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  • treble_clef 3d

    #mirage_poetry_contest is a beautiful tribute to the two souls John Solomon and Jo, who are fondly remembered by so many writers here. I never had a chance to interact with them, but here I am dedicating my two experimental haikus to pay my respect to them, whom so many of you remember with such high regard.

    I have endeavoured to highlight the socio-economic and political scenarios in my haikus. #haiku


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    Greed and powerlust
    Radcliffe Line drawn deep in hearts
    Partition, still on?


    Cost of living steep
    No value for human lives
    Irony of life.


  • treble_clef 2w


    Thank you @miraquill for the EC... ������

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    Snowflakes or Shreds of his heart?

    To playful breeze's suasive  rhythm
    Iridescent senora daintily sways
    The jealous helios hurriedly arrives
    To meet his young and gracious muse

    The ballroom lights up for the minuet
    Brooks and valleys join the floor
    Fields and boughs greet the hasty feet
    of the folks singing the sweet lore

    Dressed in the colourful fauna and flora
    He is mesmerized by her colorful  aura
    But seeing the folks enjoying her fruits
    He walks away his heart gone cold

    Her love gone way too far, distraught
    she sheds the colors in grief and despair
    Her fading beauty shreds his cold heart 
    gifting her a  fluffy gown that's pure white

  • treble_clef 2w


    @thread_broken_kite I tried ..

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ���� ..

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    When silence demands to be heard..

    You think you can 
    tame the silence,
    subdue it and 
    keep it trapped
    in the cage
    But you fail to notice it
    simmering in the belly. 

    It explodes unannounced
    erupting into a storming rage 
    Brazen ego has nowhere to hide. 

    Silence sweeps away 
    all that was tenderly sown,
    lovingly watered and pruned.. 
    Eden smothered in the  
    silent fumes. 

    Walking away, you look back 
    one last time
    Your eyes seem to ask
    what your mouth is unable to utter. 
    'Was clutching to ego
    worth all the destruction?'
    It's too late to ask the question.
    Because now you know, 
    Silence wasn't weak after all. 

  • treble_clef 2w


    A bunch of words, recreate precious moments..

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ������.. I'm delighted �� #ecluv

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    Sunset moments

    Waves caress the shores, 
    bestow the treasures
    from the heart of the sea
    and recede  u n n o t i c e d

    Her feet kiss the wet sand
    as she gathers the treasures
    two drops of salty tears 
    mingle with sands  u n n o t i c e d

    The sun gifts the sky myriad hues, 
    giving a moment solace 
    to the tired souls, and silently slips 
    into the ocean  u n n o t i c e d

    A pair of footprints meet the other. 
    Tears evaporate as the fingers interlock. 
    Serene smile lights up the path
    and leads them home  u n n o t i c e d. 


  • treble_clef 3w

    A thought triggered by today's prompt..

    #hyperbole , #wnluv

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost ����

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    Insignificant dust, the human,
    with looming darkness of an ego
    claimed the ownership of the universe
    only to perish with 'her' single nod 


  • treble_clef 4w


    From the archives

    Not my 100th post ��

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    They are the lullabies mother sang
    rocking her baby in her loving arms
    They croon till the anguish fade...

    They are the best buddies
    always there in lonely times
    They build a whole new world...

    They are soldiers
    that protect from darkness
    encapsulating the soul..
    They fight.. fight hard until they bleed..

    They become the merry songs in joy
    They become the years in despair
    They become the voice of revolt
    They become the ushers of new age


    They become..


  • treble_clef 5w

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ������ #ecluv

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    Clutches on;
    Sun won't stay.


  • treble_clef 5w


    I did some digging...

    @murryben thanks for the title ��


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    Whirl Blows the Wind

    Like feathers in a whirlwind,
    Memories of you;

    are caught in an spiral
    And I lose control.

    I fumble with a dizzy spell,
    unaware where I'd land.

    Disoriented, I gaze
    as the reality fade.

    I stop fighting, I surrender.
    It's time to accede to the power.

    Being helpless is an art
    I learn as time passes

    After all Winning and losing
    is only an illusion',

    The realization dawns..


  • treble_clef 5w


    Ever wondered why since ages people have been looking for elixir of youth.?

    Well thank you @writersnetwork for this pleasant surprise ������������������ #wnluv

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    Just a number?

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the receding hair
    that's rapidly changing color 
    and now can be counted on fingers

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the gathering wrinkles 
    which once were called soft and supple
    now wilting on the shrinking muscles

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the slowing wobbly gait
    needing a stick to share the weight
    Or two extra hands to keep you straight

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the ever weakening senses, 
    the hours of the nights spent sleepless
    the tremble, the tremors, the uncalled penance

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to your ignorant future self
    that one day will sit alone wishing longingly
    for those wasted good ole merry days. 

  • treble_clef 5w



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    Illusion called Forever

    I used to love the bright daylight
    I loved to see the shine in your eyes
    It sang of the love you held in your heart
    It promised me the sun, moon and the stars

    Time walked in so stealthily, and has
    cleared away the cherished dreams
    All that's left are the hollow words that seem fake
    The love songs we sang have become prosaic

    How I've come to love the night and it's darkness
    that gloriously hides away all my disillusionments
    Lying to self is an art I learn as I go along. 
    I thought that love would last forever.. I was wrong.