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  • thesagacontinues07 4w

    Someone who gives love but never gets any, that's an unfortunate destiny!

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    Not lovable

    Some people get love, some don't,
    Some are borrowed while some are owned,
    Some compromise, some sacrifice,
    Some feel it truly, while some carry on with lies.

    Love is strange, it never fluctuates,
    Perpetually existing between mistakes,
    That never made sense, until one realized,
    It's not wrong or right, but the bond that survives,

    The ones who always give out love,
    They're unfortunately not fortunate enough,
    To receive the deserved reciprocation,
    It's either less or zero to the equation.

    Some people just know to give,
    And never recieve what they miss,
    Maybe it's just not in the fate,
    For love to enter and stay.

    It's not that they're not loveable,
    But are too far away to be caught,
    Maybe they're not destined to be found even if they're lost.


  • thesagacontinues07 8w

    Overcoming Fear of Love

    When you were in love, everything was beautiful,
    Now that you are not, you think love is cruel,
    You think love betrayed you, it's unfaithful,
    Don't let your bad experiences redefine the truth,

    What you felt or still feel,
    Is genuine and real,
    It's okay if it didn't work out at all,
    It doesn't mean what you did was false.

    Take everything from the experience you gained,
    Move on to find better ones who make you fall in love again!

    Don't distrust love, love ain't that cheap,
    Love is an emotion, not people who become bleak,
    Who change and betray, love stays truthful all the way,
    Surely love doesn't end with that one chase,

    Where you failed, for love is a process,
    It's not something you can gain once,
    It's the connection that remains constant,
    With the real one who will surely come!

    Because when you find it real, you find it whole,
    Don't wait for time to show you what's gold,
    For it is time that brings dust and rust,
    On the gold, and then you'll blame time for breaking your trust.

    The best time is now, follow your heart,
    Let love heal you and not let you fall apart,
    Hate hatred, dislike this liking towards not moving on,
    For you're a soul that's headstrong,

    In the name of love, let's love again,
    If not that way, let's pave a new way!


  • thesagacontinues07 9w

    Fear of Love!

    From the perspective of a heartbroken soul,
    Who has never seen love grow,
    These lines are what that hold,
    The feelings that never dared to be shown.

    What am I missing, what are my mistakes and flaws,
    What is it that I am lacking that isn't to your liking at all,
    What is it about me that doesn't interest you,
    I'd change the world if I had the power only if I knew,

    The answers to these questions that haunt me everyday,
    I'm trying my best to be awesome in every way,
    I'm denying to get negative by rebelling against my needs,
    To feel what I feel and not discard them as misunderstandings,

    But this unfortunate place where I often get stuck at,
    Feels like home now, comfort in discomfort, front and back,
    Back and forth, everyday it's a clash, it's a war,
    In my body, between the mind and the heart that gets thrown,
    And tears up when the mind determines to repel,
    And brings a conviction to not feel what is to be felt,

    It a mess, where do I go, for my mind jogs alone,
    And the heart yearns for love more and more,
    The time I spend with you, it's excruciatingly painful,
    How do I know what to do, when the mind is half full,
    And the heart is fully halves into tiny pieces like glass,
    The shards never join back, it just gets more and more sad.

    I fear love, for it is the one emotion that takes,
    Everything out of me and never returns it in the same way!


  • thesagacontinues07 9w

    Here's to the one that we lost,
    those self-s that never made us feel who we are,
    Now like phoenix we rise from our own ashes,
    and bash the expectations to live to the full extent of our hearts.

    #internationalmensday #men #beyourself #you #yourself #real

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    Put down the act

    Boys don't cry,
    They just smile,
    Is a blatant lie,
    That ruins life.

    Men, a majority of them,
    Have grown up to listen,
    And follow what causes mayhem,
    To not show emotions and pretend,

    Everything's alright and fine,
    Nothing can break us,
    It's a facade and hazardous standard to align,
    And walk with it, it's tough,

    Is it really called to man up, or is it okay to let it go,
    Let go of the pain that we hold,
    Let go of the screams that we conceal,
    Within the chambers of heart that won't heal,

    The flames that burn, never showing the scars,
    Always pretending to be strong but always falling apart,
    Humans are born to express, not supress,
    That's the difference no one wants to learn I guess,

    It's a mess, when expectations are too high,
    For us to even reach the sky and still fail to abide,
    Or even show that the act is perfectly on,
    Ironically, what's being shown as all-right, is what is all wrong!

