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  • truevibes 1w

    I intended not to lay awake till morn,
    Yet did reading a book inked by an author long gone,
    Oh, how glad I am for losing my sleep,
    Turning pages filled with grief,
    Thank you, you unapologetic writers of the past,
    Your words will remain a gift to mankind till it lasts.

  • truevibes 5w

    A Few Brave Souls

    A capricious mystery, I strive to solve;
    In happiness and sadness, I tend to evolve;
    Trying to get rich before the end of the rope,
    So inside my detached heart, I treasure hope.

    Tired of the Fall and Spring I yearn,
    Although a withered tree, I stand firm;
    Lost in the woods somewhere is my broken faith,
    And it’s whereabouts, I no longer care.

    Once a believer in love, now a skeptic I am,
    But I do hope love is more than a scam;
    And I shall trust only a few brave souls,
    Who strive to keep their might unsold.

  • truevibes 5w

    Nothing made sense;
    The Seed felt scared,
    Buried in darkness, in vain.
    But eventually She was touched by the Mother’s rivers,
    Whoosh! The Father’s shine chased her fears,
    And there She grew pretty and wild,
    Into a forest harbouring Death and Life!

  • truevibes 6w

    Shrine of Lies

    Nothing changed in Man,
    Neither the fleeting love nor the lasting lust;
    And away He went destroying Earth,
    To satiate His meek hunger and thirst.

    Crossed every scrupulous line,
    Drawn consciously by Him long ago;
    Resulting in a tousled grand history,
    Where in the red rivers flowed.

    Earth’s cries for help or vengeance;
    Man had silenced the helpers with a bribe,
    And then He rebuilt Her world;
    But not before He wrecked Her tribes.

    Damned be the Devil and God,
    For taking Man’s bribe of flawed holy shrines,
    And when Mankind’s court summoned them,
    They took the degraded Man’s side.

  • truevibes 6w

    We cannot love without disliking a small or a huge part of the consequences that would follow; just like how we love the calm Spring and groan about the hot Summer that ensues. Love is a package. We have to take the whole deal or none of it.

    There’s no bargain in love.

  • truevibes 7w

    Hold on, you tired soul;
    After the dark night is gone,
    A bright day would dawn!

    Hold on, you kind heart;
    After the pain inside dies,
    A hero would rise!

  • truevibes 8w

    I think of the time gone,
    Some of it I used, the rest I drained;
    And I ponder with a hint of fear,
    Not about the portion drained but utilised;
    Will it ever take me anywhere
    Apart from the grave,
    Will it ever bring me anything,
    Apart from the pain,
    Will it ever leave me something,
    Apart from the sins,
    Will it still hold meaning,
    In case I do not win.

  • truevibes 8w

    Take me in your arms,
    I ain’t gonna lease your heart;
    I do not wish to walk that lane,
    No offence Honey, but I like myself sane.

    Let us lose our clothes, not our hearts,
    We can kiss hard like we know;
    You can feel my hands follow your curves,
    And you can feed my ears your tender moans.

    Your every quiver, I’ll lend you mine;
    Your wet tongue always in sight,
    Hunt me like I’m your prey,
    We’ll make it worth our time!

    Cross your legs around me as we get high;
    You can surrender your body or prison mine,
    Let me know if you’re ready, Girl,
    To cherish the moment and return for more.

  • truevibes 9w

    What is right, what is wrong,
    Every conscience sings a different song,
    We could choose ours or the flock’s,
    We should choose the pain of our fall.

    What is good, What is bad,
    Every decision leads to a different path,
    We could choose the turn to take,
    We should choose until the breaks fail.

  • truevibes 9w

    How do I believe these mighty mountains
    Are merely huge rocks sprinkled with snow,
    That through their beautiful lifelesness
    They can touch the deepest depths of my life!

    How do I believe these silent forests
    Are merely acres of land sprinkled with seeds,
    That through their loud silence
    They can soothe the darkest fears in my mind!

    How do I believe these fleeting waters
    Are merely chaos of hydrogen and oxygen,
    That through their illusionary blue
    They can wet the barren deserts in my eyes!