Nothing haunts us like the things we don't say.

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    You're not mine to love,
    And still, I love you.
    I was living before you waltzed
    into my life and yet not living.
    For, do you really live
    if you haven't loved?
    Or sighed in despair over
    someone you cannot have?
    Or laughed and danced to
    the music in your head when
    they said something to you?
    Or dreamnt of them at nights?

    You're not mine to love,
    And still, I love you.
    Your mind is a flame and I, the
    traveler in the dark, seeking it's
    light and warmth.
    Your smile is like shooting stars;
    rare and beautiful, tugging at my
    heart and colouring my soul like
    the rainbow paints the sky.
    Your voice is like the sea waves,
    rising and falling, lulling and
    drowning me in itself.
    I am the ship and you're the wind
    in my sails.
    I am the ship and you're the storm
    wrecking me.

    You're not mine to love,
    And still, I love you.
    You don't know that, and perhaps
    you may never know.
    Perhaps I will never have the courage
    to bare it all to you because,
    I'm scared that you may never find it
    in your heart to love me back.
    So, I'll love you in darkness and oblivion
    with all that I have.
    You're not mine to love,
    And yet, I'll keep on loving you.

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    Hope is, hanging by the thread of uncertainty and holding on to it because our heart believes in 'chances' and 'possibilities'.

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    Your smile leaves stardust in its wake.


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    Everyone's a child when it comes to the things and the people they love;
    stubborn, possessive, relentless and unabashedly unapologetic.

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    Since you've been gone, solitude haunts me. The words spin around in my head, meaningless and clamouring to be heard.
    You made me happy and sad and alive. You made me smile for all the reasons that never existed. I thought of you during the day when the world was a raging roar in my ears and I thought of you in the dark, when the voices quieted down and dwindled into sleepy whispers floating on the wind. I thought of you whenever I could, wherever I could. I still think of you. And perhaps, I forever will. But your absence is like an interminable void, pulling me in itself, sucking me down, leeching into me and enveloping me in its stone cold embrace. It's cruel and I hate it.

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    you meet someone and they slowly
    make their way into your lives,
    pervade your senses,
    seize your heart and make it theirs.
    You fall for them like
    the sea for the moon,
    the moth for the flame,
    the rain for the parched earth.
    you meet someone and they change you,
    make you want to be the best,
    inspire and fuel you.
    And when they leave, the world becomes
    a little less colourful,
    a little less musical
    and a lot more silent.

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    Even if it's just wishful thinking, dream. Paint your night canvas with the hues of imagination. Spin a story, be the character you want to and live it. Sink deep in the trance of your creativity and forget about everything else. Don't be a bare page, an empty vessel or a sad, lifeless soul. Dream.

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    I think, that in spite of constantly denying it, I may be falling for you. Or perhaps, falling is too mild a word for what I feel for you. I think, I am hurtling too fast into something which is beautiful and scary all at once and even though I know I'll end up bruising myself, I want this. I know we aren't meant to be but I want to live in this moment. I want to savour it all; your smile that tugs at my heart, the thrum of my blood when you look at me and the cadence that makes me shut out every other thought and focus entirely on you. I do not know if it's love or something fleeting. All I know, is that I will gladly suffer the pain for a chance at happiness because in the end, it is the journey that matters and not the destination. And I think, that even if you do not find it in yourself to feel the same way about me, I'll be content with just your smile. That rare, lovely and heartbreaking smile.

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    There's nothing like grey in a war. There's only black or white, triumph or defeat, life or death and happiness or sorrow.
    There's nothing like grey in a war because everything that happens is on either side of the spectrum. There's no middle ground.

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    One day, perhaps, our paths will cross again; in a different life, at the right time and in the right place. One day, my love, our souls will meld together and in that moment, everything else will fall away.
    Until then, I will wait for you in the long, winding corridor of dreams, desires and despair. And, I will stay there, singing a broken verse, till you find me and fix the rhyme.