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  • unwanted_stories 194w


    Light sparkles in every situation
    As you be glory of love than hatred
    Be a sun than a moon
    Shine like a student always
    Keep smiling and spread happiness
    As much as you gleam
    Life is wonderful in many ways

  • unwanted_stories 195w


    It is like Ocean
    To reach furthest point,
    you swim downwards
    enduring Icy kicks
    and heavy shoulders
    It's like our heartbeat
    It keeps on moving
    Without any tiredness
    As it loves phenomena
    It's arrogance also for some
    And it deals with ignorant
    No care about people
    But some teach people also

  • unwanted_stories 197w


    Marriage is an outdated version
    Just for soul don't marry
    As women lose her identity
    She is not allowed for job also
    Force of bringing child
    Pressure from society is lot
    But man just have to earn
    He don't have to marry with family either
    He don't have to take care of everything
    He can do whatever he wish to freely
    As his wife came up so he is now
    Independent firstly he was dependent
    He don't have to leave family
    Just enjoy with the women
    Without even permission of women
    As he tells it's legal now
    As we are "married"
    So just don't marry with the person
    who's not your choice
    Rather love marriage is good
    Arrange marriage worse things happen

  • unwanted_stories 199w


    Like Navartri is not just festival of Vrat,Garba,Aarti
    But also it's people's emotions,feelings,attachment, enjoyment
    It is the festival of joy and happiness
    The festival tells us that girls are equally powerful as boy
    It is a festival of spreading smile and killing the evil devil that reside in us


  • unwanted_stories 201w


    It's four letter word
    Two letters are similar
    As our left and right eye
    Both function a little different
    Different views are captured
    In different time and direction
    Our perspective is different
    We think according to it


  • unwanted_stories 202w

    Right & Wrong

    There is nothing that stated right and wrong
    It depends just on our belief
    We think and assume
    So change yourself the life would be good

  • unwanted_stories 203w


    There are constant thoughts going on
    Not able to do any other thing
    As if it had captured me fully
    I am completely lost
    Not able to concentrate anywhere
    Just deep thinking going on


  • unwanted_stories 203w

    Life and Fan

    Life is like a fan sometimes
    It moves in one direction
    We are also in correct path
    But sometimes as fan needs rest
    We go on in different paths

  • unwanted_stories 204w

    Dilution of God

    Some believe and some just have complaints
    The importance of God have been diluted
    His message is being less distributed
    People are very fast in this race
    They don't have time and walk with pace

    They just have forgotten the values
    That the generations are giving and pertaining beliefs
    Well there is a reason God let us stray
    When we are lost we find his way

    We believe and workshop when we need
    When we face any difficulty in life
    Otherwise just forgot them
    And dilute the things that we know

  • unwanted_stories 204w

    Human Relations

    Nobody understands why we met
    In this journey of life
    We don't know each other
    We don't have blood relations
    But we are connected with heart
    We talk as if connected from years
    That's the human relations