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  • thetroubadour 191w

    बादल और चिड़ी

    एक शाम चुपके से छत पर
    एक बादल की बात सुनी
    एक चिड़ी से पूछ रही थी
    रोज़ सितारे हाथ पकड़कर
    सूरज को ले जाते हैं
    रोज़ आतें है,
    सर्द रात साथ लाते हैं

    चिड़ी सयानी निकली शायर
    कहती अपने पंख उठाकर
    "ऐसा है बंधु! अर्ज़ किया है, गौर फरमाइयेगा!
    के सितारे हज़ार जगमग जगमग
    रात को करते रौशन,
    रात आएगी सुबह जायेगा,
    ये तो ईश्वर का शाशन!
    सूरज बलम जो जाता है,
    अगली सुबह वापस उग आता है
    नया सवेरा लाता है,
    प्रकृति की सौंदर्यता बढ़ाता है।"

    इसे सुन बादल रानी
    मन ही मन मुस्काई
    हल्की गर्जी थोड़ी बरसी
    मोहक इंद्रधनुष ले आई!


  • thetroubadour 197w

    a room full of magic and he was still staring at her....

  • thetroubadour 198w

    You're not the reason I am awake till late at night.
    You're the reason I can't fall asleep anytime soon.

  • thetroubadour 198w

    I will never be able to look at you without loving you

  • thetroubadour 204w

    Written Kisses

    Written kisses are the purest form of love a lover expresses by putting tender forms of words on his lover's lips, and kissing them with every ounce of ardour left in his body. While his pen makes unadulterated love with the fair paper, his intentions blend with his thoughts which he puts down on it. His mind is comprehensible. His love is pure, and his heart devoted to his beloved. His words constantly try to communicate the incommunicable, to explain something unexplainable, something he feels in his heart, mind and bones. His fear of losing her, his desire of loving her, his longing to be with her forever, all muddled. The only way he understands is by his pen and paper. He loves with his words, and kisses with his letters.


  • thetroubadour 204w

    She was his poetry.

    To a poet, every part of her was a well-rhymed verse.
    Every little bit of her smile were his verses.
    Her strengths were the stanzas.
    Her pride was the narration.
    Her heart was the undeciphered prose
    She hid her pain well
    Behind her laughter like a poet hides the message to his lady love.
    She wrote herself on his paper
    And took his days and nights forever.
    Yes, she was wild.
    She wore her smile like the shining stars.


  • thetroubadour 207w

    The tall and the fearless Knight

    The steel shines in the hands of the fearless Knight,
    Soldier of the realm, protector of the land,
    Kill and get killed, as he might.
    Wearing the coat of iron, with a heart of titanium
    Rides the horse, proud, with his proud band,
    In the armour, the tall and the fearless Knight.

    Young blood, strong arms, he holds the halter tight,
    Firm over the saddle, deep is his voice,
    To the lord he prays, holy verse he would cite.
    Gallant eyes, steady sight, he bathes in the golden sun,
    For honor, love and dignity he fights,
    With his sword and with his sleight,
    And there he comes in the armour, the tall and the fearless Knight.

    While his wife and daughter waits for him, he waits for their warm hands,
    For he has not been home for months, meeting with the empire's demands.
    He cries when the sun goes down, dusk is when he'd frown,
    But, when he remembers his father, inspired, he'd fight till sundown.
    So there he rides with his bloody rage and savage cry, his enemies filled with fright,
    And there he comes with the flying flag, in his armour, the tall and the fearless knight

  • thetroubadour 211w

    I've spoken to the trees about you,
    The walls know your name,
    The flowers know what you wore last Monday,
    Because every dawn I beheld with you and every dusk I was Icarus, a moth drawn to the flame.

    The alleys and the roads, the chairs and the vans,
    I'm not the only one who is in debt,
    Take me to the chapel where you looked at my eyes,
    It was a snowy January night, the night that we met.


  • thetroubadour 213w

    We were so much more
    Than you let us be...

  • thetroubadour 214w

    Serenade to a healing soul.

    Through the oceans and through the waves,
    Come to me and numb the pain.
    The dark days and the empty nights,
    And the endless clouds and endless rains.
    Come to me and numb the pain,
    And heal,
    Heal my soul.

    Empty bottles of liquor and tear,
    Empty bowl of curse and fear,
    Empty rooms of hovering smoke,
    Empty heart of loving you.

    Through the holocaust and through the riots,
    Come to me and touch my love.
    Amidst the path of angst, the ways of blood,
    The peace fly high like a dove.
    Come to me and numb the pain,
    And heal,
    Heal my soul.

    Take my hand and hold it tight,
    Walk with me in the days of despair.
    Take my past and take my sin,
    Of fights, of cries and of sleepless nights,
    Come and take away your share

    Through the thunder and through the storms,
    Come and take me out of cage,
    Amidst the bullets and the flashing guns,
    Hold me and end the rage.
    Come to me and numb the pain,
    And heal,
    Heal my soul.