I follow no rhyme scheme, I am just a free verse. Email Id - anushka.tiwari.0317@gmail.com

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  • tiwarianushka17 2w

    The Sun kept waiting for Moon whole day long...
    Alas! When it woke up, the day was over.


  • tiwarianushka17 3w

    Have you ever thought about the sadness of the one who takes away everyone else's sadness?
    You have a moon to add light to your dark night, But Maybe from the eyes of moon it's all dark. Because moon has no moon!

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    They cry in fornt of me complaining about the drak nights,
    I give them a ray of hope with my moonlight,
    But it's different that for me there's no light,
    When I see around there's just darkness in sight!

  • tiwarianushka17 7w

    You aren't a hero if the things are going right and you intend to do good. But rather if you can take the burden of negativity and pressure of your broken dream and still feel the same way; You surely are one!
    Because it just takes a millisecond for a superhero to turn into a villain.

  • tiwarianushka17 8w

    The lost me

    I am lost finding me,
    I don't know what I am or want to be.
    I see the clock turning days into night,
    Nights are moonless & days without sunlight.
    I am not caged but neither I can fly
    I sit on ground blaming sky
    So next time if we meet; you see,
    Please help me find lost me...

  • tiwarianushka17 10w

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories.
    #start #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersnetwark

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    I am the midnight of forgotten memories. Memories that can't be called moments now. I always saw life as a jigsaw puzzle. The peices are always with you waiting for you to find them. But what if one fine night they are just so done with your lack of attention towards them that they start going away from you; further and further. And you stand silently realising the moment turning memory. You would find a thousand similar pieces but the void of the one gone forever is and will be forever. Just like that minute of the day when clock says " Start dear, I'm starting again so why not you!" And if you fail to start it won't stop itself for you. Yes, I wasn't in time. And now all I have is to wait, wait for another day and try to forget my midnight memories.

  • tiwarianushka17 13w


    Beautiful worlds with colours all bright,
    But life of individuals are black and white,
    Few see the moon in the perpetual black night,
    Don't you think it all depends upon your sight.

    I see the world as cruel as if full of fights,
    But I still believe is stories of Queens and Knights,
    Today it's dark outside doesn't mean tomorrow there won't be light,
    Don't you think it all depends upon your sight.

    That little bird failed to fly but one day she'll take her flight,
    You won't always get boon it comes along with plight,
    Due to fear of it getting lost we can't stop soaring kites,
    Whatever it is however it is ;
    Don't you think it all depends upon your sight.


  • tiwarianushka17 14w

    They ask me; what will I do without him,
    I guess I'll be a butterfly without wing,
    Or a nightingale who can not sing,
    Without him; I'll be everything still nothing.

  • tiwarianushka17 14w

    Ocean Inside

    There's an ocean flowing inside me,
    Ocean I feel and only I can see.
    With different days different as weather,
    It's shape and size change in ways I can't handle altogether.
    When high tides knocks the door; it finds a way out through eyes,
    I try to contain it inside but water-falls and dries.
    Every day when night's blanket covers sky long and wide,
    I let myself drown in the ocean to count days I died inside.


  • tiwarianushka17 20w

    After all these years, even today just your text is enough to give rise to the feeling I never knew what to call.


  • tiwarianushka17 20w

    #paradox #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Thank you so much for EC����

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    My dream came to be my biggest nightmare.