_soul2 6w

    @shadowofthoughts_ ah was amazed to read it so thought of putting some glimpse of my imagination were coming while reading this masterpiece of yours

    Kahne ko tu bht kuch hai
    Pr ab tujhse kha nhi jata
    Zindagi ki iss musafhat main ab thaka nhi jata
    Inn ankhon main hoslain zaror hain
    Pr ab muskuraya nhi jata
    Zindagi kay hr gam ko kuch iss trhan say samaet liya hay mere dil ne

    Ke har moud pr meri zubani hai
    Kuch rang umeedon ke bikhar gae hain har rut
    Har moud pe teri kami mujhe muskurane nhi dete
    Tu bta ab muskuraon kaise
    Ke ab dil bhi rone ko hai

    Alfaz bikhar gae hain
    Zaban byan nhi kar pati
    Meri ujli ujli umeedon par
    Kya ab ghata aane ko hai


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    Kuch kehne ko bhalley hi nahi hai,
    Mera rasta chahe uljha hi kyun na hai,
    Meri ankhoun mai muskurahat rahegi,
    Akhir zindagi ne gum diye jo bina hal hai.

    Har moud pe alag kahani hai,
    Jo pehle moud pe ruk jaye Wo, b kya muskraye.
    Jisne har moud par kar
    Muskurana bhul Diya,
    Wo kaise muskuraye?
    Akhir zindagi ne gum diye jo bina hal hai.

    Kitne hi lafz kyun na ho,
    Zuban bayan nhi kar pati,
    Kitni hi dhoop kyun na ho,
    Barrish ho hi jati hai


  • the_wonderin_soul2 6w

    Some lies are scrumptious to feed

  • the_wonderin_soul2 6w

    Carrying broken pieces of yourself may tell you
    Brick by brick there's a home built

    ~whole and strong

  • the_wonderin_soul2 6w

    Every love and lover is a rose and thorn

  • the_wonderin_soul2 6w

    I like both of your perfections and imperfections
    For I'm not perfect and no one either

  • the_wonderin_soul2 6w

    A mirror can reflect your outer appearance,but
    A pen is a mirror reflection of your
    inner-self ,use it wisely

  • the_wonderin_soul2 6w

    Your memories are both doom and shine ,for
    They gleam my darkest day and fetch all the colours to my sunshine

  • the_wonderin_soul2 7w

    #lifeadvice @writersnetwork thanks for the ❤ though


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    Dear younger me

    I know I've been rough to you
    All these years of the gold
    I was keep challenging you
    Keep testing your patience,tendency and resistance
    I fetched your feathers
    So you don't fly
    I forbade you of your dreams
    Which your eyes have been knitting
    Since you get the first glimpse of understanding
    And knowing the mysteries of this world
    But believe me all those years
    I've been trying to make you a better human
    The one who can feel for others
    The one who is resilient and capable
    It was you a little directionless and clueless
    And it's I have been making paths for you
    So you can actually meet your passion
    My dear in life timing is all ,matters a lot
    Everything comes to you on it's particular time
    And that's what I have been trying to taught you
    I know you were never afraid of working hard
    And was a little more impatient for getting what
    You had been aspiring but there's what you need to understand
    Sometimes it doesn't work the same way you have imagined
    at the same time it doesn't mean to quit efforts
    Keep trying that's how it goes
    And if you feel like your self is not doing enough then try a little harder
    Remember what's for you is for you
    But sometimes you make your own ways
    You make your own sky
    And then you get what's not for you
    But you have earned it and deserve it more than a trillion stars
    And that's something you must proud on
    Claim "I earn it and this is not something fate has spare me in pity "
    Isn't it so valuable than any other thing
    To have your own identity ..?
    In the end I hope I wasn't been too harsh to you
    And if I does then remember
    I'm a human just like you
    Not so perfect a little devoting
    And the first and hope so would be last person
    Who is genuinely concern about you
    And will stay with you
    Until worries will leave us behind
    I promise to appreciate you
    I do I really do
    Remember your hardships will pay off
    And will never go in vain
    Until you'll be determined about your goal
    And I ..I really have a confidence in you
    Because if you can't embed into colours
    Than be a one, brighter more than a star's aura
    And sure I find that spark gleaming into your eyes

  • the_wonderin_soul2 8w

    In life mistakes are like a seed
    First you sow them
    Then you bare their consequences
    Then you patience
    And find a way to make it right
    There you ponder and learn
    What must've gone wrong
    There you require a light
    A light of your intuitions
    Guiding you from the whole process
    As the sowing goes right
    There comes an out come
    A plant
    Free from many odds
    And the better version of your intellect and wisdom

  • the_wonderin_soul2 8w

    #learning #learn @writersnetwork ah thank you for liking it and encouraging me dude @miraquill

    Visioning it makes me happy

    Just wanna assume the feeling of being
    Different one among the crowd
    Just like no one expected you to become

    (Writer's block hitting me hard I think that's my least and at the same time best )

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    I'm learning
    How to let go colours
    And still paint dreams in my heart
    I'm learning
    How to let go butterflies,
    Shine bright in a darkest night
    The descending me undergoing a tunnel
    Hoping it would be opened by the other side
    I'm learning
    If there are no opportunities
    Then life doesn't end
    But there are paths for you to pave them
    And become the end
    I'm learning
    There can be a sky
    For you to stay under
    And there can be an earth
    For you to consume miles and miles
    All you need is to create one
    I'm learning
    How to accept
    What shouldn't have been accepting
    But it doesn't mean
    I'm not willing to change it
    I will
    I'm learning
    All willingly
    Just to not repeat my past
    For it does handed me some lessons
    To ponder
    And grow
    I'm learning
    How to stay alone
    Until I be a better person,
    Heal what's incurable,
    Forgive what's unforgettable
    And even so I'm flawed
    I can still be a moon
    Stained and beautiful
    I'm learning
    How to be more confident
    With all the regrets,
    Imperfections, and being hostage
    Of the past
    Frightened me of my future
    But does breed a hope inside me of being better (because I believe in betterment)
    Of bringing change
    Of being a new leaf,
    Of being a rainbow,
    I can chirp freely
    I'll start from the start
    I'm learning
    Just like a sunny day
    Appear after a rainy night
    There can be a beginning
    Behind an ending
    All you need is courage
    And a syrup of hope
    A smile of determination
    A vision so clear
    And a wand of patience
    To find a world behind a horizon