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  • twilight1228 7w


    Everybody fights
    Saying their religion supreme
    Killing others for God.

  • twilight1228 8w


    People arrested
    Because they spoke for their rights
    Freedom is a lie.

  • twilight1228 8w


    The village turns city
    Making the rich people richer
    Where poverty starts.

  • twilight1228 16w


    You said you love me
    The words seemed really true to me
    Never did I know your definition of perfection layed on my beauty.

    But I did not realise when
    You found your perfection in someone else's beauty,
    That day I realised your definition

  • twilight1228 21w

    Hope of rays

    Sun sets and darkness covers the sky
    Hope of light resides as the moon comes by.
    The scenery of sunset is beautiful you know,
    But that beautiful sunset does not stays for the whole night anyhow.
    Happiness is a myth, unless you don't care for a bit.
    Destiny is fixed and you cannot change any part of it.
    But still I close my eyes and believe
    Good days will soon be here.
    I will laugh my heart out again,
    And not be depressed anymore.
    Now I close my eyes watching the stars
    And silently utter for someone's help
    But it would be better if you lend your hand .

  • twilight1228 33w

    Stop Rape!! Rapists does not belong to any gender, any race, any religion and not even in the category of humans. #stoprape #mirakee #peace

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    I heard your scream
    I heard your cries
    O' girl I felt you suffered.
    The way they snatched
    The clothes you wore
    O' girl humanity died.
    Lets not think about those animals
    But what about that woman who helped
    O' girl rapists does not belong to any gender.

    What a generation it is
    To take birth
    Where victims die and criminals fly.

    For now there is nothing I can do
    Only I stand still with the trauma
    For not being safe anywhere anymore.

  • twilight1228 38w


    My mother layed on a deathbed and that changed my life for forever.

  • twilight1228 42w


    वो मुस्कुराहट देखी थी मैंने,
    उस रात्रि जब अपने विचलित मन को शांत करने की आशा रखी थी मैंने।
    खुद को खो कर किसी और से प्रेम किया था मैंने,
    इसीलिए फिर से तुम्हारे मुस्कुराहट पर पिघलने की इच्छा नहीं की मैंने।
    शायद उस दिन भी पिघल गई मैं,
    तुम्हारे प्यार भरी होठों से फिर से मेरे नाम जो लिया था तुमने।।

  • twilight1228 43w

    At 12:30 p.m Winter called and he wanted this message to be left for you. He was willing to leave everything for you dear 'Spring'. He wanted you to bloom and complete his existence by reviving all the leaves and flowers he damaged. Maybe he loved you from the bottom of the heart but could not resist his harsh behaviour and so he decided to leave you to bloom. I am also in a hurry to wash away as you come my snowy body must be filled with flowers again. I am also leaving with winter. Maybe we will come again when temperature calls.

  • twilight1228 44w


    Can we know the taste of sugar without knowing the taste of pepper? No, we cannot. On the same way life is a dish with various tastes. To know success we must know what failure is. Without bearing failure, we will never know the worth of success. To get success we must appreciate failure. The rule of life is doing your duties and not expecting anything from it. And life will turn successful because when we follow our duties without any expectations, the results you get is always blissful because it is always beyond expectations. Our expectations are the main reasons for our unhappiness which makes us think that we are unsuccessful.