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  • utkalika 21w

    I have a secret I must tell you,
    Did you know that i can control time?
    Because when you wrap your hands
    around me, and all i feel is
    warmth of your skin on mine,
    I freeze time
    So that i can stay in the moment
    just a little longer...
    breaking all the rules of universe.

  • utkalika 46w

    You could see it in their eyes ;
    They weren't Friends anymore .

    The way she smiled for him ?
    Friend's don't smile like that .

    The way he puts his hand on her shoulder ?
    Friend's don't touch each other like that .

    The way her face lit up when he spoke ?
    Friend's don't look at eachother like that .

    They way his voice change when someone says her name?
    Friend's don't talk like that .

    Anyone could see it , clear as day .
    They weren't quite Friends anymore
    They'd grown up into something even greater .

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    They weren't Friends anymore .

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  • utkalika 50w

    Anything you give me ,
    I can make something from ,

    If it's pain ,
    I will write poetry

    If it's happiness ,
    I will let the parrot fly from the cage

    If it's kindness,
    I will paint it into a sunset sky

    If it's void ,
    I will look into the sky
    and stand under the sun

    If it's peace ,
    I will hear the birds chirping
    and leaves hustling

    And , if it's you ,
    I will make forever
    a dream come true.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #questionku #wod #pod #questionkupoem #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    If it's not possible , then what if ?

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  • utkalika 57w

    I find my place
    In between your arms
    In between your tender kisses
    And , soft whispers of 'It will be alright'
    In between the warmth of your embrace
    and the scent of your neck
    and the fierceness of your touch ,
    I find my place lost inside your soul .

    And , you feel like home
    and everywhere i've never been ,
    all at once .

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  • utkalika 58w

    To lie with you
    in a field of grass
    to lie there forever
    and let time pass

    Touching lightly
    Shoulder , hands and legs
    Neither wanting more
    Neither asking why

    To have your whole
    cool body's length
    along my own
    to know the strength of the
    secret tide of longing seep
    Into our veins
    deep and .... deep

    Dissolving flesh
    and melting bones
    Oh , to lie with you

    To hold you
    mirrored in my eyes .
    Neither wanting more
    Neither asking why .

    #pod #wod #writersnetwork #mirakee

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  • utkalika 61w

    I caught you
    like a whisper
    on my tongue ,
    like honeysuckle
    blowing in breeze quietly
    without knowing something
    was about to take
    my breath away .


  • utkalika 62w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakee_post

    I love the closeness .
    I like when you purposely grab
    my hand to feel closer.
    I like that when something exciting
    happens i am the first one you want to share .
    I like coming back to an i miss you
    text message .
    I like that random call in morning
    because you wanted to hear my voice .
    I like little gesture that show I'm
    important and you enjoy
    having me in your life.


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    I want to be important !

  • utkalika 66w

    Here , amidst
    the fallen leaves
    of autumn ,
    are scattered pieces of me
    lost during the summer
    spent with you .
    I'll carefully
    pick them up
    and treasure them
    to remind myself
    that some endings
    are meant to be beautiful .


  • utkalika 67w

    My heart twists itself
    trying to wring out the damp
    of your name . Your love is
    an everlasting winter ,
    the frost in my lungs unsettling ,
    and my soul has been cold for a
    very long time .

  • utkalika 79w

    If it's real
    It will hurt like hell.