    Responsibilities, rules, restrict from opening freely,
    Expectations, lessons taught are what destroying us completely.
    So for a change, today in the name,
    Of everyone that wants to be free,
    This poem vents out and reaches out for you to be,
    You as you and not what is expected,
    Put down the shield, it's alright, be well rested.

    Invest time in yourself, change the norms that don't ingest,
    Follow your gut and vomit out the mess,
    Freedom is an illusion if it's a crime to be yourself,
    It doesn't matter, become that criminal and change for the best!


  • thesagacontinues07 9w


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    Thoughts on love

    What is love, is it defines by the bond that is shared,
    Or the time that is spent together with love and care,

    Or is the feeling that comes all of a sudden,
    Uninvited, unplanned, does it naturally occurr?

    I don't know what is love, all I know is what I feel,
    And if it's not it, maybe that's a tragedy,

    Always have been the one in the space where love neglected me,
    Maybe I am not loveable, or hard to be loving,

    What's more to add or subtract,
    What's there to act or react,

    I guess I'll never know what do i have in my fate,
    Because in love, I keep it all at stake,

    And brake myself to confront it,
    Only to know it's not what I would want it.

    Always been told the same lie,
    That I start to believe am i even alive?

    Sometimes I wonder, am i loveable,
    Or do you really not love me,

    Or you put on an act, am i that gullible,
    My heart refuses but my mind agrees.

    What is that's not right, that doesn't fit here in this puzzle,
    The enigma of love where gently nuzzle,

    The pieces and move it together to make a beautiful picture,
    Without words, without actions, just pure nature,

    Taking its own course and letting it all flow and sync together,
    Time can only tell what is it that is better,

    To be as one or separate as two,
    Everyday I think about me and you,

    I find myself smile like a goof,
    Cry and whine like a baby who's refused food,

    Who knows what the future holds,
    No matter what the outcome, we'll always grow,

    Maybe separately, but grow in the same way,
    One day I'll get all of my answers, I'll just wait here till that day!


  • thesagacontinues07 10w


    Sleepless nights, endless thoughts,
    Screaming to fight but it's just not aloud,
    Staring in the days at the light that fades away,
    Even the shadow says goodbye when I wave,

    At myself through the eyes in which I dwell,
    The reflection itself hangs me to the wastes like a belt
    The delusion of what's real and what's not,
    Has got me tangled up in these clouds of thoughts,

    Which rains drops of doubts in ounces,
    And when it's all collected, it pounces,
    Bounces back like spring, comes back twice as hard,
    And when it is thrown away, like a frisbee it finds it's way back to the start.

    Where is this stage taking me to,
    Am i a prey that is making it into,
    The hands of the fate that preys like a predator,
    I vow to climb the flight of stairs but this elevator,

    Keeps bringing me down to lower levels,
    Am i hard as a rock or small as a pebble,
    That can't be stoned on the ground or the lake,
    Amidst the reality, i find myself to be fake,

    Is this the truth, or am I a pretty lie?
    Am i reality which sucks, in disguise?
    Or am I the opportunity that got lost,
    Within the eyes that got frost,

    And cold shoulders couldn't lift the weight any longer,
    Shattered ftom inside like the shards of ice, it claimed to be feisty and stronger,

    Why, are expectations so high?
    Am I allowed to fly,
    Freely or should I be compared to flights,
    Heights that I can't hope to reach,

    But everyone expects so much of me,
    It's exhaustive and tiring,
    Then why am I not retiring,

    From this endless road of hope,
    Where I don't see even a light,
    Yet still I try make everything look perfectly whole,
    No holes and everything be seen alright,

    Meanwhile I'm a mess, I fear to give up,
    But I guess that's the only escape route I find not tough,
    I am not as philosophical and calm as I claim to be,
    Inside I'm a complete mess that is never at ease,

    In a constant change that occurs often inside,
    The nocturnal man seeks to sleep at night,
    Because he's tired of waking up to reality,
    Perfect on the outside, from inside it's a fallacy.


  • thesagacontinues07 16w

    Wish we could go back in time, but that wish is not valid! Let's just keep moving on! :)

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    Everywhere I go,
    I'm reminded of the old,
    And good times that we spent,
    The memories are what I vent,

    And yearn to go back,
    To the times we had,
    A lot of fun, joy and carefree,
    Lives, now it's lies that we say we're free,

    From the bond, yet still yearn to respond,
    Or to initiate and break the ice that's big and long,
    Like a road filled with spikes, every step pinches right,
    Through the core and we can't even make it all alright.

