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  • unloved_poetries 1w

    There's a sadness in me that makes me want to hide into the softest of shoulders and cry all night.
    I don't want to keep me so vulnerable but something in me doesn't know how to hide.
    I get sad often and stare blankly at the skies for hours.
    I'm a playlist on repeat that never heard of another song.
    I've been in love with the same old poet and the same old poem that tugs my heart.
    I dream of same old dreams ought to be broken.
    I wish for same old love to break my heart. I'm only chaos and confusion, tears and desolation.
    I am not meant for anybody to keep me close.
    I am only a fleeting seasonal flower made to love once;
    and when withered in the autumn,
    forgotten amongst all things dead.
    I ask for nothing,
    for I know that you'll tell me that I am the one who makes myself distant when you come with love to my door.
    I too am eager to tell you how lonely I am inside this dark little house and how I crave for sunset and romances like any another heart.
    But I hold myself;
    for I know of all the silences that'll be followed after I tell my tragedies .
    I know you won't want to stay any longer;
    for you will have no words of comfort nor any magic to heal me.

    And thus I would say,
    on days when I am distant,
    keep me away from you
    as I keep myself away from all of you.
    We'll save each other from all the tragedies that the wind could carry from dark grey sky of mine to the azure sky of yours.
    We'll save us from all the despair
    I have in my soul,
    For I don't want you to know that pain
    That's all too familiar.

    Oh yes, I still want to cry on a shoulder all night,
    But I know of the trails my tears will leave behind
    And I know of all the things that'll go on in your mind.

    I save us all from a heartbreak;
    Me from breaking yours,
    from blaming yourself for not being able to hush me up
    And you breaking mine from guilt of not being able to receive your love.

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  • unloved_poetries 5w


    Goodbyes that fall off your eyes,
    without leaving your lips,
    Goodbyes that stay in your heart
    And hauntingly in all of your memories,
    Goodbyes that bid you bye
    Everyday once in your dream,
    Goodbyes you search for,
    When you wake up
    from that terrible dream,
    Goodbyes you keep repeating
    to your long lost self;
    Goodbyes never taken back
    Goodbyes never talked about,
    Goodbyes never meant to be;
    Goodbyes you want to collect and keep,
    Goodbyes you want to record and weep,
    Goodbyes you smell and get sick,
    Goodbyes you taste and get weak.

    All of these;
    And on the other side,
    All the goodbyes ought to be,
    All the goodbyes hard to see.

  • unloved_poetries 6w

    Some days,
    I want to place falling stars
    On the lips
    Of all the hopeless hearts.

    Some day,
    I pray that all the wishes
    They sigh upon,
    Gets fulfilled gracefully.

  • unloved_poetries 6w

    I want to press upon the keys of a piano
    to make a song that plays out my grief -
    No one would like it raw.
    It would be hard to bear.
    People always run away
    when things get too heavy.
    And no one wants to burden themself,
    especially for others.
    But then, I don't know how to play one.

    I want to scream out all of my pain to you.
    I want to know the precise words to make you know my pain, absolutely the same way.
    But I don't know many words nor any means to make them reach your heart.
    You live in a universe too far away from the world of feelings.
    Or perhaps, I speak in a language you understand not.
    Whatever it is, my words are meant to pass you yet reach every other soul,
    All the while keeping me a stranger to the love of 7 billion people.

  • unloved_poetries 6w

    I know looking at the autumn leaves falling in sunset look pretty, but tonight, I want to walk with you under the yellow streetlights and tell you that I'll be there with you even when everything's not as pretty as the sunset;
    That I'll walk with you in the dark
    and together we can watch the fall of misery
    whilst watching the love grow infinitely -
    through all the chaos.
    I'd want to take you home tonight.
    And if there isn't one, we would build one,
    Out of remnants of hope and love,
    We would make it happen before the dawn,
    for we are meant to stay together anyway.
    I would want to keep you protected
    The way clouds do to the moon and sky.

    Pick up all of your grief and come to me.
    I know of not many ways to make them disappear
    But I'm willing to keep half of it or more,
    If that's what makes you smile besides all of the storms.
    Don't keep yourself lonely in that rain,
    I'd always want to listen to your stories of nostalgia
    Amidst the faint sounds of thunders and lightnings.

    Through all of these;
    The ups and downs,
    The constancies and changings,
    I'd want to keep you with me
    The way the moon and stars,
    Are kept by the sky.

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    On days
    when you want to stay distant,
    I'd want you to know that
    you're allowed to take your time.

    I'm willing to wait for you,
    for you are the comet to my sky.

  • unloved_poetries 9w

    I have forgotten poetries
    inside of me.
    For tonight,
    I feel no grief
    Nor do I have
    any happiness to rejoice.

    It's surprising to see
    that happiness,
    No matter
    how tremendous it is,
    Lasts only for a day or two;
    And grief felt for a moment
    Lasts for an eternity or two.

    And right now,
    I'm devoid of both.
    Belonging anywhere
    doesn't make sense to me.
    I want detachment
    fom all things firm on fate;
    Waiting to part away
    someday anyways.

    I'm tired of
    searching metaphors
    And disguised happiness,
    When all I'm being served
    is one reality of disappointment
    whilst time is slipping
    from my hand.

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  • unloved_poetries 15w

    I'm so sick for not getting over all the things I should have been over with. My heart winces with a pain as if it has lost a home to the storms. My poetries are done with the saddened plots; they wish to see breezy spring skies and not the bleak winter rains.

    It's been a while since I had abandoned my poetries. I remember it was a sad night and I didn't want to scatter my melancholy anymore. I had promised them, that I would heal and come back. And once I come back, I would be a merry sunflower. Yet, here I am, all the same.

    Where must you be at ease to leave me behind in such a mess?
    I wish to go there and bring me peace too,
    And I won't bother to hold you in my memories anymore,
    Because all I wish for now, is to erase you forever
    Without shedding tears anymore.

    I'm ready to write you one last goodbye poem
    And to never think about you again.
    But when do people really give up on things
    Especially when it is all that they are.

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  • unloved_poetries 34w

    It was neither in your intention, nor my choice.
    It was in the wind that felt cold which struck me with a realization of an echoing emptiness residing outside and within.

    The stars that look like pieces of glass, once in a while falls over the horizon of an abandoned desert,
    So worthless, when devoid of eyes that admires its beauty,
    Same as the heart; so languid, when devoid of love.

    This, the world of love,
    Onism a constant incompleteness,
    You, a permanent scar on my memory,
    And things like these - etched on grief;
    too hard to be talked about,
    Yet too often grieved upon;

    I'm afraid, most of all,
    Of an infinite half, that can never be whole.

    And most of all, I'm talking about us.

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  • unloved_poetries 34w

    Blurring hopes decay your heart, yet you tell people, love is what keeps you alive.
    Grief of love weighs heavier than the happiness. Broken dreams make you cry instead of the ones you never dreamt about.
    And you tell, dreams are what keep you alive.

    Life must have a sardonic algorithm. Ready to fill your heart and emptying it, as if it were its favourite pastime.

    In every sunset, I see myself drowning within the depth of oceans, and pieces of me scattering away with the evening breezes.
    Somedays, I feel, that's how it'll stop. When I'll vanish in parts, and nothing would remain to bother me anymore.
    Yet every midnight, the grief swims out of the ocean, and sleeps peacefully by my side, keeping me awake.

    Tell me, if you ever saw them coming to an end. I'm waiting for mine.

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  • unloved_poetries 38w

    Sorrows stay like
    a permanent skyline,
    stuck with
    the sky of happiness.