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  • utkarsh_sinha 28w

    For me, You are the stars that light up the sky
    But never gets noticed for the moon catches the eye .
    You are the deeper meaning in a book
    The one we would find if we bothered to look .
    You are the silence, that comes in between talks .
    You are the first idea after writers block .
    Dear, you are like the color blue
    Not too bright, but also not see through .
    You don't seek attention, nor do you ignore it .
    You are the moment of light, just after the sun has set
    Something precious that comes without cost
    Ignored by many, but noticed by those wiser than most .


  • utkarsh_sinha 29w

    Ain't worth the pain

    Put the blade down
    I know your feeling low
    But it ain't worth the pain now
    Think of the ones who love you
    And if u feel like no one does
    I got you .
    We all do .
    You got the body don't be embarrassed .
    You got the brain don't be afraid .
    You got a heart don't me ashamed .
    You got it ALL
    you're perfect
    You're worth it .
    Don't let anyone take that away
    They ain't worth the pain .

    ✍️: ©utkarsh_sinha

  • utkarsh_sinha 29w

    Winter has passed and summer has awakened
    Yet here I am drenched in the memory of the rain
    Yet here I am shivering from the pain of the cold
    Yet here I am still waiting for the sun to caress me with its warmth
    Yet here I am begging the summer to take the ghost of the brutal winter away.

    ✍️: @notutkarsh_

  • utkarsh_sinha 31w


    Depression is lying .
    It’s me telling you I’m fine when inside
    I’m dying .
    Faking a laugh just to keep from
    crying .
    Rest assured, this inability to move is NOT from LACK of trying .

    I try to explain but your words are denying.
    “Happiness is a choice,”
    “You’re not trying hard enough,”
    “Cheer up,”
    “You have nothing to be depressed about. ”

    That’s the problem.
    You don’t see - The demons,
    Or hear - The lies,
    Or feel -The weight
    That’s crushing me inside ,
    Because I hide.

    We say :
    When did our society decide to ignore
    This disease of the mind?
    When did our default
    Become believing the “I’m fine?”
    When will we all open our eyes
    And cease being blind
    To the life behind the mask
    and the hurt behind the laugh?

    Or maybe?
    We should stop just saying “I’m fine.”
    Maybe we must choose to stop our own lying.
    Maybe it’s not you, but me who’s denying.
    Sure sometimes I hear words
    that do anything but help
    to soothe the pain .
    But maybe you could learn
    if I only tried to teach .
    Maybe the problem isn’t you,
    Just maybe ...
    Maybe it’s me....

    Which is why I’ve decided to tell you what’s real .
    I’m hurting – I’m struggling .
    Sometimes I’m suffocating .

    Maybe I feel alone because I’ve decided not to let you in
    Maybe you’ve approached my door,
    and I just haven’t opened.
    Maybe it’s not you,
    Just maybe, it’s me.
    And maybe everything would change,
    If I just showed you my door’s key...

    ✍️: @notutkarsh_
    Utkarsh Sinha .
    #writerrepost #poem #writersnetwork #soulfulstrings #mentalhealth #depression #silence #alone #demon

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  • utkarsh_sinha 33w

    This is to the people who've never heard me curse
    Who've never seen my left eyebrow raising
    Who've never seen my thumb and middle finger joining to scream, to snap
    Now you'll know what I mean by fuck when you hear it
    More often than usual perhaps
    So fuck means how am I still alive when all I hear is breaking bones, eroding veins and a hating blood tank called heart
    Fuck means yeah I made it
    It also means how the hell did it take me so long
    How was I so stupid
    Fuck means fuck you and I couldn't care less
    It also means God how's it possible to care this much
    Fuck means am done and it also means man I have a long way to go.
    Fuck means hell no and it also means of course yes.
    It means I don't want to see your face but it also means shit I can't stop staring at you
    Fuck means I'm great but mostly it means why do you care.
    It means I don't deserve this but used to mean ey I messed up.
    Fuck means ow boy where to hide
    But nowadays it means let's see what happens
    It means so what
    With fingers snapping
    And brows raised.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #poem #poetry

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    FUCK !
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  • utkarsh_sinha 33w

    And as I slowly lost my breath ,
    On my journey towards death .
    I saw lights from the far side
    And how foolish of me that I
    Took it to be the heaven's shine
    When it was the flame of hell's fire .


  • utkarsh_sinha 34w

    Here's to love

    To learn how to love
    To learn how to lose it
    To learn how to love
    After you lost


  • utkarsh_sinha 34w


    No one knows the intricate nature of my mind more than myself, thus making me a perfect victim and a perfect torturer.

    It is the most unsettling thing to comprehend that you are the one that can inflict the maximum amount of pain on yourself ,but it's the truth...

    I am amazed by the past , I can dig up the past and I can bury them just as easily...I deprive myself of love as punishment and isolation becomes my only prize. Pain rewards more pain.

    A unidirectional route to detoriation . I break down till all my pieces see the sun differently, til I lose almost everything I had when my mother brought me to this earth.
    I'm so sorry mother, I know you love me unconditionally, but I wish I was a better son for you to love.

  • utkarsh_sinha 35w


    Misunderstood, judged ,
    Compared, discarded ,
    Talked over, pushed around ,
    Unheard, herded .

    That or run against a system
    With no place for amendment .
    Holding full weight of expectations
    N' another one of disappointments .

    Molded and changed
    Into should's and supposed to be's .
    That never truly coincide
    With the are's and 'meant to be's .

    And we blame society
    In a way, yes it's true .
    But society isn't just them ,
    It's me and you .

  • utkarsh_sinha 35w

    Her's and Mine.

    She is awake thinking about me ,
    I am asleep dreaming about her .

    And somewhere between her thoughts and my dreams
    we collide .

    Her thoughts become mine, my dreams become her's .

    They materialize and come into being ,
    in the midst of our conscience .

    Where we lie together
    in our far yet too close proximity.

    Inside our own small universe
    that even science couldn't decipher.

    That's where we exist.