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  • trinakhi 24w

    Burning flames of the dreams evaporates dissipating through the air ,that i once carried inside getting dissolved in the sky,
    Making my whole body feel like a corpse and lose it's authenticity overtime,
    Every word turning into a verse of affliction,
    Sonnets are the freedom stories which are now in state of perplexity.

    I hold scars inside my heart along with the remnants of old times,
    Amplifying melodies of heartbreaks with symphonies of the transient ocean waves,
    Where my vulnerabilities are out of reach against of the conveying words,
    Crystallizing the thoughts of the sky.

  • trinakhi 24w

    To the million reasons through which my insanity can't ever be explained,
    The pain that I've been adorning forever,
    Where I feel being drenched in the melancholic atmosphere,
    I hold a sorrow beneath my heart,
    My soul been tangled in the maze that
    never ends
    Not letting my heart to bloom ever,
    Where oblivion is an art and the landscape
    of my life ends

  • trinakhi 25w

    Your heart is home to me,
    And where my feelings are being
    carried to being unknown,
    The sky is where our dreams get
    merged that accomplishes me.
    - trinakhi

  • trinakhi 27w

    You're the inescapable spiral that i
    can't get over, Sometimes being missing while being found Like the thoughts
    revolving around.

  • trinakhi 28w

    Death is a piece of art and the synonym of grief, it examines you and
    to how much extent you can just control your emotions without crumbling apart.

  • trinakhi 29w

    Real pain can't be expressed, It's your intuition or the poetry buried inside
    your heart that it describes, sometimes running out of words.

  • trinakhi 30w

    It's so difficult to just move on in life but
    once you get used to, it becomes easiest of all the things to deal with, once you know what loss is you're just least probably to get affected by it.

  • trinakhi 30w

    You're the protagonist of the stories, of the thoughts inside your mind, they cannot live forever or die forever and even if they're daunting sometimes but there's a way out of it.

  • trinakhi 32w


    Time is like river, it's just flows without
    a pause, Just like this year was woven with heartbreaks, trauma and bliss,
    Where I survived and died every single
    day Scratching my bruises out of it,
    Some bonds faded while some remained
    with the promise of eternity,
    experiences were poetry adorning the flaws,
    The love i deserved is what I caved in for
    the most and the instances changed forever,
    the velvet heart which I never had, well it ends well spending some part of perpetual time with a hurricane of tranquility.

  • trinakhi 32w

    My heart is a place where you reside perpetually, Where the love i carry for you is irrational, even when the world gives up on you I want you to stay here forever.