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  • thebubblesplash 42w

    Dazy in dreams of you

    I memorized the beating rhythm of your heart
    To get to calm me when you are not in my arms.
    The search for my peace lies in you
    Trying to ruin the taste of my lips too
    Falling for you, was never the plan
    I couldn't reach the altar without your hands in hand.
    Seeing sunrise and walking in the sunset
    Along the beaches and the hiking trail
    Maybe we chose the fate to push us together
    Calling out the romance that cuddled us up.
    Hope to see the wrinkles on your skin
    Playing with the gray hair, you would be dying to dye.
    Caught the smile and the blush
    When I am mentioned around you,
    Caught me dazy in the dreams of you,
    Hold me close to your soul.


  • thebubblesplash 43w

    Witch ‍♀️

    If they paint you as a witch,
    Prove that you can be both
    Hermione and Bellatrix.

  • thebubblesplash 44w

    In collaboration with @penofmds

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    Fire cannot be extinguished with fire,
    You need water for it.
    Tears cannot be extinguished with tears,
    You need to smile for it.
    Sleep cannot be fulfilled without dreams,
    You are full of it.
    Achievements cannot be topped without hard work,
    Your smile makes sure of it.
    Dance cannot be enjoyable without music,
    You need the tunes.
    My life is not enjoyable without you,
    You and your smiles.

    In collab with @penofmds

  • thebubblesplash 47w


    I am that soul
    That you will be afraid to touch
    If you are the right one
    I will guide you to my soul.


  • thebubblesplash 48w

    The one that I never gave up

    The feeling of being wanted by the loved ones
    Feeling of being in love and being loved
    The experience of falling apart
    Would go beyond the dreams
    Of my sleepless nights
    The dull aches of darkness in my heart,
    Seeping through the soles of eyes
    Making the aura of mine go black.
    The attitude of being ferociously lonely
    When the heart beats only for you
    The missing part of me that is being held in captive by you.
    Always in my heart,
    Yours sincerely,

  • thebubblesplash 51w


    The colourful wings,
    Bring me a lot of memories.
    The freedom of flying
    In the sky,
    The busy day of sucking nectar,
    Enjoying the day
    Escaping from the hands
    Of children.
    Searching the pretty flowers,
    Catching the attention
    Of pretty people.
    Oh to be you, to fly, to cheer
    To get the attention of the favorites.

  • thebubblesplash 64w

    Happy women's day to all the iron ladies.

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    Gave her the soul,
    She nurtured it.
    Gave her the money,
    She invested it.
    Gave her the work,
    She aced it.
    Gave her nothing,
    She started on her own.
    Gave her the time,
    She saved mine.
    Gave her everything,
    She only wanted me to enjoy it.

  • thebubblesplash 64w

    A walk to remember

    A huge gathering
    Full of laughter and happiness
    Teased by the bestmen and
    The bridesmaid, blushing and
    Flushed by nervousness,
    Sophisticated white dress
    Hung on her curves perfectly
    A pink tinge in the cheeks
    A comfortable yet amusing
    Smile adorning the face
    He was waiting for her
    Wearing a tux, smiling nonetheless
    Eagerness in the eyes,
    Searching his bride through his lashes
    Seeing her walk down the aisle
    Lead by her father,
    It was a walk to remeber
    For them, always.

  • thebubblesplash 66w


    The power of words
    Lies in the action
    That does it.

  • thebubblesplash 67w


    The colour of calmness, creates a harmonious balance of awareness and peace.


    Let me bring the purple
    To you,
    To make your day better,
    To make us better,
    To make us purple.