I Am A Creative Empathic Spark Of Ancient Frequencies Here to Restore Healing Vibes In a Creative Way

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  • timelesspoeticessence 167w

    Vinyl Heart

    She lets the Record Play, hoping that it could spin her Painful thoughts away, A Cup Of Wine A Day Keep The Therapist at Bay, When she wanna live vicarious, She just Play a Song Hoping It Has something to Say That Could somehow make it all Okay, But, Then She had to Play Another Track, Now she lost in nostalgia As The Beat carried Her, Like Paul bearers doing a Funeral She know she a Good Wombman with A Head on her Shoulders That make you wanna Know Her, And Still They overlook her she felt she was ugly since no man wanted to marry her, But, If i see her, I See Her for what She is Worth, They couldnt feel it because they didnt wanna Dig Her Up, they didnt know she was A Diamond Necklace Hidden Beneath the Dirt of this Luscious Earth, She done Been through Alot of Hurt, She just Now seeking for a new Love That Could feel like a breath of Fresh Air and give her a New Birth, I call Her Record Spin Girl, Because When She thinks She Expresses it So melodically Til her Vocalistic Music Changes the vibrational Tune of the World

  • timelesspoeticessence 168w

    Busy Signal/Work In Progress(W.I.P.)

    I am Freeing My mind, that means I Am free In My Time Which is all created in the vibrational Space of my Sacred Mind, They see my Thoughts often but, When they go to deep into those waters then they go blind, third eye bright, I Am Freedom Like a Bird In The Sky When In Flight,See Love In My Future As well as in my hindsight, Im So ahead of my Temporality Til I Visualize and Rearrange the Vision as i re-Imagine how to fathom a masterpiece That could only come from The Lips of a Poet wit a gift to paint Pictures like rain drops In The Clouds, My Heart roars as my Soul Soars I Become a Spirit Of the elemental Wild Since a child, i been strange, I Be Ying But I Also hang wit the yang We the best up in this Game, I Seen the lessons and i teach my Own inner reflection as im releasing all the stressing That use to be Tormenting my brain, as i let the stress out, I Step out, Out of body experience, Leaving a sign on my vessel saying leave a message cause i stepped out(BEEP!!!)

  • timelesspoeticessence 168w

    Raw Truth

    At the end of the day,

    What do we really gain?

    From all the lives that is slain?

    These thoughts living on my brain,

    We all one in the same,

    All searching for a purpose,

    But, is it really worth this pain?

    If you really see what I see,

    I see we need change,

    But,when will it be?

    When will the sun shine again?

    Will the senseless wars ever end?

    We already face wars within,

    We all lose, this battle we may win,

    But, where does it all begin?

    How did it fall apart?

    When did the bitterness and hatred start?

    So many grudges held in America's heart,

    Who gave them authority to take our rights?

    We should've been put a stop to it,

    But, yet I don't see any signs of break lights,

    Some days I wish to take flight,

    So much violence in my sights,

    Weighing like the thick silence of the night,

    We all been attacked,

    But, remain intact,

    What if the media lies?

    About the so called facts?

    How do we know what's true?

    When they hold so much back,

    I'm speaking about the news,

    Now you don't have to ask,

    We all under propaganda attacks,

    Not knowing what's going on,

    While at night we nap,

    We know something going on,

    But, questioning what's rational,

    Is what we often lack,

    Who is the criminal?

    Keeping everything subliminal?

    Hidden from our eyes,

    What are they afraid of?

    That we may revolutionize?

    Like malcom and martin?

    Before they met their demise,

    How long will we be victimized?

