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  • tranquility_07 27w


    Please do come and save me

    Save me before my soul is turned into

    the ashes by this fire that's been

    burning my skin, bones, veins and

    my soul.

    Please, before I'm not anything anymore,

    ever again.

    Before I'm turned to dust of this cosmos

    carrying thousand of hearts with thier

    unrequited and some regretful stories.

    I don't wish to be like them, I wish to

    see the universe, the stars, the trees

    the sunlight and feel your soul before

    becoming the ashes and just the mere


    I want to live before that, yes!


  • tranquility_07 37w

    Hey there beautiful people! Since, the year is ending can you just leave all the things you are grateful for in the comments section?? Type as if you're talking to whoever that higher power you believe in or anyone you believe in and sharing your gratitude about every good thing that took place in your life this year. Let's take a time and cherish all the good times we spent !

    Aah, this month is so special for some beautiful known reasons and for some unknown reasons. This is the most comforting month for me and the time around Christmas just feels so magical. I feel so happy within. Never mind, just sharing little things, I feel. But yeah, I would be so glad to read, all the things that made you happy. You can actually, read others' as well. Happiness is a beautiful energy it radiates so much. Love and happiness they have very high energies ! They vibrate so much and spread so fast! So, I guess let's be happy!! Haha that's all I had to say.

    Happy December?! Or maybe the last month of the year yay! ❤️❤️

  • tranquility_07 37w

    Just sharing my experience. I guess, I won't be writing poetries anymore but just these things.

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    "Pain fades away", yes never believed in that. But now I do. Yes, with time the pain of the separation does fade away; Not completely. It happens, cuz we release the attachment and hope from that person. We learn to focuss on ourselves and be able to control the reality again, just like we did before we met them. But what they don't tell you is, you never stop loving them. Yes, you may loose the attachment for that's very humanly. But, you never unlove them. Your heart, still completely belongs to them and you can't seem to find warmth of home in someone else; Even after decades. Thier absence doesn't hurt for you accept the reality that is right there infront of your eyes. But, your heart and eyes it does yearn and look out for them. Cuz, love never fades away. And, it's okay that's love, The Unconditional Love. You don't ask them to love you back for you to love them, there's no condition indeed. You just love them, honestly is it even you? No, right. It's just your soul and your heart and you can't do anything about it. Pretty much like you never chose them, you just loved them for no reason. Love is beautiful, very beautiful. Love travels beyond the dimensions we know. It's more powerful than we know. Only, if you have been in love, you know how powerful it is in the universe. So, we just learn to live without them but in the heart, it's only them we will ever wish upon. It's only them. We learn to continue living the life for its beautiful and there's so much to explore here about. We just learn to live and breathe and love ourselves but no, we never unlove them cuz the only person we see Forever with is them. Yeah love happens once and lasts a lifetime ! By far, he's still the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced in my life !

    "Have I told you lately, I'm grateful you are mine!"

  • tranquility_07 38w

    To the guy I write about in all my poems. Aaaaahhhh, I LOVE YOU ! and I love you all too. Hope you all have an amazing day ❤️��

    @writersnetwork thankyou so much for always supporting me. Whenever, I feel like I totally typed the most stupid things in the entire world. There you are in my notification with a like and so many times repost. I love you ��❤️ ( please, take it as a love letter to you. Ok jk jk ������)

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    Love wasn't new to me
    It wasn't something that,
    I hadn't learnt about.
    It was something, I always
    felt and the only thing I gave out.

    Yes, I did know it but when
    you came around, it shocked me.
    Even after knowing love and
    feeling from it for years.
    I never knew one like the
    one, that I felt for you.
    Even after it was the only
    thing I've known my entire life;
    The depth of this shakes me
    to my core.
    I never knew, it was humanly
    possible to love anyone this
    deeply, to feel anyone this deeply.

    I really thought, I had known love.
    Well, I did know but I didn't know
    that one true love, which comes
    with magic, rareness and intensity
    that goes beyond the time & the
    dimensions of the universe; That
    infinite love that is heard once in
    million of lifetimes; The purest one
    that comes just once in a lifetime.

    And, I'm lucky I found in this one;
    In your eyes, your voice, your
    presence and with just You,
    who you are, however you are,
    just the way you are.


  • tranquility_07 38w

    I am stronger than the darkness
    I am stronger than to be it's prisoner
    I'm stronger than to bow my head
    infront of it and become one of them
    trapped behind its darkness.

    Nothing, it will ever be able to do,
    to snatch away or defeat the light
    that I am.
    Yes, I'm much stronger & above
    than that


  • tranquility_07 40w

    And it all comes back to the point
    that even in the times full of darkness,
    without any single ray of light, despite
    the reality looked so hopeless,

    they kept walking in the darkness
    aching and dying to find each other
    AGAIN; guided by the love which
    conquered all the fear, all the demon
    for nothing was more scarier than a
    life to them without each other.

    So, they fought and found each other.


  • tranquility_07 41w

    I knew I loved you when
    all of my fears went
    crumbling down even
    after listening all the
    dark tales about you.
    When I realised I didn't
    care what future holds for us.
    When I realised all of my fears
    and all the other emotions are
    so negligible infront of the love
    I have for you.
    Doesn't matter if the
    world called me an angel
    all your sins couldn't make
    me unlove you or hate you.
    Doesn't matter who
    you are and how much
    demonic and evil you are
    all I knew was, I would die
    to spend another second with you.
    I would do anything to spend
    my every hour with you.

  • tranquility_07 41w

    What a bliss it is to
    let my mind translate
    all the ways my heart
    joyfully assures me
    everyday in its own
    language that how
    badly and dangerously

    I am in love with you ~

  • tranquility_07 41w


    What is so exclusive and special
    about you and this love is,
    I never fuelled my emotions
    for you, neither I did anything
    to keep you thier in my heart.

    Oh, but I did try so much to
    wash the walls after I found
    it was all painted by your hues.
    I did so much to keep my heart
    from falling but it did anyway.

    Loving you comes natural to me.
    And, it's been so long and I still
    never fuelled it, these emotions.
    Yeah, all of these come natural.
    And that is very exclusive about you.


  • tranquility_07 46w

    You are the poetry of my soul.
    You are the song in my heartbeats
    to which my soul dances in love.
    You are the strongest part of me
    and the weakest part of as well.
    You are my forever muse !
    Search for you in me, you'll find
    yourself in every fragments of mine.
    You have made a free spirited soul
    a devotee of yours and only yours.
    I'm free yet stuck with you.
    I'm so consumed and I wish to
    remain consumed for thier is peace
    in your love, rays of hope and magic
    in its existence !
    The most heavenly beautiful thing
    I've ever experienced on this earthly