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  • timeblossom 1w

    #lifeadvice #wod
    Thankyou for editor's choice ��

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    Dear younger me ,

    There's no way ..you can be perfect either by your face or by your emotions . The beauty of your face isn't in your control neither your emotions . So never try to hide your real emotions..you are a human and it's ok to be messy and confused .

    People are rarely bothered with what you do , attention is nothing but a plot in our mind . People notice your fall but you have to notice who picked you up . Not every friend is a friend and not every stranger is strange .

    Scars are the real essence of growth and being fearless ..so don't be afraid of them. You are not the only one who's suffering , 7 billion people on this earth and the infinite sufferings they have ... If someone is not kind to you don't get stirred, be kind to yourself.

    Not everyone accepts you the way you are..that doesn't mean you have to change anything about you .. never waste time in making yourself something you aren't ..it will drain your mental peace . Learn to accept yourself then their opinions will barely make you feel bad.

    //Moon never says sorry for it's scars
    The sea never apologizes for the space it takes
    Autumns never felt bad for their falling leaves . //

    Because they are beautiful the way they are , no matter what !


  • timeblossom 1w

    I tried ..I really tried .
    @jeelpatel thankyou for asking me to write love ��

    Thankyou for editor's choice ��

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    Guzargaah //path//

    Learning from the gone.

    Revolving between the people coming and going we got stuck in figuring out who was sincere and who was hypocritical , the gone was gone but the thought was still there in the cerebrum, Introspecting days and nights we were actually learning that nothing stays , whether a person or it could be the occasional thoughts . The dear headed off people made us realise the one who came has to go .. whether by a tragedy or by a chance .

    *Learning that Nothing is permanent , the process of coming and going will continue till we die and after *

    Learning from the change.

    From witnessing the changing weathers to observing the changing human nature, we felt swamped with many equations of doubts and beliefs . The changing weathers are not bad , we always see the beauty in them..but we see no goodness in changing people ..
    Do you wonder why !?
    Because that change is hard to gulp and painful to proceed with. But that change is not always negative for us , keep finding the good in the change and adapt to it .

    If you find nothing to get used to it than let it go . Accept it with placidity .

    *Learning to let it go if it's affecting you , acceptance is the key . Change is the rule of nature *

    Learning from the pain

    Pain is my personal favourite thing to learn from , it teaches all of us everyday .. sometimes we get pissed off and sometimes we enjoy it .
    We get angry when we fail to understand what actually the pain is holding to tell us .
    We feel pleasure when we get it's message . Pain always come with a message , a message to make us understand the essence of life and the moment we take the message ..it says bye .

    Learning from life.

    It's a total riddle one cannot understand it , but always learn . Everyday we are solving a little part of it and sometimes we get stuck again in that solved part . But one thing remains constant that there's always a way . Life is contagious , we never lose ..we always learn and that's the best part .

    *Learning to let it go ..to accept the change , to embrace the pain and to always get stuck with life till life* .

    ©timeblossom/ garima

  • timeblossom 21w

    Happy Birthday star @manasaa❤️ keep shining ..keep twinkling .. love you �� ✨

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    M Miraculous soul dribbling
    A anesthesia through her words .
    N nurturing others with kindness
    A and breeding hope everyday
    S she is a real unicorn in this jarring sphere with
    A an admirable heart and wise musings.

  • timeblossom 23w

    I was finding my drug in the moon , whilst the stars were dribbling the wine I was craving for.

  • timeblossom 24w

    If any mistake , do notify .

    It is ok to be the way you are ��
    Title acha ho skta thaಥ‿ಥ

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    Is it okay to be a grey sunflower, with pale wilted leaves!?

    Maybe in the wide yards of this claustrophobic world , where pink skies are merely mirages and humans are thoroughly becoming hollow . //It is okay to be a grey sunflower, with pale wilted leaves//

    Is it okay to be an autumn leaf , with some partially breathing hopes !?

    Maybe in this Chameleon faced world , where we give additional
    drifts to sorrow and then cry for the happiness we never looked up for . // It is okay to be an autumn leave , with some partially breathing hopes//

    Is it okay to be a deluge of nostalgia , where memories cry when the moments die !?

    Maybe somewhere in the world of the gone , where misery twirls and smiles yearns to be smiled . Where people turns out to be grey and memories are forever .
    //It is okay to be a deluge of nostalgia , where memories cry when the moments die//

    Is it okay to be a pragmatic verse , without metaphors, Onomatopoeia and allusions !?

    Maybe in this fancy world of Limerick skies , epic coffees and
    villanelle gardens , where contentment is always belittled and beams are juxtaposed with Saudade hearts.// It is okay to be a pragmatic verse , without metaphors, Onomatopoeia and allusions//

  • timeblossom 25w

    I hope ..my message is delivered .

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    Hayat 2.0

    Sometimes we have to stop
    loving the things we love the most , we have to leave them because the fear of
    Losing them eats the courage to
    stand up or sometimes those things are short lived and we realise that carrying a place for them in the heart is harmful .
    Let it go , before it makes you to go
    Somewhere you don't belong .