    That's the question that really should be televised,

    To The Unaware,

    It sounds a little crazy,

    Especially when that kind Of Atrocious stupidity,

    Happens on the daily,

    But, letting the truth be heard,

    Rarely happens maybe,

    If we would be wise with words,

    Wouldn't be so many lives lying on the curb,

    Dead from murder blaim it on psychotropic meds,

    For why so many

    so psychopathic in the head,

    It ain't their fault,

    What they think,

    Ain't their thoughts,

    Blaim the shrinks,

    And the medication,

    Which got them under sedation,

    Screwing with their rationalization

  • timelesspoeticessence 168w

    Writing on the Wall

    Let me, sign up on the wall, on my thoughts my mind heavy, so Let me drop ledge up on the wall, Im Executing a Whole New wisdom of Paul, My mind running away, it is going awhal, Growing like a giant, goliath tall, I Defy as I Fly as a griffin rebel, Blast at the devil then i keep it cruisin, overtime, winner, overcoming my winters, That i no longer remember, I Am King Simba, Humble as a lion but, Jump in between the line of A sinner and a saint, Im poetically unstoppable just like a tank, I Am everything that the demons aint, I stop to think...(contemplate in innerspace to project into another astral place...) Cliff hanger everytime that i flow i spit the image of The One who said the british is coming the wicked is coming then i Give the signs of the times to Premonitionize the Mind of danger, As i release the peace to Shoot a Shot at anger no flirt though, I Just go in like a 9 to 5 work flow, Im Beserk, watch my mind twerk, thats that true intellect, i deserve my respect, I Overlap life as i kiss death, i come back mortal kombat thats that ressurect, no easter, I Align ishtar, I Combine the Elements, all Hate is irrelevant, Im heaven sent, im divine essence, Stop right there you entering a Eloihmical presence

  • timelesspoeticessence 168w

    Second Coming

    I been through many sleepless nights, I Seen the devil in the eyes of the sheets of the knights dressed in white, I Even seen the cries As they was dried while we rose in paradise, I seen the gamble and chose not to rose The djinn's dice, I Looked back into the afterlife, but, i didnt turn to stone, cause i didnt judge the ones that sin so i was rolling the pebble, Until the thoughts of matter turned dark as it settled, but, they dont hear me though, I Dove in the river of Peace and Seen the flow, As i Reaped the Blessings of the hatred i had endured i begin to embrace the love that I Sow

  • timelesspoeticessence 168w

    Self Questioning

    I often ask myself, Who Am I? Do You? I see Life Pass By But, It Is Fun When your astral body fly In The View Of The True Hue, But, Let me Not Question me too deeply, But, Hey You Who Are You that is asking these questions? Soul essence, Infold blessings, To Unroll the carpet of Sacred Present Like A Blunt, im just blowing on self inspiration in the wind, Imagination is On a different mode, Fire in my spirit Keep me warm when i feel cold, What is a woe To a Man, Another Inner conflict not yet to understand, Up Down Come join the dance of The Universal Width of the band, where will we land? Only time will not Tell, as We Cruise on this parallel between Heaven and hell while chilling laughing at all the times We fell, just to rise again, Darkness come then the Sun peeps its head again over the horizon meaning the future is bright so detach from all fright knowing deep down it will be alright if ya keep your heart Light

  • timelesspoeticessence 168w

    Yeshuic Frequency

    They try to call Yeshuah an atheist, because He is Eye and i aint been to church in a bit, barely Get on my knees To Pray, but, i keep it the holy/pure way in every single part of my day, It says the one Lord who is the Creator of Heaven and Earth is not in a temple built by Hands, so by me teaching and Poetically weeping in the streets Means my Divine plan is sacred and deep they could never understand the man i am if they sit around and Judge, So I Just Flip it all around Hold up my head up to Keep hidden my Crown As I Shine down on the earth an abundance of Love, never looking down on a soul unless to give them a hand to hold in the day and age where many hateful and cold, Except for me, i align wit the Mind of my Higher Destiny, and they try to Peep my reasons, For knowing the Ledge of my seasons, But, They can never know my Heart Unless i open my Prophetic mouth of Oracles and start speaking, but, a wise Man Once said nothing so i be quiet, while standing in the silence Throwing middle fingers in the air to the racial violence, But, that dont mean my all seein eye dont see it, but, i dont believe in seeing my spirit Vexed, So I Cover my right eye and Seek with my Left As I See the Illusions that tries to hex, and block it out with Positive vibes, then Eye Arise wit a new Flow That glows freely As it Tramples the spiritual flesh of pride, Take a ride to the otherside, To Seek council wit my ancestors, Standing ten toes in the Sand of The Rays of Amen As i gaze to the Sun My Heart And Mind agrees at the same time sayin Diamond comes from The Drums of pressure.

