That which is peculiarly unique is better than normality.

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  • theswordandtherose 4w

    What can I say so that you will understand that-

    I care for you
    I hope for you
    I pray for you

    What can I do to show you that-

    I appreciate you
    I respect your hard work
    I am here for you

    What can I say and do to help you know that

    I have faith in you
    I believe in you
    And that I do LOVE you

    I want you to know that…

    Where there is peace there is joy
    Where there is joy there is laughter
    Where there is laughter there is love

    For LOVE is the greatest gift of all


  • theswordandtherose 4w

    In the loneliness of darkness
    Surrounded by the shun of grey
    There beneath the willows standing
    Faith awaits the light of day

    In the swallowing of darkness
    Waves and waves consuming me
    There beneath the darkened waters
    Hope breaks forth to set me free

    In the fading of the darkness
    Chains no longer keep me bound
    There beneath the wings of healing
    Love became my solid ground


  • theswordandtherose 5w

    Moments leave imprints
    Imprints of memories
    Memories that moves
    Moves a heart that cares
    Cares for the many
    Many and the few
    Few who do matter…
    Like me and you


  • theswordandtherose 5w

    I wait with hopeful anticipation
    And a faithful heartbeat
    For your response

    But I find myself still waiting
    Still wondering
    Still hoping

    Then I realize
    If I have entrusted you
    To our I Am

    That means
    I should by faith
    Choose to
    Trust in Him completely
    With you and your life

    And so I surrender
    To His mercy and grace
    For me
    And for you


  • theswordandtherose 7w

    We talked about leaving this space
    And what reasons helped me to stay

    Faith in YHWH
    Love for my family

    Because a choice like that ripples and can darken.

    You see, life’s journey can be darker than dark blackened by the onslaught of the abusiveness of society and relationships with its constant badgering of “exit stage left”.


    Because you’re different?
    Because you’re not normal?
    Because you don’t fit into the world’s system?

    Then again,
    I love being different
    I love being uniquely peculiar
    I love that I don’t fit into the system of this world…

    Because I am “me”
    Created especially for Him
    Created to inspire, encourage
    To bless and to share love

    The love from the One whose Love
    Is constant, gracious and forever 🤍


  • theswordandtherose 7w

    Darkness encircles me,
    a cyclone
    entrapping me in its whirlwind,
    a whirlwind of destruction
    and mayhem

    Its purpose,
    to pursue me, to drown me
    with the blackness that wants to consume me in every way
    as it vents its rage upon me,
    bringing thoughts that persuade me
    with its clanging that death would be my reprieve,

    for the suffocating of my light leaves me in throes of its torture.

    As the consuming continues,
    the violation of my will,
    (because of the abuse)
    begins to buckle under the onslaught of extreme intense proportions.

    I struggle, I fall, I cry
    I’m dying inside

    Dare I ask for help;
    for someone to pull me out of this cyclone-

    Yet how can I burden others
    with my own struggles, my own falling, my own shattered brokenness?

    Through the blackened night
    I hear my name,
    they call to me-

    Those who love me
    those who care for me
    those who would move mountains
    and forge rivers to reach me

    For even in the darkness
    there is a sliver of hope
    a mustard seed of faith
    a safety of love

    For I am
    redeemed, loved
    needed, valued

    I am reminded from where my help comes from
    for the Lord sends His angels
    in the spiritual and the tangible

    To rescue me
    to battle for me
    to protect me

    He reminds me
    I am not alone 🙏🏻


  • theswordandtherose 9w

    What better way
    To enjoy the day
    Then to cruise with the one
    In the Hawaiian sun

    Seeing the ocean
    Such poetry in motion
    With sand in our toes
    As the breeze flows


  • theswordandtherose 9w

    Distance seems so far

    As far as it is
    from the earth to the moon

    Whether physically
    or in ♥️


  • theswordandtherose 10w

    The beauty of hope
    Is in the heart
    Of one who believes


  • theswordandtherose 10w

    She walks toward the box, hesitantly
    Its corners a bit tattered
    Its color faded by years of just sitting
    As it waited for her arrival

    As she gazed upon the box, crusted with dust, she wondered, pondered, considered, even questioned herself:

    Should I open it? Dare I open it?
    Why would I open it?
    More importantly, do I need to open it?

    She fumbled with the fragility of the tape (which no longer was able to keep the box sealed) as it crumbled in her fingers while opening the box.

    She paused for a moment as she saw the yellowing tissue paper staring at her. She took a deep breath, removed the tissue paper and then exhaled… slowly.

    Inside was every piece of hurt, pain and hardship that she hid from the light. Every piece of emotion that was dealt her way through his abuse.

    She had tucked all of that away, or so she thought, from view. Her view. A view that she wanted to believe never really existed.

    But the time was drawing near.

    How would she be?
    Would she react or respond?
    Would she flinch or allow herself to embrace the opportunity to heal and move forward?

    They say “only time will tell”
    But time… is already here