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  • turmoilmoon 8w

    Summer is baked and naked
    Let's dwell in the woods digging burrows
    There is remnants of liquids
    The sweat we out poured once in an ethereal big mood
    Hills dreaming out loud in seduction
    Whilst I lick the icy mystic waters
    Slithered down in tiny streams
    I'm branching out perpetually
    Whilst your thorns Pierce into my dermis
    Growing in and out of your mouns
    Call out my name in mid syllables
    Caves of you choking in this momentary orgasm
    Grab some friction of rocks, it's good to lose control
    I'm up above the clouds, ecstatically high
    Pull the trigger, it's nature's gun
    The rain wil spill all over you
    Gulp it in and let the rivers flow all over again

    © turmoilmoon

  • turmoilmoon 15w

    The night was quiet
    With lo-fi music at its lowest volume
    Street lights Dampened,
    Dripping it's remains fading to doom

    Mannequins melting with langour
    Plenty of molest in the day
    Raw youth in bloom
    Dark sidewalks for a drugged foreplay
    Craving for my riffs and licks
    My guitar rippled across every fret
    Tasted it well enough
    It's orgasmic wet as my fingers bled
    Midnight summoned me
    The contours of the cosmos was bright
    Swollen Visage of the moon
    Vexed by the fornication of satellites
    It's all greedy gaping
    When there's no blood and water
    Dilated across the invisible time
    It's all a never ending slaughter

    Blurred my thin line of existence
    Switching to a cryogenic sleep
    As my tenderness soothed my torment
    Staring down at my own distorted reflection
    And succumbing to the pure devourment


  • turmoilmoon 17w

    Come to me
    When the moon could shine on its own
    Shedding the layer of fake light
    Right now its just a sphere of darkness
    Come to me
    when all the stars dive into a massive black hole
    A super fast death
    Right now they suffer from a trepidation of Losing light
    Come to me
    when all the oceans evaporate
    And whales swim across the clouds
    Right now they breathe sun and grease
    Come to me
    when all the religions crumble and fall apart and
    Mystics stop being stone cold liars
    Right now they love bloodshed

    Come to me
    When the tribes rule
    And vegetation yields in surplus
    Right now its at the brink of starvation
    Come to me
    When earth becomes life itself
    And all creatures deserve a share
    Right now its a wormhole to Mars
    Come to me
    When metal music rules again
    And teens mosh and stomp like wolves
    Right now synth and k-pop in groove
    Come to me
    when the wars end, dust settles
    And troops walk back home
    Right now its all about loaded guns


  • turmoilmoon 17w

    World is a beautiful place
    You can drop bombs and talk of peace
    You can kill a creature and call it a sacred meal


  • turmoilmoon 17w

    I was Grinding a hill to nullify my melancholy
    The noon was slurry, White coulds strided away distantly
    Harmony of the wind was a discrete cacaphony
    I stowed plants into my pockets in a desperate need of green

    Walked a few memory lanes across a dead blackened sea
    Little fishes drifted ashore bored being aquatic
    Tides high and shimmering
    Capsized boats devoured by the gravity
    Mermaids on an exodus with blue whales bulged in their bellies
    Surfer paddling one arm, another arm resting between a shark's' teeth
    Mr. Slow death bleeding, the passion sport bleeding

    Pterosaurs dropping the bombs carrying Russian drones
    Mutilating the young men, bleeding the war zone

    Ran towards the north pole
    It's snowing and seclusion is bliss
    Radiohead music in loop
    Everyday is a little apocalypse


  • turmoilmoon 19w

    Abysmal lust tethered to the reflection of a bygone love
    Staring at the broken mirrors, Cracked craniums suffer from injustice
    Lost voices of a dark wind
    Provoke to redeem the flesh
    Insatiable thirst of worned out lips
    Fumes to lick the remnants outspread
    Phantasms opaque like a distant mirage
    In the lonesome graveyard
    The blurred faces visible in a shape
    breaking through the winter's fog
    A waltz by the hollowness
    To a perennial ghostly scream
    Erected cohesion of bones
    Ornament the blood thirst orchid
    Wolves howl the hymns
    For the full moon is fiery
    Tombstones pump the cushion
    To the slender brittle bodies
    Longing for the rusted love
    This fleeting moment corrodes
    Black rain drizzle the Berserk heads
    It's erupted bliss when all senses dead


  • turmoilmoon 20w

    Make no rumble
    Draw an incomplete arc
    And then disappear into the nothingness
    This time don't throw the incandescence
    Dont come close
    The planet is greedy
    Too many false wishes
    Flesh is incessantly amorphous
    So are the mammals
    Dont hear this dark wish too
    This time be an impact event
    Like the chicxulub crater
    Come wriggle and be colossal
    Scraping the beautiful surface
    Triggering a mass extinction
    Where the wires flows into a volcanic purgatory
    And there is no place for metaverse
    The floating debris would settle in a little while
    A little while extraterrestrials would build the pyramids again


  • turmoilmoon 22w

    Stay where you are
    I will go far
    I will fall apart

    You stay fixed
    So concrete
    I'd call you a bliss

    I'm just a flesh
    I'm another mess
    So restless

    I'm never real
    Lived in fear
    Falsely pretending

    I feel like a broken wings
    Of the falling butterflies
    I feel like a false sky

    hear the sound of broken glasses
    And catch the broken wings of falling butterflies

    I feel like a false sky


  • turmoilmoon 24w

    Leave a false projection
    Memory preserves it well
    Under the fiery fire ball
    Big mood and thirsty
    The mirage shimmers
    In the hottest desert
    Where the hurt was buried
    Night storm scoops the sand
    Dancing to the distant hum
    Of a drying up oasis
    The granules know it well
    The taste of the mundane waters
    But they displace to a newer slopes
    Forced to strip the trace of the past
    The stars have stories to tell
    To the Sleepless and the faceless
    To the nomads who wander
    never knowing their existence
    To the new places they depart
    At the end to be the strangers again


  • turmoilmoon 26w

    In the mid of summertime
    The breath you exhaled bathed my skin
    And let your fragrance absorbed in me
    We stripped the shy softly
    Cherishing every kiss
    The elixir floated on your curves
    And the bosoms erected in love
    I sucked out in gulp

    It's winter and cold
    Frozen and choked
    Soon be Enbalmed
    In my lost senses
    Where the days are long
    And nights seem forlorn
    If there exists a final touch
    Before the meltdown
    Just like the old days
    When summer could strike again