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  • unremarkeeble 13w

    am i a tree?

    i am very fond of saying, "if you dont like where you are, move! you are not a tree"

    but i havent got the will to try it out.

    now that i am halfway of achieving the goal of working abroad. it makes me wonder, if am i truly in a place where i really wanted to be? or am i just fulfilling what other people want me to be?

    am i a tree?


  • unremarkeeble 29w

    smile for me

    i lost the feeling of how to care for other people when i was nine
    after father whom i thought was my uncle tried to hang himself
    as he was gasping for air,
    he grinned at me like he wanted me to follow.

    i smiled back.


  • unremarkeeble 30w

    Love is for the Fool

    how can you love someone more than yourself?
    how can you beg someone for their affection?
    how can you become someone's perfection?
    how can you hate someone you loved before?
    how can you forgive someone you once adored?
    how can you leave someone you can't resist?
    how can you despise someone you want to kiss?
    how can you let someone treat you like a tool?

    Love is for the Fool.


  • unremarkeeble 31w


    ageing does not mean that you are maturing.
    hearing does not imply that you are listening.
    waiting sometimes needs you to do nothing.
    praying sometimes seems like you're demanding.