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  • trulyamazing 15w

    When you say

    When you say
    It's time for you to sleep
    My heart stops for a while
    And words remain unspoken
    The stories I had woven all day
    Will now remain unsaid
    I will erase everything
    Only to start
    Writing and weaving again


  • trulyamazing 15w

    And I hoped

    I hoped a million times
    Of being understood
    By everyone around
    Or atleast Someone

    I hoped and hoped
    I wouldn't be alone
    When I need you the most
    In my darkest hours

    I hoped sometimes
    Tomorrow will be a new day
    That you will be here
    And we will be together

    I still hope
    Universe has a plan for us
    There must be a reason
    That our paths crossed

    I can't help but hope
    Life will be gentle on me
    Knowing you are far too distant
    To save me with a hug


  • trulyamazing 15w


    If words could explain
    What longing feels like
    If eyes could explain
    What it means to wait
    If skin could convey the fire
    Which burns within
    If the hands of the clock
    Could measure the sleepless nights
    If night could darken
    The white pain of separation
    If daylight could fill
    The endless hours
    If water could quench my thirst
    For the knowledge of you
    Waiting wouldn't have seemed
    Like an unfathomable gulf.


  • trulyamazing 15w

    Being alone

    Yes you are here
    Each moment with me
    But when you fall asleep
    Leaving me in the dark
    My World shuts down
    And I do not know
    If I ever belonged


  • trulyamazing 15w

    Of a Day in the Life

    Each day is a new chapter
    In the hefty tome of our lives
    Even a small piece of news
    Can upset the schemes
    Perfected over years

    Like the roof of
    A centuries old house
    That caves in one day
    Having witnessed years of
    Joys and fortitudes

    Causing a maelstrom
    Of dust and debris
    To settle over all things
    Old and New
    And invoke disbelief

    The dust settles
    But the walls stand tall
    As silent proofs
    Of the layers of history
    Visible on their visage

    And then a beam of sunlight
    Kisses the floor
    That hasn't seen the sky
    For as long as it can remember
    The trees and sky beckon above

    Life like the centuries old house
    Finds a reason
    To hold on a little longer
    Because the ray of light
    Had found its way through the cracks


  • trulyamazing 33w

    Little Love

    If Love comes to you
    In tiny parcels of time
    It isn't yours to keep
    And bask in its warmth
    It's yours to simply cherish
    While the goodness lasts
    It isn't for you
    To decide its form and shape
    It's just for you to let
    Your senses open to Life
    It isn't a whirlwind
    To throw you off course
    It's a gentle fragrant breeze
    That lingers on the skin long afterwards
    In the end
    It isn't the treasures you gathered
    It's just the experiences you had


  • trulyamazing 34w

    Half Lives

    From the beginning of time
    To this fast disappearing
    Sliver of a moment
    We are believed to be
    Composed of elements
    The same elements
    Which have fascinating half lives
    And yet nobody
    Mentions the incomplete lives
    Of our Living Selves
    For it is the fuller happier life
    That makes a happy portrayal
    But who decides where we stand
    On planes of binary choices
    Does someone try to understand
    The words which remain unspoken
    And do the rains feel the same
    As the tears in eyes tightly shut
    What of the times imagined
    Which defy hours and seasons alike
    The promises and the vows
    Which were void
    Even before they were made
    To live each day effortlessly
    And yet die silently countless times
    To possess everything
    So much that it feels empty within
    Half Lives waiting to be completed
    But is there a thing as Everything


  • trulyamazing 35w

    You are with Me

    You are with Me
    When you are with Me

    You are with Me
    When you aren't with Me

    I hold you close
    Like a dream

    I dream of
    Being with You


  • trulyamazing 37w


    Tonight I know
    The wind will carry
    My fragrance to You

    Tonight I know
    The Moon will be a witness
    To the beauty of our Love

    Tonight I know
    The stars are shining brighter
    Like your eyes speaking to me

    Tonight I know
    The leaves are rustling
    With the secrets we share

    Tonight I know
    The clouds are floating
    Like the promise of Us

    Tonight I know
    The Night is dense
    Like the unspoken between Us

    Tonight I know
    Like every night before
    And all nights to follow
    We belong together
    Forever and always
    In life and beyond


  • trulyamazing 37w


    It seems like yesterday
    When you held my hands
    In the warmth of your own
    I even remember the feeling
    Like the cloud of breath
    On a cold winter day

    It's been years
    Living and loving
    And yet
    It seems like yesterday
    When I saw you
    For the first time

    And you are still the One
    Who makes my heart race