  • timelesspoeticessence 168w

    Universal Justice

    This Wow Moment of Bliss,
    I been seeking for You all along, You are a teacher and a student, You Innerstand Yourself to stand Over yourself, As You Become your own Seer,
    Your own answer and question, You are the Clarity, So when You share with others, You also share with Me, The Air You Breathe, Is Mines As Well, All Aligned Within the signs, We Are Syncronistic Twins, Inside We dwell, Outside We Create As Quick as we exhale,
    Every time You see the Radiance of the bright,
    ;shining Star, I Visit You every now and again,
    utilize poetry As A power of suggestion, To Cause the Inner Vortex To Spin, Like A Solar Wind, As I Balance With the lightness Of a Colder Wind,
    To Bring all that I Seek into my conscious reception, Including Me as I Freely let go of the many outcomes of Desire,
    I Attract the Essence Of my Cosmic Twin Fire.
    All It Takes Is We,
    ;to express it, And Then Gratitude as Eye have Faith In my abilities to manifest it, As It swiftly comes To The Intention Of My Chi,
    For Me to become My Own Individualized, Message Of Empowered Vibes,
    Eye AM What I Been Awaiting For all along,
    The Primal Creative Force Within Me Been, waiting for Me To come Home, Back to My Space Of Ori-Gen, Where My Archaic Past Life Story Begins,
    As Eye align my Gut, with my Heart, to Bring The Light Of the Eye To awaken my whole Dome, All Becomes Harmonized As a Cosmic Tune of a celestial Accordian,
    All It took was Multi dimensional versions Of Me,Myself, And Eye, Interconnecting With the Meteorite fragments Orbiting,
    To turn the Light Switch On,
    As I Internally Unify, I remember My Olden Nome,
    All Sees the Change, My Christic Nome, Is Inscribe Within My Internalized Chakra Planes, In Uniquely toned Tongues Unknown, To the prying drones, I Still can easily recall My First signs Of existence When I Came Out s(Spiritually) crying From my MAthers Womb,
    Still wasnt Yet Ready To Arrive into this Earthly tomb(Body) So Soon,
    But, Sacred Wisdom Says I mustnt Conform To Their Illusionary States Of Doom/Mood,
    As the Walls Drop Within the center of my Creative Flame,; I Became, This Lightly Shaded Native Hue, Of A Lovely complexion, That Only A Balanced Feminine And Masculine Energy Could Ever Interfuse,
    Bridging The Gap between the Actuality and The Dream, I Begin To Construct many times, Within My Muse, These Arent Just poetic Thoughts Of Mine, This is the Pages from The Akashic Library of Mother Earth's Myserious Design,
    Reality, Is Just A Mentally, Constructed Manifestation, Of Subconscious Created Gravity, To Pull All resonated Energy Into the Awareness Of Our Multidimensional Soul Streams, Blue Printed Reality That Correlates with The Matching Of Our Soul's Contract,
    For us To Either Use Or Defuse, As We Inter/enter Acts,
    We Have The Conscious Rite/Right To Choose, To Either Attach Or Detach,
    By The Essence of Our Rays, We Tap into The Matrix To Araise, Then As We Sleep, Our Pure Awareness Awakens To See What New Reflections To Delete, Or to Keep,
    We Must Stay Fully Present, To Move through these Many Waves unscathed, By The Lower densities That creep,
    The Emotive Lower Vibration of being afraid is what These lower Entities Crave, As Fear we decrease, Love Becomes increased, The Longer The Intended Feeling Is Held, The More We Become Of an image That Parellels, What We vibrationally inhaled and exhaled, Laying The Seeds Foundation, Becomes Over many Focused moments A Cosmic Egg, That Breaks through The Shell,
    I Choose Empowered thoughts Of Self actualized Truth, So I Live and express From the Inner Wisdom of the Gut, clearing All negative Images that may try to roost, As I
    aligned with The Heart,
    Pyramidic Languages Being Built, Through Expressive Art,
    As Above So Below, I Write, I Let the Divine Within Do As I AM Presence In Me Wills,
    I see Many Newly released Pathways Within me being revealed,
    As I Write a Sacred Messag Of 7 Energy Seals, The Universe Sentience, For My Destiny, To Me Is Reveal/reveiled as I Intuitively Feel,
    I radiate a deeply calming resonance, Of Interweaving Tracks Of Contentment, Resonating Soundly Into The DNA, Positive Frequencies Of Bliss, I am Abundance, With A Jubilant Congruence, Of Being in Union With All, I Am Oneness,
    With the Calmness Of The Waters, Intermixed With the Aura Of A Tribal Shaman, That Shapes The Shift, Following The Inner Knowing Pace, Of An Enchanted Wombman, As Her Subtle Gestures symbolically Illuminate The Trails To Take,
    With The Voice Of Power So Potent Til The Ground quivers and shakes, As she delivers To Karma The Fates Of The Patternized 8's, But, At the same time calming, Her Pupils resemble Feline qualities Of Greenish black,
    She Moves With The Artistic Motion Of A Seamstress With the arcane Senses Of A Cat,
    She Turns All Names back To expressions, So abstract and intellectually Made, Til it Appears as if it's sacred geometrical math being laid, in a way She almost reminds me of Baast, Before She Vibrates As She Laughs, so balanced With Truth in One Hand, And Supreme Justice In the other, I know, Now That This is MA'At.

