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  • tour_orah 15w


    Novels ain't real
    But I still read and write them
    I never watched a cartoon as a kid
    But with my grandkids, I'll still watch them

  • tour_orah 16w

    Jimmy O. Yang

    "It's probably better to disappoint my parents for a couple of years than to disappoint myself for the rest of my life."

  • tour_orah 18w

    Conway The Machine - guilty ✍️❤️

    "I'm not a Christian, but I believe my life is scripted nigga!
    When I got Oscar, Will I feel like Smith nigga?
    I am guilty for being a Machine for Conway
    I really lace cocaine on these lines
    All poets write, but no one is writing like this"

  • tour_orah 18w

    Therapeutic Thora

    Historians let's go back to 2012
    My crew stole pens,I picked up a feather
    R.Kelly's calendar got me having lunch after 12
    I had blessing verses, but now this is murder

    Falling in love with poetry
    Got me alive ghosting the world
    Got me failing chemistry and poetry
    Discovering #Thoranation_SA poetic world

    Sick internally, this must be the same cancer
    That took away my grandpa from me
    If that's true, no wonder why he couldn't beat cancer
    Slowly but fast and consistent - it eats me

    A dream chased until turned into a nightmare
    Somebody please tell Mihle and &Y that's I care
    Otherwise, y'all understand that life isn't fair

    It's the Garden of Eden
    But I don't speak to the snakes
    I won't dare eat from a forbidden apple tree
    Gonna keep on writing the naked truth

    *Unofficial poem

  • tour_orah 19w


    Since 2012

    "Literacy is everyone's additional language of romance, a mysterious planet filled with fun and a truly better to live in environment. Reading is a way of getting there, writing can get you any plate but writing radical and with black consciousness will get the type of Dr. Sebi's one."

  • tour_orah 20w

    Rastafari ♥️

    Fire burn Rasta chalice
    Melon fire di water
    In garden, there's no Babylon, but chillas
    Like rats dis cheese ourselves we sorter

    Jah Tour Orah Dlephu, the poet
    Jah Rastafari I, the blessing Almighty
    Bit da drum no more Facebook poet
    Jah is light, so banana shades a bright

    Skanking sweet like it was back home
    No bleech drinking, Jah's water is life
    No chemistry smoke, no mouth form
    He married a blazing pilot Queen, that's highest wife

    As long it coke/Coke, black or white
    Rastafari can't put dat in mouth or nose
    No burial wishes, Rasta's like child's kite
    Alpha without Omega because I don't pickill up a Rose

    Jah Rastafaria
    Peace and love

  • tour_orah 20w

    To the people

    Thora, it's still that poetic nation
    Blazing to prove I'm a Bingbang descendant
    A street frontline writer, from my '98 generation
    Even my cursive lines are still the prettiest

    If I die in the hood
    For surely I will resurrect at the stage
    I'm gone and it's not for good
    To turn myself into a statue of a Best writer
    But philosophers will twist their minds around the suspicions, so- around the truth and lies too
    Miraquill will keep the history, but the media houses will burn it with bloody inked secrets too
    They just asked me for an interview and I pulled through
    I talked about Stive Biko and they asked me 'who'?
    I'm Black and conscious in this movement
    What's wrong with you?
    'He's sponsored by Colgate' white and funny stories
    As if I had to write black and sad stories
    I wrote a poem 'white' on a valentine's day
    But no one red it

    From the bus stop number 2012
    I've been on this road for like 10 miles
    That's a decade of writing
    I'm still learning everyday
    It's not like I have a lot to say
    Considering I'm a poet, oh I have in way
    Writing many books, with many long poems is another way
    Like in the class of Physics
    Everything that I learnt matter
    I listened to all music, found out it's only Marshall who Matters
    That's why I even rhyme better

    There was this river named Love
    I crossed on its bridge while reading a book
    I feel in Love with Shari Lapena
    She got me writing own novel
    May I be not robbed my synopsis at writer's block

    To the people
    All, out there
    Thora nation people
    People from Sithiweni village
    Mvenyane area, ko Matatiele ntate
    Eastern Cape, the home of legends
    Where we ought to give Mr Mabuyane his Oscar while he's still alive
    Whole Mzansi, I'm talking Africa
    The whole world plus the Land of the Free
    Blinds who feel the screens
    Lovers with the spoiled love
    And the haters with ripe hate
    Reading my stuff, those who will
    Those who might
    Those who doesn't and won't
    But still eventually inevitable will
    The world renowned English literature critics at Harvard
    I'm fuckin' going nuts on that novel
    Cumming for climax
    I know I'm an introvert
    A social Vegan, I don't like meet
    But Maqatha the main character the extrovert
    He'll break everything done
    Like Frank for Flynn in Logic's book

    I love y'all


  • tour_orah 21w

    "People be so good at telling lies, till you wish you could turn lies to truth, so they would be good at telling the truth"
    SIM Dlephu

  • tour_orah 21w

    “Most people die at 25, but aren’t buried until they’re 75” Benjamin Franklin

  • tour_orah 21w

    A poet

    On this island
    I’m sitting cross-legged
    Watching these episodes of reality
    People fighting and dying for unity
    Elders, youth and infants drowning in alcohol
    Sisters, scammers and killers - I see them all
    Devil awarding and promoting my brothers, rapists and druggies
    This lawless law overflows bad judges
    It’s social media, smartphones, Tinder and
    Fake friends, fake lives – this is reality invasion
    No greetings on streets, then tagging each other
    as friends It’s American culture dominance or
    obsession with global trends?
    I ain’t mad at this life
    My criticism ain’t of hate but love
    I can’t be judgemental, a perfectionist is what I am not
    All these people, I am their product
    It’s just I am
    A poet