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  • thelostpsyche 183w

    I smell the cold winter thawing slowly in the warmth of the sun.
    I just wish same for the pain.

    Hey there! ��

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    Happy Winters

    My feet dance to the chills
    the wind carry.
    It's been a long time
    The sun showed up.

    May be,
    The pains turned into
    the winter.


  • thelostpsyche 191w

    I often find myself sitting on the roof of my abode, scratching concretes with three of my fingers on the same edge I sit on and on the same time striving to manage my trembling leg from the other hand. Almost every time, I lose my awareness lying on my bed, head firmly in contact with the wall behind, eyes open, collecting the instants of where I had gone wrong and of all the things brooding for days.
    The bygone seizes my notice. I stop incidently on the moving lanes. I miss most of the prettiest sunsets.

    I have been caught in most of the situations where I don't need to intervene. I have been pondering on most of the things which deserve least of my regards. Most of the time, I linger on the little things for longer time. Most of the time, I count over the little things that keep me bounded.


    #writersnetwork #mirakee
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Under the boundless sky
    Counting over the little things that keep us bounded
    Lets not make ourselves cease by.

    Lets just blow them away.


  • thelostpsyche 195w

    This is shortest and transient.
    This will pass away, soon.

    Harvest chant says it right
    "All that falls shall rise again"

    #autumn @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    And everything slipped
    one by one
    away from all the stars.

    The spring will show up
    when the fallen leaves
    howl for the buried flowers.

    We all know.


  • thelostpsyche 196w

    I have always loved the flowers with leaves.
    Spring is over praised
    I love this fall more.


    #autumn #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    This slow unfurling october breeze
    settle the uproars of maples.
    The uprising seas
    calm the emerging tides.

    Rain descend to sate the thirsts
    Some get overflowed and some unfilled.
    Hearing the thunders around,
    a heart seeks a refuge to be in.

    With single stumble
    the legs sustain the body.
    Every time the head depresses
    it lifts up the sky.

    We're all falling in bits.
    A hopeless hand falling for a hope full.
    A cold heart falling to throb anew.

    This parted universe to be whole, again.


  • thelostpsyche 196w

    It has its own outlook
    Let it mourn.
    Let it fall.
    Let it pass beautifully.


    #autumn #writersnetwork #mirakee
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Ambling through the alley
    in silence
    listening to the silence of dark
    I discerned
    the wind may not rest tonight.

    'cause the Autumn is mourning.


  • thelostpsyche 199w

    You're fierce enough to make everything vulnerable, even the pain.

    It's there, rooted within.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Pain is a perpetual phase
    Breaking is a brave manoeuvre.
    Healing is a subtle art.

    Fixing all the broken parts into a masterpiece,
    is a magic you possess.


  • thelostpsyche 200w

    A journey of more than a year!

    It's been a long, long, long time, when I met a part of me, first time. It was a summer monsoon when mirakee fell in my life like rains, washing my decayed hopes and nourishing my ability. Writing wasn't a spontaneous idea or a craze that fades away.
    It is a bliss, a complete bliss.
    I feel when I scribble.
    It is a peace, I find in every piece.

    A journey that began from nothing and uplifted me in every stage of living and boosted me with immense courage.

    @mirakee I'm so grateful to you for providing a homely platform for the words that always enclose in between the pages. You've granted a beautiful stage where readers and writers unite.

    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite I deeply appreciate the efforts you all make to appreciate and encourage every writer, equally. The daily challenge is just amazing and motivating. It always expands one's skills.

    And all my folks to whom I have connected through words is a blessing. Your every word of appreciation encourage me to step ahead. Wherever I stand today, I owe all the credits to each of my reader.

    I thank all of you with all my heart.



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    when Mirakee happened!

    I was walking all alone,
    constantly rampaging
    over a remnant of peace.

    I was walking all alone,
    until mirakee spaded and
    imbued my buried knack.

    I was walking all alone,
    searching boulevard
    for my shedded dreams.

    I was walking all alone,
    until mirakee bolded
    my unversed skill.

    Nights have passed,
    I've sewed frayed sheets
    with my little secrets.

    Emptiness have filled,
    when I met masses
    counting lives over death.

    Little by little,
    It changed things over things
    I've became better than before.

    Sipping drops of darks,
    I've descended on
    a world of words;

    Mirakee has flamed my art.


  • thelostpsyche 203w

    Just handful of love for yourself and a cup of maturity would fill you with courage.


    #random #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    The way
    It is never too late or right or wrong
    to begin all over.

    The same way
    It is never too hard to give yourself
    a second chance to begin all over.


  • thelostpsyche 205w

    I've visited beautiful destinations
    And celebrated stillness of time.
    But my heart kept running.

    Roads have been turned into refuge to adjourn
    Diverging lanes have dumped turmoils of emotions
    But my heart kept mapping journey, one after another.

    Shaded from sunburns
    And gaurded from the shadows.
    My heart holds the pace in storms and rains.

    Middle of the extreme glees and
    unbearable agonies
    When all it needs is peace.
    Veiled from true and false
    When rights seem all wrong
    A place ever known as home
    Where heart rests to stop.

    Sometimes it's the beautiful morning sight,
    sometimes it's the beautiful stirring song
    Or sometimes it's the beautiful thrilled poetry
    Where heart resides.
    And luckily and rarely, it's the most beautiful person
    Where heart beats in.
    Where heart feels home.


    #lost #home #pod
    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Reaching exactly from
    where did I started
    is never I want.
    I am just lost,
    my heart to be home.


  • thelostpsyche 206w

    I had psyched up;
    breaking all limits,
    one more time.
    one last time
    to let the dreams
    fly to the pinnacle.

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    Dream free

    I thumped all the walls amid me
    gasping the revived dreams.
    Once I confined myself and
    here I unfettered empowering
    hopeless dreamer within me.

    Breaking all the yesters impossibilities
    I soared to uncover my capabilities.
    Higher and higher, I finally reached beyond
    the stereotypical thoughts of mankind.

    Behind the black curtains
    and blank sheets,
    I have been building the dunes of hope.
    Behind the weeping eyes
    and shadowed sunshine,
    I have been stretching chimeric sights.
    In the middle of surfing waves
    And endless skies
    I have been discovering the lanes of
    dreams within a dream,
    flying, surpassing the fallen stars.