I am a horror and thrillers writer.also practice mainstream writing is just the expression of my own personal experiences of life.

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  • tuiethetweety 4w


    Before i come,the leaves
    of trees fall down and dry
    up soon,so dry that anybody
    walking on them would make
    crackling sound as they break.
    I come with a great amount of
    coldness,chilling is I'm all about.
    My little footsteps can be heard
    from the fortnight of November.
    I stay for two months and they're
    December and January,during this
    time i prevail over the whole world.
    somewhere,I act as snowfall like rain.
    whereas i am just limited to sheer
    coldness and drops of dews on the
    dawn time leaves and such other
    surfaces,I literally give chills down
    to all and everybody nonetheless.
    I'm the time of Christmas,along
    with the year ending time.
    I'm also the time when a new
    year starts with the hope of a better
    time ahead,you must have guessed
    what I'm,haven't you yet?

  • tuiethetweety 4w


    Starting from darkness
    of the womb and going on
    till embracing death.

  • tuiethetweety 4w


    I admit,we spent countless moments together.
    no matter how good or bad those moments were
    Despite spending so much time with you,still i
    just want one single moment just to get your
    glimpse for once,only for one moment.
    believe me,this one moment will be going to
    be exactly equivalent to the upcoming millions
    or billions moments of my life,ever after.
    I just want to see you,tell me,would you allow?

  • tuiethetweety 4w

    "Winter Is"

    winter is the time i shiver happily and get chills of the coldness whilst feeling blue.

  • tuiethetweety 4w

    "Festivals of Winter"

    Winter isn't all about dry
    fallen leaves of trees or
    snowfall and lowered
    chilling temperature of
    the whole atmosphere.
    Winter,for me is all about
    a season of festivals,and
    I had born during winter,
    maybe that's the main and
    only reason for loving this.
    Winter brings me lots of
    hopes and assures me of
    good things that are ahead.
    each day of winter is the day
    of festival and celebrating
    chilling weather,and the life.

  • tuiethetweety 5w


    It's so irritable that the
    people having a fixated
    perspective,never just
    change,nobody can fix
    their fixated thinking.
    Apart from that,there
    are many things around
    us that can't be fixed.
    broken trust and broken
    heart never be fixed,even
    if they are,still there's a
    sign of cracked lines.
    this reminds they are
    fixed though but not
    the way they were before.
    Replacement however is
    much better than fixing.
    this theory applies for
    the broken relationships
    too!they are also not worth
    fixing anymore.

  • tuiethetweety 5w

    "What Matters"

    Everything that's related
    to my life and so,matters.
    for me,criticisms matter.
    as this is what makes me
    develope and improve the
    subject which included.
    people body shame me.
    But it doesn't matter.
    people brain shame me,
    (calling me mad,stupid)
    this sometimes matters.
    to be honest,it really feels
    so bad when they call me
    mad or stupid dumb person.
    love doesn't matter anymore.
    happiness matters the most.
    I'm only concerned about my
    happiness,or things that make
    me happy or content matter
    the most to me in my life.
    although people around me
    never miss a single chance to
    belittle,reprimand,critisize or
    body,brain shame or even show
    false sympathy to me,this once
    mattered to me and i cried badly.
    but now,their negative attitude
    doesn't bother to me anyway.
    Because i flicked their opinion
    nonsense meaningless words
    just like flicking dust of the coat.
    Me and Myself only Matter.
    nothing and nobody else.

  • tuiethetweety 5w

    "Words Around Me'

    All around me are words,
    when i come up with the
    idea for writing something.
    words then literally fly all
    around me,just wait for me
    to catch them according to
    the need of the sentence.
    i catch them,& put on page
    where they all accumulate
    one by one as per need and,
    craft the most appropriate
    piece,like spider web,they
    weave the threads nicely
    of various type of colors.
    thus i finish with writing
    But once they seem to
    be disappeared,i then
    start suffering writer's
    block as without those
    words I'm just nothing.

  • tuiethetweety 5w

    "Can you see?"

    can you see your pictures
    all around the walls here?
    can you see how much
    affection they behold in
    their eyes,in those pictures?
    and some ethereal paintings.
    which depict the inner souls
    that are still alive,only for you.
    this is subconscious mind.
    where all paintings are kept.
    you the one who left them all
    behind,colours of the painting
    fades away slowly,pictures die.
    the last one shall remain,as the
    dead poets painted it,for you..

  • tuiethetweety 5w


    i love to sit in silence
    when it's the dusk,
    this hour whispers to
    my ears and says
    "be quiet" as the day
    just diverged and a
    great night just above
    to emerge along with
    the darkness and star's
    gleams,a shining moon.
    this is not the time to talk.
    just unwind and sit relaxed
    in the eventual all engulfing
    silence hour,state of solace,
    peace comes holding the
    hands of silence,relieves
    the soul,opening my mind
    and gets me to ponder over
    things i have to do,helps me
    take decision concisely.
    that's why i enjoy silent time.