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    The Babysitter Sensei

    Teaching a little niece how to control her ruffian of a little brother on the ground with knee on belly and wrist control, watching her grin from ear to ear as she effortlessly executes instructions and the bewilderment in her brother's face at how powerless he just became - priceless precious moments. People better hide their kids from me or I'm gonna turn them all into little MMA monsters, one skill at a time! 


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    Now read it again like Optimus Prime!!! ������

    #togetherness #struggle #humanity #strongertogether #strengthinnumbers

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    Language of Men

    We are all that is primal.
    Salt of the the earth.
    Physical exertion.

    Head to head.
    We come to blows.
    Punches and kicks.
    Locks and throws.
    Implied understanding.
    Mutual respect.

    This simple code.
    Tongue of our forebears.
    Since the dawn of time.
    Etched in stone.

    Shoulder to shoulder.
    Brothers in arms.
    Time in the trenches.
    Blood, sweat and tears.
    Strength of our bonds.

    The moment we are born,
    with the first breath drawn,
    each of us gives the Battle Cry,
    for this is Life, the Great War.

    And we must stand united.


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    You know what they say, "if it was easy, everybody would do it." There is enough death and destruction to last the entirety of humanity countless times over and yet we persist, arrogantly heedless of the glaring lessons bought and paid for in full by the blood of the martyred, plus interest that is the pain and suffering of those left behind. Insanity much?

    Do we really know no better than to sow the seeds of hatred and annihilate the future by burdening it with the task of reaping a legacy of vengeful retribution, each generation damning the next?

    How about trying something different a change? Let's put down the weapons, cease the hatred and vitriol and come to the understanding that while differences will always exist, peace and prosperity can only prevail if we all come together and learn to coexist for the sake of the common good. It's about goddamn time!

    #humanity #sayno #intolerance #divideandconquer #coexistance #peace #liveandletlive #unity #strongertogether #different #same #community #brotherhood #sisterhood

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    Doing The Right Thing

    What's that? Humans, you say?
    Oh yeah, they're real easy to kill.
    Living with them is the hard part.


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    How do you budget for the holidays, when it's all too easy to get carried away in the "spirit of giving" and instead of getting a fresh start, end up with extra servings of debt before the New Year has even begun?!

    Not to get all "sciencey" on you but studies have shown that watching the cash get physically taken from you at the register lights up the areas of the brain that process pain in exactly the same way they would if you were to receive an actual physical injury. However, using alternative forms of payment (credit, debit, digital etc.) have no such effect. In essence, you don't FEEL the loss. Perhaps you might want to keep this in mind the next time you are planning to purchase something you sorta kinda want but don't really need.

    Wishing you safe and happy holidays, wherever and whenever you may be!
    #saynotobanks #saynotodebt #staywithinyourmeans #livefree

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    'Tis the Season

    In a society of extravagance,
    frugality bestows the elusive gift
    of a wealthy mindset
    upon the blessed few
    who have unburden themselves
    from the yoke of pride
    in all things nice 
    and new and shiny
    and absolutely unnecessary,
    their only purpose 
    to one-up people,
    none of whom care.

    When next you spend,
    give coin, not card
    and before you do,
    ask yourself who it's for 
    and why
    and if you really, truly
    need to bind yourself
    to the invisible shackles
    that are the inevitable result
    of dealing with the devils
    that are the ilk
    of Ebenezer Scrooge.


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    Who'da ever thought walking would be so bless? Enjoy the free simple gifts while you still can. The rat race ain't going nowhere. What else are you grateful for?

    #AlhamdulillahAlways #walking #pondering #blessings #gratitude #old #thankfulness

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    Gifts Aplenty

    And then one night, 
    remembering but one 
    of my countless blessings,

    overcome with immense gratitude
    for the ability to walk with ease,

    I smiled to myself 
    as the young man
    suddenly understood
    the simple joys
    of olde age.


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    Word Prompt: Write a 6 word one-liner on Flexible

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    Battle #7

    Morals of those with corrupt principles.

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    Schrödinger's Impossibly Possible Humans

    If fighting off the inexplicably intense urge to act on each and every single vile, repugnant and terrifyingly evil thought and impulse in each and every waking moment means I am a monster's monster at the very core, dare I say I am playing this human role quite convincingly. Heck, I damn near believe I'm one of 'em!

    I'm just surprised they're not all on cocaine! But they're all on something, that's for damn sure. Some of 'em are on uppers, like happiness and love. Others are on downers like sorrow and heartache. Some are so far gone they're mainlining on poisons like hate and jealousy! Humanity, eh? It's a helluvan act. 


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    If ever you need to brave the harsh winter cold, try eating really spicy food, the kind that fills your belly with Dragonfire and then see if the cold can stop you. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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    Perfectly Balanced

    Bone chilling howl.
    Nose biting cold.
    Deep winter freeze.

    Piping hot biryani.
    Lip smacking masala.
    Juicy lamb fat.

    Dragon fire belly.
    Steam whistling ears.
    Mouth watering bliss.

    Crushed ice cubes.
    Numb eyeballs.
    Utter brain freeze.

    Core on fire.
    Brain on ice.
    Life is nice.