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  • uma_iyaaa 57w

    By unknown writer

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    This is the modern fairytale
    No happy endings, No wind in our sails!
    But i can't imagine a life without breathless moments breaking me down down and down...

  • uma_iyaaa 59w

    Rip My life

    I don't know how to keep walking how i go on? I don't want to go on, I wonder if things that once made me happy to be alive will make a comback...I wonder if tge little things in little things in life that made me who i am will have me once again dreaming to the stars...I wonder if i will feel less empty hearted!!!
    I wonder to myself who holds tge match to start tgat fire...I'm tired of running and losing breath...I want to hold tight to something that will help me to once again enjoy the journey into life's amazing treks.
    I just want to feel that every day can be better than the last.I want to turn my lost feeling into a thing of past...

  • uma_iyaaa 60w

    A drizzle in the dark forest of my heart was seeking for the love gone by, a story not more than a tearful page with blurred words of poetry seeking justice for the love given and not returned
    I summoned the beats to let it go...
    How far?
    I hope until the sun rises again!

  • uma_iyaaa 61w

    I know it's scary,
    But choose you
    The Real you
    The Whole you
    The you you meet in the dark at 3am
    The you you is sing to in the car
    Choose her,
    The rest will come...

  • uma_iyaaa 61w

    Takleef hi kya hogi unko apne marne se
    Armaan,Joh unhe har din dekhte thay raaste se guzarte hue...

  • uma_iyaaa 62w


    In a few years I'll say it was so lovely to have know you to have waited on your every word to have walked along busy streets at 3am now empty with you
    One day I'll think and laugh about anxious nights fights that weren't about us drinking a little more than we shouldn't have hurting each other a little more than knew
    I love imagining a morning when you'll become a cherished page in my coming of age tale tilted remember when.One night i'll wistfully read your vicious remarks, understand your fickle moods, comprehend the chaos you left in a few infinities you'll be an unseen scar hidden under my cheap tattoo
    A story i like to tell after two glasses of wine an old record that i forget i had a film that i realize was too inane to have made me cry
    There's a priceless antique in our hoarded coarse garage
    I'll discover it in a few years until then let me have my spite...

  • uma_iyaaa 62w

    ''I was an angel in heaven, but just burnt me in hell''

  • uma_iyaaa 62w

    I have been wandering about which part of me dropped down for you, either it was my heart or my eyes, But all i know is that you have occupied the whole of me
    Eyes, they rise in your power of love,
    Heart, it pounds in the joy of your cheer...

  • uma_iyaaa 62w

    I'm a hopeless happy soul...


  • uma_iyaaa 62w

    Jab choda usne mujhe,
    Toot gayi mai
    Bikhar gayi mai
    Sab kuch kho baithi mai,
    Aur phir,
    Unko yaad karte karte waqt itna beet gaya ki ptah hi nhi chala ki kab Qafan mai lipat ke chali gayi mai...