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  • tribalrose13 11w

    How I see you

    Shattered by Darkness
    Saved by the Light
    I saw your fractures
    Shiny and bright
    I felt your edges
    Sharp against my soul
    Fragments tempored by Love
    Has finally made us whole.

  • tribalrose13 39w

    Original photography of myself by MG

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    You're like a light,
    To my soul.
    You shine into my places, dark
    Exposure bright,
    like a blade.
    You cut through to my deepest parts.
    I'm laid open,
    bared to you
    And freely give to you my heart.

  • tribalrose13 107w


    Breathe the truth in
    Then darkness out
    The poison rises...toxic

    Lightening singed air
    the smell of ozone
    Fills your nose...static

    You recognize
    that Chaos reigns
    Truths exposed...graphic

    Destiny awaits
    It's in the air
    It almost glows...magic

    Karmas here
    Saving a life,
    opening a door,
    exposing a fraud
    and drawing us to a close...tragic.

  • tribalrose13 164w

    @ovais43 @mtowheed07

    Photo by @tribalrose
    Model Jelly Bean

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    At least, look me in my eyes
    When you tell me your pretty lies.

  • tribalrose13 166w

    The V card

    Don't be a victim
    Be the victor

  • tribalrose13 166w


    Do you know the pain of farewell? Where it feels like each breath you take is only half of what it should be. You can't get enough air in or out and it burns like fire. When you finally get enough air, you exhale in a shaky shrill warble. Coming out part wail & part scream. I've heard it. From my grandmother who lost her husband and her son. From me, when I lost Caely and my 4 babies. This year makes 16 years since I said farewell to my only daughter and May is her birthday. She would have been 32. I always knew from the moment she was born that she was not going to be mine forever. It felt like she was on loan to me. A gift. I actually told that to people. People say it will get easier. It does not get easier, it gets different, but not easier. If you are like me, you will think of that person every single day. Every single hour of every single day, but in time (and that length of time is different for everyone) it will get different. To me, it felt like a heavy burden that I could shift to different areas. I would carry it in the front, then on my hip. Then move it to my shoulder. Just moving it around so I could get a better handle on the burden of having to say goodbye. It's been 15 years, it has not gotten easier. Just different.

  • tribalrose13 172w

    Dedicated to my aunt.
    Model Gail and her husband

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    Laugh Lines

    When what ever beauty I had is gone
    And memories are lines time can't erase
    I want to see our life together
    Etched in the planes of your face
    If I give you more reasons to laugh
    Than I ever give you to cry
    Then I will have lived a life worth living
    By the time we say goodbye

  • tribalrose13 172w


    We each had to be shattered,
    Broken down, left raw and bare
    For us to see, in each other
    The kindred spirit there
    You embraced me,
    And all my shattered parts
    I'll try to heal you
    And your jagged heart

  • tribalrose13 176w


    I have barely kissed him
    Have only held his hand
    But on my ring finger
    There sits a silver band
    Mine says "My forever"
    His "You are my heart"
    Though we're not together
    We intend to never part
    Time feels like shackles
    Distance like a cage
    But he knows I understand
    His love, his heart, his rage
    Though I see him in pictures
    I want to break the glass
    Setting our love ablaze
    And freeing him at last

  • tribalrose13 177w

    @mtowheed07 @soundshack
    Original photography by Tribalrose13
    For you my Baby, my Heart @brashboy

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    I see the Darkness in you.
    It calls to me.
    It's animalistic, primal, aggressive and possessive.
    It rolls around my skin like silk. Tempting like sin and tasting like dark chocolate.
    I revel in your Darkness.