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  • therelatingfeel 1w


    Oh soul of infinite burdens
    I know you have to keep strong
    Because this society is so disgraceful
    I know you have so much pain
    You are crying so deep in heart
    But this society doesn't accept your tears
    It will humiliate you tease you let this not bother you anymore
    So boy get up you are also a soul
    You do have a heart with lots of emotions
    Spell them out and and let tears flood through eyes
    Let pain come out and show yes we have emotions too

    © TahseenCreatives

  • therelatingfeel 3w

    Be A Reason

    Donot feel belittle seeing other's happy pictures with parents , family,siblings ,friends, cousin's.....

    Remember everyone is blessed in their own way not less not more .

    .it's just about the things we should show gratitude for

    rather than being sad over the things which are not in our control..

    Be a reason for someone's smile

  • therelatingfeel 3w


    Kuch rishte aur unke ehsaas door hone par bhi kam ya khatam nhi hote!!

    Bs dil keh ek khone mein apni alag duniya basaye hote hai !!

  • therelatingfeel 3w

    Do you worry about your future ?

    Focusing too much on your future will only lead to mental stress !!

    Rather living a beautiful present

    and peacefully planning just a tomorrow is better

    rather wasting yesterday,today and tomorrow
    Make plans but Don't forget to live in the moment .

  • therelatingfeel 11w

    Dear Bhayyu

    My words fall in short
    Just to write about you
    You are gem and incredible
    We would be more grateful
    If ever we could be 1 % of what you are!!

    You are brother every sister would wish for
    Who gave me that wings to my dreams
    Which lead me fly high and achieve them
    A simple word thanks doesn't enough
    For the infinite things you done ever

    For taking care of us like a brother
    To scolding us like our parents
    We sisters together are proud
    For having you has our elder brother
    Every thin and thick phase of our lives
    Wouldn't be possible with out your presence

    No matter how much we fight
    We will always stand together in every flight
    Brother you are charm
    You are best brother forever
    We love you infinite
    And we are forever blessed to have you
    © sista's.

  • therelatingfeel 11w


    Zakhm apno ka guzarne ka itna hai
    Saal beet gaya lekin yaadein taza hai

  • therelatingfeel 13w

    They are not friends!!

    every person we hang out or whom we laugh out loud aren't need to be our best friends or so called friends !!!

    They can be any one whose company gives us moments of happiness but not forever ✨
    ©Sameena Tahseen

  • therelatingfeel 15w

    That afternoons!!

    Do you remember ?
    Those sunny summer afternoons
    When Sun used to be over our head

    Do you remember ?
    When early mornings was a new routine
    And that 10:00 am breaks just as lunch break

    Do you remember?
    When afternoons were meant for sleeping
    And evenings for playing around !!

    Do you remember ?
    Those terrace nights and sky watching
    When you first made stars and moon your friends

    Do you remember ?
    Those special ads on television
    Where dermi cool and Rasna shared the limelight

    Do you remember ?
    Those different flavours of icecreams
    Took away the heat and filled us with coolness every evening

    Do you remember ?
    Those summer school days
    Which you used to wait for a whole year
    So that school may declare half days and you just have fun all around !!!

    Hustle of life !!made us forget all those shiny peaceful days !!No amount of price can gift us back those beautiful treasures of life
    ©Sameena Tahseen

  • therelatingfeel 16w


    Looking at the stars in the sky
    I wondered how peaceful their life would be
    Away from the chaos of the world
    All bright and shining down in the sky

    For some being the travel guide
    And for another few the story tellers
    Playing different role though living far away
    Reminding me and you that distance doesn't matter

    Sometimes hiding behind the clouds
    And most of the time accompanying the moon
    How wonderdully stars play their role
    Twinkling up above the sky !!
    ©Sameena Tahseen

  • therelatingfeel 17w


    Words are unvalued if you utter them
    When unasked !!

    Too much information provided for free leads to impairment !!!