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  • the_writer_beyond 13w

    Talk Back

    When journal entries cry back our feelings with running ink
    Releasing the past back in our mind leaving the pages bare and dry
    Everybody becomes a poet

  • the_writer_beyond 23w

    Never Ending Night

    My anxiety sits in a corner of the room
    Twiddling their thumbs with their head held down mumbling scenarios to themselves
    My depression and insecurities make their presence known in the crowd like prom king and queen
    They were always the stars of the show

    Unfortunately my self esteem couldn't make it tonight
    She was simply too busy with the number on the bathroom scale
    But I was never her priority to begin with

    My insomnia made sure I greeted every guest with a welcoming facade
    "Please come in, make yourselves at home"
    I laid in bed and listened to their small talk ring in my ears

    I could hear everyone's voice except my own
    I can only hope not to be invited again

  • the_writer_beyond 23w

    Written Thoughts

    I can travel on the paper I write
    I skip and leap through every paragraph
    I try to balance on each letter being careful not to fall into the inkless void
    I live through the words I write
    My voice is only as important as my pen
    So forgive me when I become quiet
    There are only so many thoughts I can have at once
    Until my pen finally runs out

  • the_writer_beyond 24w

    Tell Me

    Tell me why we have divided this world into the genres of society
    From jail break black to privileged white to the campus slut and everything in between

    Tell me why we all come with a check list to fit the description of what society tells us to be
    Be sure to tick every box or you'll be labeled as not good enough

    Tell me how many more generations it will take until the term diversity is normalised
    no title needed
    No definition needed

    Tell me how long it will take until we realize our history only defines our past for a reason
    Because at the end of the day the same blood runs through all of our veins

  • the_writer_beyond 24w

    When they say I love you

    When they say I love you
    In your ears with a whisper
    The soft words stick to your skin like honey

    Times freezes in its place, replaying this moment on repeat when they say I love you
    Everything is still except your heartbeat echoing in your chest

    Their details buff and shine in your eyes
    Parts of them become more new
    When they say I love you

  • the_writer_beyond 27w

    Another Day

    Mornings bring endless battlefields and a handful of nights reveal the aftermath
    Another day has gone by with our world battered and bruised with tears in it's eyes

    Broken only in places we have laid our unwanted touch
    She said no the first time so that should have been enough

    Another day has gone by where we are reminded that dignity doesn't pay the bills
    We wear our destruction
    We salute our corruption
    We protect our assumptions
    Another day has gone by where we live in a world completely blind

  • the_writer_beyond 27w

    Not enough

    Bits and pieces of dignity left behind
    We feast on scraps of bread and fantasies
    Gaining the extra pounds in our egos

    We will always be in poverty
    There will always be a new car to buy and another life to experience
    Our minds will always yearn for the next best thing while our pockets learn to juggle what we already have

    Money doesn't represent financial stability
    Money represents us as individuals and how much of ourselves we are willing to give away until we are nothing more than another washed up face on the street in torn clothes and deceased pride

    So penny for your thoughts
    Answer me this
    How much are you worth to yourself?

  • the_writer_beyond 28w

    Entry to an Introduction

    My name is the writer beyond, I tend to use my head more than anything else so forgive me for the cobwebs surrounding my heart
    I haven't quite figured out how to use it yet because every time I tried it ended up with cracks that didn't bleed and dirt on its sides
    I write poetry to express my imaginary feelings because there is only so much effort I can give to the outside world

  • the_writer_beyond 28w

    First Meeting

    My name is the writer beyond
    Its nice to meet you
    A fresh new face in a dusted world with opinions that I feel obligated to debate
    When I look at you I see a door of opportunities behind your eyes and I can only hope that you give me the key as long as I give you mine
    I can only hope that our lives merge at the seams becoming one like a tapestry
    You have the potential to be my new friend or my new enemy so let's tread carefully in our conversations
    Your words feel soft against my ears
    It looks like we're becoming friends
    Please don't leave yet
    There's still so much to talk about...

  • the_writer_beyond 29w

    Dear Childhood

    I miss you. Everyday that passes by you slip further away from my reach. You are everything that I envy. I have outgrown the aspects of you that I treasured the most. There was a fine line between your innocence and your ignorance so I just stood in the middle.
    I miss how our greatest battles only ever occurred on a playground. I miss how the only monsters we knew lived under our beds instead of under our roofs
    Childhood you taught me Naivety
    You taught me that the world was meant to be only joy and if it wasn't, then we simply weren't in the right place
    I now see that I learnt more from you than I realized
    So thank you.