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  • thesagacontinues07 35w

    Last one for the day! ;)

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    A letter

    Hey you there,
    Your mood is a bit unclear,
    Happy or sad, nappy or mad,
    I understand whatever you have.

    It's perfectly fine,
    Let me tell you this,
    In these virtual times,
    Here's a hug and a forehead kiss.

    Arms patting on back,
    While closely holding you,
    Let me also carry the stack,
    That's been burdening on your two,

    Shoulders, let's divide the pain,
    If I could, I'd take it all away,
    Talk to me about yourself,
    Talk to me if you're not well,

    Tell me about the thoughts that breeds inside your head,
    Let's smash them like worms and feel light instead,
    For you to know and feel secured,
    I'm here, the real you that's been obscured,

    And lost in the chase to find me,
    While I was all along here, just prying,
    And looking over, until you wanted me to be there,
    Now I'm here, let's have all this mess be cleared.


  • thesagacontinues07 35w

    Mental mind.

    Staggering mind

    Dagger inside,

    Dragging a lie,

    Which had lost its life.

    Flawed in a scheme full of sorted regimes,

    Sought to be seen one of few who only fought to extreme,

    When thoughts intervened, they brainwashed completely,

    And the fake audience speaking framed scoffing discreetly,

    As a disguised appreciation in the name,

    Of right initiative which was far from endgame.

    I'm gradually slowing down,

    Imaginary clouds are surrounding now,

    Battering thoughts interferes,

    With a frown, they enter, fears.

    What is actually happening is,

    That this all so saddening,

    Ravaging all the existing emotions,

    Scavenging for new explorable potions,

    Or spells that'll make me dwell in a rather new realm,

    Besides this dark hell where I'm chained with a belt,

    Of insanity and lacking profanity, I yell,

    Fuck it all, I just want some anti gravity help,

    So that it could bring me up, because I've been down for a while,

    From all the numbness shoved in my face, I forgot how to smile.

    With a rambunctious amount of thoughts,

    I consciously filter it out,

    And jot it down in the most decent manner somehow,

    From life to death to again life, I'll be wandering around.


  • thesagacontinues07 35w

    One sided love

    The definition of love,
    I forgot,
    But your presence is enough,
    You're all I got,

    This brain, like a box,
    Contains lots of thoughts,
    But you're on all of them,
    Like a permanent mark,

    You've imprinted your impression like a signature,
    But this letter is questioning the hiding nature,
    Of your heart, is the same about me too?
    Are you supressing your self and not revealing truth?

    Anyways, the time is the magician here,
    Either he'll let know it's trick or put us in a sphere,
    Of endless points and possibilities,
    Until then, still loving from this side of reality.

    This duality of single reality is static,
    Where one is hope and one is pragmatic,
    Which is which, that'll only be revealed,
    Once you open up, just like I did in these feels..


  • thesagacontinues07 35w


    In this abyss that I'm pushed into,
    I just reminisce whatever I've been through,
    Is it remorse disguised in its flannel,
    For I am not able to change any channels,

    Of hate, self loathing, hopeless emotional frozen stiff choking painfully wrecking and uncontrollable feelings,
    How do I scale my strength from rock bottom to the ceiling?
    When my scale doesn't even have positivity,
    Beyond null, I go into negativity.

    Let's see, how far do I go with this treachery,
    With my own self, that I'm committed to fake my misery,
    Which just pushes me more into the dark,

    I won't give up because you said so, I'll be waiting for that spark,
    To appear and light up my world that is full of abomination,
    And it that light is me, I'll be waiting for my transformation.


  • thesagacontinues07 36w

    Tjmes change, people don't, and if people change, time won't change a thing, people will still be who they really are, even time won't change them.

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    Wish we can turn back times,
    To the good old days of relief,
    When it was fun and fine,
    Nothing that was fugazy,

    I remember to the core,
    How we used to adore,
    The bond we had,
    Now it's all in the past.

    Wish we could speak our hearts more,
    Wish we could understand each other minds better,
    If only times were in favour,
    Of us being happier than ever,

    Happy even when we're not in contact together,
    It's the unsound mind that speaks,
    And yearns to change the weather,
    Of the climate that is cold and bleak,

    This world is made up of frozen boulders,
    It's too heavy to carry it on my own two shoulders,
    Wish your aura would again smolder,
    And relieve me of this pain which is getting older,

    With time, I don't know how to let it go and rest it,
    For your memories are full of happiness and ecstasy,
    But when I come back from dreams, to my senses, to reality,
    It makes me sadder to believe we're no more connected.

