Seventeen. I have read, and I have evolved.

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  • thoughtfulwonders 124w

    I hear voices
    They tell me
    Danger is near
    There are many
    Reasons to fear
    That I have to
    Think too much
    Worry a bunch
    Cry in a corner
    Adopt the darkness
    Lose contact
    Keep my image intact
    But I've had enough
    So I ask the voices
    Where do you come from
    They say
    My mind is their owner
    And they reach me
    Through anxiety
    It's messenger

  • thoughtfulwonders 125w

    Trouble from the first kiss
    Hit or miss
    A sociopath
    With stone for the heart
    Calculating every move
    Seeing through
    Every lie of mine
    Am I destined
    For end
    With every second spent with you
    Get away from me
    Can't seem to get rid of you
    Like a noose around my neck
    I dread it now
    When you say
    "Hey, Beck"
    Set me free
    Ghost me, you maniac
    Or leave me dead
    Lying on the floor
    Just set me free somehow
    I don't care anymore

  • thoughtfulwonders 126w

    Jo mein sunn na nahi chahta
    Ye band kamra mujhse wo kehta hai
    Iss akelepan mein ab toh
    Meri parchhai ka bhi saath nahi milta hai

  • thoughtfulwonders 126w

    Har kisi ko puchta hu
    Kya tum waisi hi ho
    Jaisa mein sochta hu
    Ab tak tumhe jaan ne wale toh
    Thikse jawab na de paaye
    Kya pata shayad ye anjaana hi
    Khud jawab dhund le

    Par fir ye baat satati hai
    Ki tum mere khayalon se milti julti
    Naa hui toh
    Kya ye sapna tut kar gir padega
    Ye do pal ka sukoon khona padega
    Iss darr se mein fir
    Dhundna band kar deta hu
    Chalo, unn tumhare logon se hi pucha jaye
    Tum kaisi ho
    Kyun ki mein jaanta hu
    Woh firse jawab nahi de payenge

  • thoughtfulwonders 126w

    Over the ocean we fly
    In a bid to touch the sky
    With wings we made ourselves
    To leave this mortal land
    For a paradise of miracles
    And as we soar higher
    With burning desire
    Destination within touch
    Not saying much
    Our wings come off
    And we drop
    Back to this boring land
    Our eyes open and we realize
    It was just a dream
    In the bed
    We look at each other
    With smirks on our face
    We know
    Where we have to go

  • thoughtfulwonders 127w

    Aadhe adhure khwaabon mein
    Kacche iraadon mein
    Jaan yu basti hai meri
    Ki doobti kashti ho koi

    Tairne ko jee nahi chahta
    Doobne ka irada nahi hai
    Bas bina kisi khayal ke
    Zindagi yu bhatak rahi hai

    Koi kinaare tak toh pauchaade
    Sahi rasta dikhaade
    Fir dekho kaise leheron ko cheerte hain
    Aur kaise ek maksad ke saath jeete hai

  • thoughtfulwonders 128w

    Chaardivari mein
    Teri gair maujudgi mein
    Sannate mein
    Aankhein band kiye
    Sirf Tere ehsaas ke saath
    Baatein hoti hai

  • thoughtfulwonders 128w

    We mess up somehow
    Still get up somehow
    Dress up for the challenge
    In a way that screams out loud
    I am ready for you now!
    Those who never give up
    Take a bow
    And the quitters,
    It's not too late now
    So get going
    It's time
    To turn your life around

  • thoughtfulwonders 128w

    I waited
    Waited for a while
    The wind blew by
    Whistling something vile
    My fingers twitched
    Breathing became tough
    The seconds ticked away
    Time was rough
    I promise
    I waited for you
    Waited for a while
    And when you didn't come
    My body slumped
    Face met the ground
    Still the last thing I thought
    Was that it was somehow my fault
    I waited before dying
    Waited for a while
    My last breath told me
    I was in denial

  • thoughtfulwonders 128w

    In the end
    We all crave some sanity
    Solace in the fact
    That nothing is wrong
    Little cracks in our souls
    We overlook
    In the end
    We all crave some imperfection
    Somebody to tell us
    It's all good