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  • theonewhoknows 88w

    The Not So Lucky Girl

    Once there lived a girl really bubbly by nature was very sweet always full of craziness full of joy. She was very talkative, she loved to talk to anyone whom she met even for a minute or two. She always wanted to learn new things she was very keen in it. A girl full of joy full of happiness never use to get upset. She was someone who would enjoy her present, she would actually live in the present and enjoy every moment without being worried about the next moment or future. She always had this Mantra to live in the present and she use to. But as they say, "the people who laugh alot are the most depressed inside". Something which also was somewhat true for this girl as well. She was all alone deep down in her heart. No one to love to no one to sit n talk to at her house. Her parents were busy with there work all the time they barely had anytime to sit n talk to her. So she always had a feeling of being deeply loved by someone so she started searching this love outside in her social circle, where obviously she didn't find it and got heartbreaks instead.

    She wanted to adjust so she started doing things which were really tough for her. She started pretending someone who she never was and wasn't even comfortable in being one.

    Gradually with time she understood with her experiences in the world and her surroundings that she doesn't need to change for someone to like her or love her. She can be loved for who she actually is.

    She stood up again gathered herself up and walked ahead all alone in her life. Happily she was again and thankful to God for showing her the harsh reality of life.

  • theonewhoknows 97w

    Self love the Weapon against Depression

    Hello girls out there
    You are really beautiful just the way you are. It doesn't matter if you are skinny, fat , fair or dark skinned. All that matters is a good heart. Always remember let no one I repeat no one make you feel bad about yourself.
    There are beautiful faces out in the world but you know what really matters at the end of the day is a good heart. Just accept yourself the way you are no matter how much people are trying to put you down. Don't let the people decide your worth by such little things , you are worthy of everything in this world.
    Maintain distance with people even if they are everything to you, who make you feel bad about your insecurities.
    Insecurities are everything. You deserve to be loved, respected. Everything which this universe offers.
    There will be people who would make sure that you feel bad really bad about your insecurities but just distance yourself with them , have a cordial relationship with them instead of being good frnds. Always remember good frnds are not those who make you feel bad about yourself instead they are the ones who make you feel good and help you in overcoming your insecurities.

    Don't doubt yourself because of some people out there who are jealous of you and your success, just let it go and stay happy.

    Why do you expect the world to accept you or love you just love yourself the way you are, accept your insecurities with a huge smile. Remember no one on this earth has a right to make you feel bad about anything.

  • theonewhoknows 117w

    Well, don't get me wrong...this one's not by me
    It's by my Sister, she asked me to post this..

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    Hey you, yes the one who is reading this!
    Smile no? What's that that is bothering you so much? Taking up so much positive energy from you? Just relax,sit have a glass of water. Think is it worth your time? Is it worth your energy?
    What are we doing huh? Just cribbing all the time complaining about things but have you ever thought why? Just coz things aren't happening according to your wish? Have you ever thought about it is it worth for us to crib on such little things?
    Just sit back relax enjoy every moment that is with you right now right here at this moment. Guys you know what life is too short to crib to complain on small things just enjoy completely what you have with you.
    So peeps just smile and be grateful for everything you have right now with you. Live every day as if it's the last day of your lyf. Cherish every single moment live every moment. Be grateful to Baba ji you got a life.

    So if you're reading this, and facing hard times...then this one's for you

    -Shivika Suri

  • theonewhoknows 174w

    Being strong doesn't mean You hurt

    © The One Who Knows

  • theonewhoknows 176w


    Do You know
    How much it hurts
    When the person who made you
    So Happy yesterday
    Has become the
    Reason behind your Tears

    © The One Who Knows

  • theonewhoknows 178w


    We spent all of our lives
    In being Normal
    But in the end
    We Loose Ourselves....

    © The One Who Knows

  • theonewhoknows 179w


    Someone asked,
    "what if someone breaks your heart"
    I said, for that I have to lend my heart...
    let someone in...
    And I don't do that....

    © The One Who Knows

  • theonewhoknows 180w

    That's why I'm a hidden soul
    I know once you get to know me
    My mysteries unfold
    And I end up losing ur hold

    © The One Who Knows

  • theonewhoknows 180w

    Trust me
    Normal is just an Illusion
    But Perfection is the Delusion
    With in....

    © The One Who Knows

  • theonewhoknows 194w


    I think it's a blessing in disguise
    When I feel so sad and lonely
    And my heart feels so detached
    I just can't cry,
    Guess being So Inexpressive
    Helps me to stay away from that
    Tag of being weak

    ©The One Who Knows