    There's a slight line of difference
    between living and just breathing,
    when you and I believe in the harsh realities of life and move on with the same ease as we move with the joys , we learn the art of living , the rest ? Ah , they are breathing ..just breathing .

    The pain we carry is a way to improve , to understand and to be understood .
    Not everyone gets sodden in the rain , some just keep siting under the umbrella of a temporary refuge . Let the rain wash your wounds . Keep the gates open the pain never stays , the moment you take the lesson..it will go .

    Our body exist in time but our soul belongs to eternity. We have loaded our bodies with broken attachments , invisible scars , unsaid feelings and sham fairytales , one day these all will make the body to burst , to burn . The residues and ashes will remain in the soul .

    Don't spoil the soul in order to save a perishable body.

  • timeblossom 25w


    Came here to extend my gratitude. Thank you WN @writersnetwork , I adore you .��


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    Hayat 1.0

    It oscillates like a pendulum
    between hopes and fears.
    Somedays you fall out of fear and somedays you swing on the last
    second of hope . Living the fear
    we can't describe we rotated the
    Hope hands to the right and started moving in a pseudo body .

    We create heartbreaks from unmeasured expectations and
    Unpredictable attachments , in the end
    we shed number of skins to become
    Someone we never wanted to be but
    the circumstances led to .

    When you realise other dimensions
    exist , you'll never assume your existence , life or even death in the alike
    way you do . There exists infinite natures and behaviours , you can't understand but when you discern their existence , you learn a bit more about
    Life .

    Our soul is whole , even wounded , rusted or completely damaged . A wounded soul bleeds verses of enlightenment , a rusted soul lits the candle of credence and a completely damaged soul sings the lessons of a complete life .

  • timeblossom 31w

    I write when I wish to
    travel in the galaxies ,
    to complete my mysterious
    and unrealistic dreams
    And when I write they do
    Accomplish .

    I write when I want to
    Take the sunlight and sunshine
    together , bringing twinkles and
    Sunflowers inside my pen .
    I write because they won't tell
    me about the castle of dreams.
    In my writings my castle is

    I write when I crave for my
    dose of optimism, In the
    Chaos writing creates muse.
    Blending the pain with
    serenity , I write because
    Writing blossoms peace ,
    peace brings contentment
    And contentment
    breeds eunoia

    When I write , there exists a
    moment of silence . A peaceful
    Lullaby ..a bruised heart needs ..
    When I write the brittle soul becomes
    alive .

    © Timeblossom | Garima

    #silence #wod #writersblock
    I messed up . Ik. But I feel this special silence moment ...only when I write.

    @himanshi_sharma here's something ��

    @writersnetwork thank you so much WN.❤️❤️ Wasn't expecting a repost.

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  • timeblossom 32w

    You will bloom again��

    Thank you for this unpredicted surprise xd
    @writersnetwork . So happy ! ��

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    Beauty in disguise.

    Each day can't be happy ,
    there's always sorrow oozing
    in the backyard of the gone .
    Memories were so warm and it kept
    feeling so uncomfortable under
    that blur sky of tears .

    We are all searching for our forevers,
    are we here forever !?
    Dwindling with this contradiction ,
    stucked in the fire pit of dreadful
    sins, peolpe find solace .. strangely
    covered without any guilt .

    The sky is always ours , it's upon
    our heads ... even if we failed to fly .
    But we disdain what we have and
    die for what we don't have . Do all
    love Chrysanthemums(life flowers) or some also adore cyphers(death flowers)??
    Every eye see this world so different ,
    some see peace in pains and some finds pity in rains .

    You will bloom again ,
    When the inner self becomes adapted ,
    When the eye in you sees the crown of lilacs resting on the death beds of the brave , when the grey sky becomes more peaceful than the pink skies .

    //Acceptance is the key //
    ©timeblossom| Garima

  • timeblossom 33w

    To the girl
    Who wears her scars as a royal tiara,
    Who believes in magic ,
    Who is a suckers for euphoria.

    To dear
    Manasa ( my little star)

    You are so wildly sanguine
    in the all the ways
    I could imagine someone to be
    Sanguine .
    In the harsh days you smells like rain,
    And the charm in your eyes says it all.

    You are so insanely kind
    That my search for kindness ends
    On you .
    Little one , you are a wild spirit with a
    Soft heart .
    In this topsy turvey life you are like
    a star spreading luminous light paving
    the way.

    You are so fiercely strong ,
    You are not your age , you are sagacious enough to heal others.
    You are like spring water to the
    bare mountains.

    You are just like a fairy
    Directly coming from the heavens
    To bless those who
    Can't find a reason to smile .

    Keep your way of
    being extraordinary ,
    Keep this glow
    Others will come to you
    Just to feel it.

    I love you , and words can't describe it .
    Thank you for being a part of my life .. you makes me smile . You are wondrous and incredible .

    The kindest here. @manasaa
    Sorry , if I failed to do justice with the perfection you hold .


    Best wishes and big bear hugs.

    Edit : thank you for the ��WN @writersnetwork

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