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  • unknownswarachita 14w

    प्यार के मूल को तोड़ना
    भगाने के लिए मेरी वफादारी में सतर्कता,
    विषाक्त विचारों को दूर भगाने के लिए,
    मेरे पास जो भी परमानंद हुआ करता था,
    इतनी सहनशक्ति कभी न थी,
    लेकिन प्रकाश की किरण अब बहुत स्पष्ट है!

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    Sabotaging love!

    Sabotaging the core of love
    The vigilance in my loyality to shove,
    To shove the toxicating thoughts,
    Undid all the ecstasy I used to have,
    Never ever had been in such endurance,
    But the ray of light is now enormously evident!

  • unknownswarachita 16w

    The UNAWARE Two

    The unaware two..
    Met once..,,
    Unknown of the destiny,,
    That how they will cherish the bond!!

    Never thought of the intimacy,
    The kind of faith they will have,,
    The kind of love they would share
    The way they would look and glare!!

    The charm and the spark,
    The nourishment of roots,
    The roots of love,
    Which they prefer now to be!!

    Oh what a beauty they have,
    The beauty of bond,
    The two are the best together,
    The two are still unaware!!

    Unaware of the bonding
    they will unleash,,
    Unaware of the strength,,
    They will get with from each other ❤️

  • unknownswarachita 17w

    मैंने किसी ज़माने में,
    उस मुस्लिम को कृष्ण सा देखा है,
    प्यार, मोहब्बत, इश्क हैं ये सब,
    इसमें सब कुछ अनदेखा है।

  • unknownswarachita 27w

    Real people

    In this phase of fakism,
    Some real people do exist,
    Fake stories they may create,
    They are the new age writing wrists!

    Real people, living in fake stories,
    The character they build for self and yours,
    You are mere a plot for them...
    Indeed they are real ofcourse!

    They know their real identity,
    They are well aware of their worth,
    The lies which they say,
    They accept solely the condemn since birth!

    Replica which they create,
    Created by the real people ofcourse!
    Are the best or worst people they imagine,
    In this world, which is even worse!

    They don't seclude themselves,
    From their imaginary thoughts,
    They are living in present,
    But the present imagination ofcourse!

    These are real,
    Because nothing left is real here,
    Silent stimulus better than the unexpected real,
    And 'them' is always normal, cuz nothn so special there!

  • unknownswarachita 27w

    Na marna munasib..
    Jiya bhi na jaaye re...

  • unknownswarachita 29w

    The irony of my life is so ironical ..
    That ..
    He pierced my heart,
    With the spikey side of rose...!!

  • unknownswarachita 32w

    The mystery of my Words!

    Stuck beneath the confusions...
    Utopia is hyper-assumed ...
    And thy who takes breath of mine ..
    Is just my assumptions...

    All messy with gaggy words...
    Gagged myself with the assuming thoughts....
    Oh yes that's something...
    Which really, really provokes....

    Galloping the bitter facts...
    Facts that precisely define me ..
    The me and the mine-identity...
    The lost words ... And the dignity

    The self presumed world ..
    That comfortable leisure
    Which is on the verge....
    Yes... To be the at its "over"..

    Finding the trust...
    Losing it then...
    It's a game of lives...
    Although life is gem...

    Not generalizing now...
    Not even relatable...
    My poems are for self...
    And a big sympathy to you if it's matchable...

    Nothin serious about me...
    The whole bun is rotten now...
    Nothin important in me...
    The Vidsy is forgotten now!!

  • unknownswarachita 33w


    Ek sukoon ki pukaar jb ..
    Maa mere ghar aane pr lagati hai...
    Ussi waqt iss thake haare insaan ki ..
    Sara thakaan mit jaati hai ..
    Bulaati hai apne paas ..
    Daant bhi lagati hai ..
    Fir nahi khaane par .. khud se bhi whi khilaati hai...
    Maa ki goad m laet kr ..
    Sach m... Saari chinta jhad jaati hai!

  • unknownswarachita 36w

    Ek ladke ki bepanah mohabbat,
    Deewangi kehla gayi....!!
    Jo ladki usspe pagal thi ye jaante hue bhi,
    Ki... Wo hai kisi aur ka...!!
    Uski ek tarfa mohabbat,
    Ki kahani kaha gayi??

  • unknownswarachita 39w

    Insaaniyat tb tk insaan mei hai,
    Jb tak insaan insaaniyat ki kadar kre ✌️