  • timelesspoeticessence 168w


    They sleeping on me like anesthesia, Life is deep homie, Like 6 Feet, In the dirt Connectin with the Reaper, I Am angel in the midst of Beastly creatures, I Kiss the lips of a Freak As She Becomes a Seeker, Of Universal Perception, We intermesh as we caress in the moment of reflection, We embrace our lessons, acknowledge it then turn it to a mirror of wisdom To gaze at the Divine Goddess in her true essence, I been going through the blues but, You couldnt tell, I Moon Walk on brimstomes as i Turn hell into a paradise that is a glorius story To Find Leverage, balancing with my inner God and Devil on the carousel, Flow so dirty like a throw away Gun, I Am Banging ying and yang til kingdom come, i am an old Soul but Still feel so Young, Love exist only in my nightmares But when my dreams come true, It manifest quicker than bullets out a tommy gun, I Am The Wand, Who the Darkness trying to test, I steal the Hate and turn it into love that is what you call positive progress, I Slide into my inner Conflicts, and bend it over And make love to it, I Am So Intuit, Flow so intimate, My goal is on Higher frequency Volumes As I Bring you up with a lift, I Am Enough For the mix, I am like a combination of the Ankh spiraling into a cruficix, I am jaded with Judases, I Rather Inspire Healing with my gift, Then move back into the silence of the shadows, I Bring peace into the violence As i Hang with me,myself and Eye like a Gallow, I embrace the perception of my Inner Sihoulette, Even after all that i been through i still keep my head up and dont Feel low yet, But, If Pain Get too overwhelming then i just astral project into another dimension As i allow my Dream self to slap the Mess out of my regrets

  • timelesspoeticessence 168w

    Intertwining Mental Mysteries

    Nothing is ever as it appears to be, and that is clear to see, Keeping Us in the dark Must be a universal conspiracy, to keep our mentalities blind to the signs, Leave our minds intertwined to the mysteries That Creates A Space that we cant trace, But, yet it is there laying sublime For the ones who seek deep enough to find, Either Dirt is found or a Diamond The Choice is All Yours, Who searches below the surface Of The Purpose Of Your Soul's Core, There will be distractions of War, But, Look At Peace For that is the only Key That You truly wish to Reach