    In that space, where it all felt great,
    Like a limb dismembered off, your absence takes,
    A toll on my mind, for everytime I take,
    A shot for the time everything had eminded me of you, I'd be dead.

    Even today I was reminded of you,
    I spoke to people, singing your good self,
    Even though our team is not full,
    I still adore and cherish you well.

    I wonder how you are, how you've been,
    I hope you are doing good since the last time we've seen,
    Or spoke to each other, from a good friend to another,
    Straight from the heart, I miss the old times which were better.


  • thesagacontinues07 36w


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    Non existent among existent.

    Dear no one, once you were somebody that I used to know,
    From none to everything to none, interactions and bonds did grow,
    How do I let myself think that it all ended in a blink,
    Or is it just that it didn't sync, that time is not a thing,

    When it comes to bonding,
    Why is everything absconding,
    Me, do I not deserve love and joy,
    Why does everything that gives me hope, always end up being destroyed.

    This flawed human being asks,
    Whether the water in glass,
    Is even there or not, half empty or full is a different story,
    To be non existent amongst existing people is a melancholy.

    If heart is a muscle, and muscles come back stronger,
    After they've been torn and broken for not any longer,
    Than it should be, then it'll repair itself and come back,
    But like an injury, this time, the heart began to attack.

    And to its own misery, it couldn't repair,
    And now the heart lies in all of its despair.


  • thesagacontinues07 36w

    Is it selfish to grow?

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    How do I let myself know,
    That jn the hopes of getting growth,
    I maybe letting go things who did me wrong,
    Or maybe I'm not accepting the right sounds.

    In the coldest stories of winter storm,
    The oldest glory is the strictest form,
    Where it's more fierce and more fired up,
    Closely piercing but aspiring enough,

    To be at best, even if it's exhaustive,
    But often we fail to achieve what's locked in,
    Our mind, we hope to find it someday,
    And if we don't, we cause dismay.

    Why do we feel the need,
    To be the one who feeds,
    Seeds of tranquility,
    To turn it in to a tree,

    That blooms peace,
    And gives shades of ease,
    To everyone but one being,
    That is the individual self that speaks,

    Of doing this, why is it that we ruin it for real,
    The peace we talk about,
    We want others to be happy and jovial,
    But not ourselves, it's always a doubt,

    Rather a lesser priority,
    why does self-love is comprehended,
    As selfishness, this makes us apprehended,
    Of improving our individuality.

    In the chase to glow, we face the snow,
    But the fire inside melts and glows,
    As the temperature grows to an exponential rate,
    We feel the blizzard hitting harder than the sparkling rage,

    Is it the coldness that makes us numb,
    Or the fire within that burns us down,
    Should we focus on ourselves before anyone,
    Or carry on to be the good ones in the crowd.


  • thesagacontinues07 38w

    You've got to stay hydrated and surely motivated.! :)

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    Rappel the top!

    Thoughts and dreams are often sought to be achieved,
    The impossible feats that predominantly,
    Prevails with trails of unattainability in every way,
    But like the great phrases, it paves and makes it one day.

    To be believed, give faith and strength,
    To recieve what's waiting at the other end,
    Of the road of hopes on which you travel,
    To score the goals stitched under the flannel,
    Of impossibility but once you unravel,
    The bewitching reality will be fathomed,

    As the true victory!
    It's a confusing mystery,
    But amusing history,
    That you'll create and it'll reign,
    So go on, burn for a while, till the candle melts and develops itself again.


  • thesagacontinues07 38w

    Some cliche yet needed lines. ��

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    Time to heal, time to score,
    Time to be somewhere I've never reached before.
    Time to restore,
    Time to roar.

    It's my turn to grind,
    I yearn to shine,
    I swear to be the best of all the beasts,
    And declare to become iconic and legendary.


  • thesagacontinues07 39w

    A short one.

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    Like a sponge, I squeeze my brain out,
    It absorbs all the pain and pleasure in which it is drowned,
    It has taught itself to a point where it never stops,
    Like education, it keeps on learning and earning itself new lessons and thoughts.