    To abscond from the bond that I cherished so much,
    I wonder what it feels like on the other side,
    For the betterment and happiness, I gave up which was tough,
    Now I ponder about the thoughts that pop inside,

    Your head, what do you feel,
    Do you remember me,
    Or have you concealed everything,
    Maybe it's not worth questioning.

    The times were good, so were the memories,
    But reality, like a baseball, hits home and I run to cease,
    And release myself from this reoccurring reminiscing,
    Wish we could have one last talk and just visit back to infinity,

    Like a roller coaster ride, I went up high,
    Infact you pushed me to reach the sky,
    I feel grateful and thankful to be what I am today,
    But like gravity, it all brought me down again.

    But from afar, always wishing good upon you,
    I enjoyed and was blessed to have known you!
    You taught me a lot of things that I wouldn't have learnt otherwise,
    Now it's time to put down the pen and just visualise.
    From a distance, it's maybe meant to be this way,
    Whatever it is, I'm happy that you're in a good place!


  • thesagacontinues07 16w


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    How long do I have to go,
    To continue with this charade,
    When will I ever know,
    To stop and keep this at bay.

    For I'm tired of playing characters,
    Exhilarating myself till I matter,
    To fit in social chapters called people,
    In the books of society, it's too lethal,

    To be always switching players,
    Life has become a game to which I cater,
    And later when I'm on my own,
    Like the original odor, I take over my cologne,

    Which was sprayed to disguise and decieve,
    That everything was fresh and clean,
    And now that it has all blown to smithereens,
    The real version yearns to be seen.

    To be heard, to be loved, to be cared,
    By not snakes, but other chemicals in the air,
    Which will burst this bubble and not harm,
    I wake up myself to this reality like an alarm.

    Reverberating thoughts and excruciating experiences,
    Sever the bonds and ties which were levitating me in dalliances.,
    Rambunctious and irrevocable circumstances,
    Pushed me to shove a dig and take my chances,

    For if I fall, I could just die away,
    But if I don't I would not fly away,
    Rather be pushed to the edge,
    At the precipice of defeat, there is death!

    But leaving no stone turned, there would be no difference,
    Igniting the spark to burn the soul of resilience,
    There can only be a way to end this,
    To make it out with no facade, just bare to witness,

    The truth as it is, no sugercoating or deception,
    To sooth the disturbing self that has since inception,
    Been trying to get to the endgame,
    To start a new journey with no mistakes,

    That would be regretful or painful,
    Instead, tying to make life beautiful and perpetual.
    Is my aim, the prize I wish to claim,
    I'd gladly give up everything in this name of/ chase.


  • thesagacontinues07 18w

    Last one for the day! ;)

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    A letter

    Hey you there,
    Your mood is a bit unclear,
    Happy or sad, nappy or mad,
    I understand whatever you have.

    It's perfectly fine,
    Let me tell you this,
    In these virtual times,
    Here's a hug and a forehead kiss.

    Arms patting on back,
    While closely holding you,
    Let me also carry the stack,
    That's been burdening on your two,

    Shoulders, let's divide the pain,
    If I could, I'd take it all away,
    Talk to me about yourself,
    Talk to me if you're not well,

    Tell me about the thoughts that breeds inside your head,
    Let's smash them like worms and feel light instead,
    For you to know and feel secured,
    I'm here, the real you that's been obscured,

    And lost in the chase to find me,
    While I was all along here, just prying,
    And looking over, until you wanted me to be there,
    Now I'm here, let's have all this mess be cleared.


  • thesagacontinues07 18w

    Mental mind.

    Staggering mind

    Dagger inside,

    Dragging a lie,

    Which had lost its life.

    Flawed in a scheme full of sorted regimes,

    Sought to be seen one of few who only fought to extreme,

    When thoughts intervened, they brainwashed completely,

    And the fake audience speaking framed scoffing discreetly,

    As a disguised appreciation in the name,

    Of right initiative which was far from endgame.

    I'm gradually slowing down,

    Imaginary clouds are surrounding now,

    Battering thoughts interferes,

    With a frown, they enter, fears.

    What is actually happening is,

    That this all so saddening,

    Ravaging all the existing emotions,

    Scavenging for new explorable potions,

    Or spells that'll make me dwell in a rather new realm,

    Besides this dark hell where I'm chained with a belt,

    Of insanity and lacking profanity, I yell,

    Fuck it all, I just want some anti gravity help,

    So that it could bring me up, because I've been down for a while,

    From all the numbness shoved in my face, I forgot how to smile.

    With a rambunctious amount of thoughts,

    I consciously filter it out,

    And jot it down in the most decent manner somehow,

    From life to death to again life, I'll be wandering around.