Once you pen down a few words, it doesn't hurt that much as it could. Added advantage- Good listeners are not required.

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  • uvnika 15w

    Just diving into May with a lot on my mind.

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    I donot wish for more but...
    May this 'May' open heartedly welcome the new beginnings,
    May this 'May' let us view things from perspective we haven't thought of before,
    May this 'May' reveal the unknown,
    May this 'May' give strength to agree on decisions made,
    May this 'May' ends so well that we don't bid adieu to anyone near to our heart.


  • uvnika 19w

    Down to the road of Disappointments

    At times we pray for things with mere thought of how we see them or really want them to be, without realizing the harm this prayer can cause if things go otherwise.

    In place of becoming optimistic, we end up being over-possessive and our world revolves around the thoughts that are far away from reality & even our mind cannot process them anymore.

    But we would have been aware of this all, only if we knew the universe holds a long list of disappointments and probably with every wrong prayer we make, we are walking down to the road of disappointments...


  • uvnika 24w

    Till Infinity!

    2 years and counting...
    4 years and counting...
    6 years and counting...
    X years and counting...
    At times we stay so stuck to numbers that we forget we can count till infinity, what matters is, if we are loved the way we deserve while we take it to infinity.

    Just like forever, Infinity is a myth :)


  • uvnika 37w


    Omg omg...Good news! Let me tell them..
    Oh no...we don't talk anymore

    *When mind and heart are not in sync*

  • uvnika 39w

    Knowledge Transfer

    Give same kind of guidance to New Employees that you needed when you joined the project as a new employee.

  • uvnika 43w

    People Pleaser

    Taking NO as an answer becomes more difficult than finding it hard to say NO to someone when you are a people pleaser.

    But not everyone understands that!

  • uvnika 43w


    Not everyone you fight for is worthy of it,
    Choose wisely!

  • uvnika 75w

    The Pal & Places

    The place where you are meant to be currently,
    The place where you need to be at the moment,
    The place where you wish to be right now &
    The the place where you are right now...

    All these places may not be the same but they have one thing in common...

    The thought of being with that one pal with whom we can be at all these places at once.


  • uvnika 76w

    There are things you get so excited for... But then they end up not happening!

  • uvnika 76w

    5 Years...

    It's been a crazy Roller Coaster Ride!
    May be it's time to get off it,
    Or let's just close our eyes and enjoy it while it lasts.