Author of the nature poetry bestsellers: There Is Always Universe, The Wild Keeps Her Holy, and Poems From A Turquoise Heart. IG: @t.aurora.poetry

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  • tiffanyaurorapoetry 137w


    O c t o b e r
    will always belong
    to the way you
    held my hand.

    —Tiffany Aurora

  • tiffanyaurorapoetry 138w

    A piece from my brand new best-selling collection of nature poetry: There Is Always Universe. Available worldwide on amazon and book depository through my website (link in bio) Thanks for reading. 💙💌
    Come find me on instagram: @ t.aurora.poetry
    And on Facebook: Tiffany Aurora Poetry

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    We were short.
    But it was
    sweeter somehow.
    Longer lasting.
    Like a clever little poem
    I will always keep
    on the tip of my tongue.

    —Tiffany Aurora


  • tiffanyaurorapoetry 138w

    The piece from the back cover of my brand new best-selling collection of poems: There Is Always Universe. Thanks for reading. 💙💌

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    There Is Always Universe

    I am made of stardust.
    This I know to be true—
    & if there is Universe in me,
    then there is Universe in you.

    —Tiffany Aurora Poetry