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  • unsung_seagull 3d

    Portrait of lonely adulthood

    #portrait @writersnetwork #pod #wod

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    This shade of loneliness
    Hits you in your late 20s.
    Feeds on insecurities to
    Make your life compliant.

    You accommodate yourself
    In family trips.
    Suddenly try to socialize
    With strangers with
    Sips of cheap drinks.

    You form political opinions,
    To fit in a group.
    Watch cricket to blend in.
    The mainstream is an
    Inevitable end it seems.

    All the girls you could have
    Had in college.
    The moves you didn't make.
    The words you couldn't say.

    A feminine touch can
    Only redeem you,
    But your mirror
    Rejects you again.

    Your only friend
    Succumbs to a girl.
    And now you're really
    F**ked in the head.

    The loneliness sacrifices
    You to a societal mess.
    And you decide to
    Get married for sex.


  • unsung_seagull 3d

    Moh Moh ke Dhage song

    #song @writersnetwork

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    Like the sea
    And the sky.
    We only meet
    As a mirage.

    In reality we're,
    An universe apart.


  • unsung_seagull 4d

    Song- Khoon Chala from Rang de Basanti

    #song #wod #pod @writersnetwork

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    Song of Unity

    We're not afraid
    Of the tainted light.
    Or distracted by
    The lure of
    Promising nights.

    This is a beginning
    Of our unity,
    You can't stop.
    We're gonna
    Paint our fate in
    White tonight.

    We've buried
    Our vices beneath
    A rocky surface.
    Cast our hearts
    In a smelting furnace.

    We can't be dodged
    By the vanities
    Of the heavens.
    Or the scared by
    The cold fetters
    Of hell.

    The rage in eyes
    Is awake.
    The song of the
    Black flags will
    Be sung to
    Sooth the wounds
    Of separation.

    From the cold
    Embers a revolution
    Will arise and
    That'll be you
    Elitists' demise.

    Beware of the
    Thorns, you wretches.
    We feed blood to
    The roses,
    You preach


  • unsung_seagull 6d

    When a romantic person turns to satire

    Government is no friend..

    #friendship #pod #wod @writersnetwork

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    Dear Comrade

    With the stroke of
    Of your tongue,
    The words you weave.

    The intoxication,
    Your eyes spew..

    Curl of your lip,
    That slays hearts
    And subjugates

    Atheists, priests.
    Philosophers and
    And other fanatics.

    How many
    You must have
    With just a curve
    Of your smile.

    Are you,
    By any chance.
    The incumbent


  • unsung_seagull 1w

    Burn a mountain
    If you want.
    Chase away all
    The cold wolves
    On summer night.
    Tame the dragons,
    Or tumult yourself
    In a sea that
    Cries fire.

    But save a spark,
    For the winters.
    To fight the blue
    Of the dark.
    To light the
    Vulnerable nights.


  • unsung_seagull 1w

    When I was young.
    I would summon sunsets
    And tame stars to adorn
    My little sister's room.

    Colors up my sleeve.
    I believed in a life,
    That's etched in crayons.

    When I was young.
    I would make boats
    With papers to
    Chase the rain.

    Dreams could fit in
    Chocolate wrappers.
    Expectations in
    Glittery marbles.

    Nights were for
    Good goody sleep.
    Evenings for the
    Cool breeze.

    Morning tea to
    Shake the mind
    A free desire within
    That would aways

    Everything wasn't
    Planned and neat.
    We didn't sag like
    Dead meat.

    Roads were great,
    Trees were free.
    Looking at us
    Even birds did glee.

    When I was young.
    Moon followed me
    Wherever I would go.
    Grandpa lived in the
    Sky, as mom claimed.

    Venus was just
    A good friend.
    Peeing wasn't shamed.
    Dreams weren't confined
    In particular names.


  • unsung_seagull 1w

    The right place and time is here and now. The journey is here and now. The destination is here and now.

    #place @writersnetwork

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    Here and Now

    The road with
    Two curves of
    Has no beginning
    Or an end.

    The birds think
    It goes up and

    But the passing
    Packet of air,
    Takes it from
    Anywhere to

    And the dry leaves
    Assume it goes

    The traveler
    Doesn't stand
    And stare.
    He's only concerned
    About the left
    And the right.

    Who presumes
    That it goes
    Is in a prison.
    Only the road is
    Truly free.

    Letting others go,
    It stays there.

    With no beginnings
    And ends.
    Only the road has
    The destination
    Is then and there.


  • unsung_seagull 1w

    When this is
    All over.
    On a sun-kissed
    The month of May.
    I'll meet you again.

    At a road that
    Outgrows all the
    I'll hold your hand
    And walk you to
    A place, where
    I grew as a child.

    Where time is
    On its knees.
    Where mangoes
    Still grow in trees.
    There's a house,
    My Grandpa lives

    He might not be
    Expecting me.
    But he'll not be
    Surprised to
    See you as well.

    Maybe he'll
    Ask grandma to
    Make you feel at home.
    Cook you her
    Signature cashew dish.
    And tell you an
    Old story that
    I've forgotten.

    I'm sure she'll
    Tell you about how
    Her hens lay egg.
    The grafts on
    Guava plants and
    The thickness of
    Milk her buffaloes

    I'm sure,
    She'll insist on
    Giving you oil bath.
    And as she applies
    Oil to your hair.
    I'll steal your shy-gaze
    To confide our love,
    To that moment.

    It'll be safe there.
    Maybe years later,
    Verge of our story
    Will be heard as


  • unsung_seagull 2w


    Shores of the sea
    Are cleansed by
    The touch of your

    Winds seek
    At the behest of
    Your cheeks.

    The moon
    Has been jealous,
    For over an

    The sun has been
    Chasing the dark
    To give meaning
    To his fondness.

    Feed this celestial
    Universe has been
    Lonely all along.

    I've wished for a
    A glance of you a
    Million times..

    Pass me through
    One of your
    Thoughts and shower
    Some moonlight.


  • unsung_seagull 2w

    Cosmic Job

    There's a strange
    Feeling that's
    Simmering on the
    Tips of my fingers.

    An unusual quiver
    Passing beneath
    My feet.

    I feel a layer of skin
    Upon me and
    Someone is trying to
    Break it free.

    Looks like something
    Is in wake.

    My pen wants me
    To go on a ride.
    A piece of paper
    Must be praying
    For its redemption
    From the blank.

    Cosmic forces may
    Have chosen me
    For the job.

    To balance the
    Let me write a