unfortunately i'm conscious...

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  • ulti_ginti 7h

    Goodnight! ����

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    My friend : What do people do if they are not obsessed with anything?

    Me: I've got my series. I'm binge watching.

    My friend : I've no patience to watch a series.

    Me : to sou jao, mera dimag kharab na karo. I've to see how the main lead will die.

  • ulti_ginti 7h

    talking to somebody all day will get you attached, that's why i don't text back.

  • ulti_ginti 7h

    pls don't take me ignoring you personally, i am ignoring everyone equally to stay sane

  • ulti_ginti 1d

    interviewer: would you say you
    are motivated to succeed

    me: no

    me: but i AM terrified of failure.

  • ulti_ginti 2d

    actually i never experience negative consequences due to procrastination. i am occasionally blighted by god for unknowable reasons though

  • ulti_ginti 2d

    being the eldest daughter is just *inabilty to show feelings* *putting everyone's needs firsts* *third parent* *cleaning* *tries to please everyone* *repressed childhood trauma* *Inabillty To Show Feelings*

  • ulti_ginti 2d

    i feel like every year just seems to get progressively more surreal to me so at this point i really am just waiting to disconnect from the flow of time entirely

  • ulti_ginti 2d

    people are like what are you up to and i'm like seething with justified rage

  • ulti_ginti 3d

    Anyone else feeling guilty for not studying, but still not studying. Lol.

  • ulti_ginti 3d

    I miss the time in 1950's when i didn't exist